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100 You see�Sheb.
150 You see a scrawny man in bright blue clothes. As if his clothes weren't loud enough, he is also bellowing at the top of his lungs.
200 Booty, booty, boo-tay!
201 Come on in, booty lovers!
202 Here at the Cat's Paw we're slashing prices in half!
203 Give us an offer on our prime selection of booty! It's a booty blowout!
204 We got white booty, black booty, southern booty, northern booty...
205 We got hot booty, cold booty, we got fresh booty, we got�::snfff::�*smelly* booty�
206 We got tribal booty, we got mutant booty, radscorpion booty, robot booty.
207 We even got brahmin booty, ghoul booty, deathclaw booty.
208 Come on, you want booty? Come on in, booty lovers!
209 If we don't got it, you don't want it! Come on in, booty lovers!
210 Attention booty shoppers! Take advantage of this booty sale!
211 Buy one piece of booty at the regular price, n' you'll get another piece of booty of equal or lesser value for only a chip!
212 Try and beat booty for a chip!

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