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100 You see a big thug.
101 You see Rico.
150 You see a huge, stone-faced man. He looks like he eats bricks.
151 You see Rico, Monte's bodyguard. He looks like he eats bricks.
175 Hurggg
176 Hnrfff
177 Snffff
178 Urb-luu
179 Klurgggg
180 Oog
200 Me Monte friend. YOU Monte friend?
201 Me hit people Monte tell me to
202 Me hit people
203 Me hit people with fists like playing drum
204 Me like to hit
205 ::Smiles toothlessly::
206 ::Scratches self::
207 ::Flexes::
208 Grunt
209 Grunt - Grunt.
210 Me no like talk
211 Yoo smell guuud
212 Yoo smell like Mom
213 Yoo cute. me no hit you
214 Yoo make me blush

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