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100 You see the lead researcher, Marjorie Reed.
150 You see a tired-looking woman. Her head has been shaved bald, and she is wearing a white coat.
151 You see Marjorie Reed. She is filling a hypodermic, grumbling slightly to herself.
200 Hello, Myron.
201 Myron, do you have a minute�?
202 Any more word when new slaves will be delivered, Myron?
203 Myron, these new results are very promising�
204 Myron, a minute of your time?
215 Where the hell is Myron�
216 Get Myron up here. He has to see this.
217 Wish these slaves would shut up�
218 Where did I leave that syringe�
219 Has anyone seen No. 31? He was here just a second ago.
220 Have the slaves bring more of the Jet Beta.
221 Test results from Jet Beta are very promising, but�
222 "High" lasts 15 min to an hour�calculate one dose/hour period�hmmmmnnn.
223 No. 12 still keeps having nasal bleeding�
224 That's the fifth time No. 12 has had seizures�up the dose, see what happens�
225 Well, what SORT of hallucinations was he having?
226 Check that one's heart rate. If it's still within tolerable limits, up the dosage.
227 Why did the slave in the control group kill herself? We weren't even testing her!
228 Damn guards can keep track of their own asses�
235 Hello, Myron, sir. Tests are proceeding as scheduled.
236 Myron, sir, this new strain of Jet is extremely habit-forming. The slaves are almost willing to kill each other for it.
237 Myron, sir, you'll be pleased to note that the slaves would rather take Jet than eat, it's so potent.
238 Who are these people with you, Myron? New subjects?
239 Myron, sir, the third test group seem to be doing the best of all the groups.
240 Myron, sir, if you have a moment...I think the next test group should include at least three children, sir.
241 Myron, sir, No. 46 had a heart attack; we are restricting doses to six times a day from now on.
242 Myron, sir, please...we need a new shipment of hypodermics from Vault City. We can't keep re-using these.
243 Any more word when new slaves will be delivered, Myron, sir?
244 Myron, sir, we moved three slaves from the control group into the test group because of those respiratory failures we had last week.
245 Myron, bad news, sir. We had to shoot one slave for trying to escape. What a waste.
246 Myron, this new hallucinogen you've developed is promising, but it is not as habit-forming as jet�
250 (The bald woman doesn't even look up from her clipboard.) Yes?
251 No!
252 Yes!
253 Heh-heh. You bald. You look like man
254 Delenn?
255 Wander off
256 Who are you?
257 Sorry, I thought you were some other bald woman with a clipboard. I'll be going now.
265 (The woman looks up and glares at you.) Are you one of the control subjects? As if matters anyway...Guards! Detain this slave!
266 Where slave? Me no see one
275 Look, I'm VERY busy, so if you don't mind� [Glances up from her clipboard at you, then scowls.] WHO are you? How did you get in here?
276 Look, I'm VERY busy, so if you don't mind� [Glances up from her clipboard at you, then scowls.] You again? What do you want now?
277 Your barn door's open. Heh-heh�get it? I kill me.
278 I'm one of the new personnel assigned here.
279 I'm looking for Myron. Is he around?
280 Are those test results you have on that clipboard? Can I see them?
282 Nevermind. Sorry to bother you.
295 This area is not open for�visitors. Leave or I will call the guards.
296 But hey, I had some questions for you�
298 Are those test results you have on that clipboard? Can I see them? I'm something of a researcher myself.
300 Very well. Sorry to bother you.
310 Guards! Guards, detain this person!
315 MORE guards. Ha! As if they do any good�look, you SHOULD have received instructions from whoever sent you here. Talk to the other guards to find out your assignment. Now go.
316 I'm not a guard; I'm one of the new researchers. Do you have an assignment for me?
317 Excuse me, but I was hoping YOU could show me around. I saw you standing over here and felt COMPELLED to talk to you. Perhaps after the tour we could have dinner�?
318 Thanks. You've been very helpful.
325 You're a RESEARCHER...? Hmmmm. I've never seen you before. How much do you know about pharmaceutical research?
326 Uh, enough. Just sit back and watch me go.
327 I know a fair amount about the composition and manufacture of base neurochemical compounds, and I think I could be of some assistance in your studies.
328 I have to be going.
335 Ha! I think I'll just watch you go, period. Leave before I call the guards.
336 All right.
337 I'm going�::mumble::�you bald-headed bitch.
345 Hmmmm. All right then. Let me give you a run-down on what we do here: we test the effects and potency of a metamphetamine called Jet.
346 I see. And how is the research coming?
347 I think I have the idea. I'll examine the rest of the testing area myself.
355 Not so well. Our schedule is tight, and we need to purify the Jet manufacturing process soon.
356 Why? Jet seems habit-forming enough already.
357 Why the tight schedule?
358 Sounds like a tough job. Look, I have to take care of something real quick - I'll be back.
365 No one's come out and said it, but it's probably due to Jet distribution in Redding. Jet's potent *enough,* but there's a good deal of room for improvement, and the 'brass' wants to increase Jet reliance in Redding.
366 What's the deal with Redding?
367 Well, good luck meeting the schedule.
375 It's potent *enough,* but there's room for improvement. The 'brass' wants to increase Jet distribution in Redding, and they want the reliance rate as close to 100% as we can get it. It's going to require us pulling some long hours.
377 Thanks for the information. I'll be back later.
385 Hook the miners in Redding to Jet, and whoever controls the Jet, controls Redding. Typical power play.
386 So�who does control the chems?
395 Who controls the chems? The Mordinos. Of course, Myron laid all the groundwork for Jet's composition. We do mostly clean-up work.
396 Is Myron your boss?
405 You COULD call it that. He's a smart one, I'll give him that, but he doesn't care much about what goes on up here. He mostly stays in the basement vault�no visitors except for the train of prostitutes. Typical project leader.
406 Could I see him?
407 Yeah, though marketing's worse. Anyway, thanks for the information. I'll be back later.
415 I suppose�let me give you a temporary badge; just show it to the guards. Keep it quick, though, Myron doesn't like people staying long.
416 I suppose�let me give you a temporary badge; just show it to the guards. Keep it quick, though, Myron doesn't like people staying long�though he may make an exception in your case.
417 Thanks for the badge. I'll see you later.
425 Look, I'm VERY busy, so if you don't mind�
426 Look, I�I'm, uh, very busy, so if you would please excuse me�
427 Nevermind then...
428 Thanks anyway.
429 Thanks anyway...::mumble:: �you uppity cue-balled bitch.
435 This�hmm�I'm VERY flattered, but I'm also very busy at the moment�so�uh�
436 Well, do you mind if I came by and picked you up after work then? No pressure�just some dinner, some conversation. You look like someone who might need to take a little break from work. Things here must keep you very busy.
437 Well, I had to ask. Thanks anyway.
445 Oh, not THAT busy�heh�well, no, pretty busy. I mean, mostly its routine chem testing, and occasionally we have a slave go over the edge�
446 Doesn't purposely injecting experimental metamphetamines into enslaved humans make you question your basic humanity?
447 Wow. That sounds dangerous. You ever get hurt? Do you have many patient fatalities?
448 Chem testing? Really? How are things going?
449 Sounds interesting, but I have to go�.uh, I'll be back, though.
455 Was that some poor attempt at a joke?
456 Just asking. I mean, what if you had been sold into slavery, been taken here, then pumped full of chems?
457 Uh, yes. I have to be going.
465 I'm on THIS side of the stalls, they're on THAT side. Since we're getting into hypotheticals, would YOU like to find out what it's like to be them? We have an extra stall or two.
466 Now hold on a minute�
467 Uh, no thanks. Sorry to bother you.
475 Slave deaths? A few. Mostly accidental overdoses - usually a tech's fault - or self-inflicted injuries. Some ingest too much Jet, and they REALLY want to fly.
476 Other than that, how's the chem testing going?
477 I bet. Well, thanks for the information. You've been very helpful.
485 Try downstairs in the lab. The guarded door. If you see him, tell him to come up here when he has the chance. IF he's not too busy.

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