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100 You see Coffin Willie.
150 You see an old, stinky, crusty ghoul. And boy, does he SMELL.
200 Whoa. This grave SMELLS.
201 Oh, well�better keep digging.
202 What th-?
203 About friggin' time! Could you dig any SLOWER, idjit?
204 Outta my way, smoothie.
205 D'dad?
206 Not now, Lenny, I ain't in th' mood to be talkin'.
300 Jest pop inta Reno fer a lil' drinking n' whoring, n' damned smoothies jam me inna goddamn grave�
301 Good thing I ain't got no nose, or I woulda choked on my own stink.
302 Ghouls don't get no damn r'spect.
303 Just stopped in the city for a drink, n' those Reno assholes bury me alive.
304 Nothing more boring than bein' in a coffin for months.
305 Hands off, smoothie. I got places to go.
306 Get your smoothie mitts offa me, smoothie.
500 The headstone reads: "Here lies the dumbest son of a bitch ever to set foot in New Reno."
550 There's a horrible odor flowing from the grave.
600 Hey!
601 I ken hear someome movin' round out there!
602 Don't step onna grave! It packs the dirt in!
603 Quick, GET A SHOVEL!
604 Would somebody dig me up already? I need a drink!

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