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100 You see Renesco the Rocketman.
150 You see an old man with a pair of huge, garish glasses. He sighs irritatedly as you watch.
200 You see Renesco the Rocketman. As you watch, he takes off his cracked glasses and polishes the one good lens.
201 You see Renesco the Rocketman. As you watch, he takes off his cracked glasses and polishes the one good lens.
210 One more lens, that's all I ask.
211 Goddamn glasses!
212 Damn my eyes!
213 You gonna BUY something?
214 This ain't a soup kitchen. You gonna BUY something?
215 I'm gonna go blind I keep up this line of work.
216 Gonna need some more base chemtex nine�
217 Demand's picking up�
225 Go to hell.
226 Get outta here, or I'll have you shot to death. Twice.
227 Get OUT of here.
228 Out! Out! Out! Out! Out!
235 (The old man pushes his broken glasses up on his nose and sighs in exasperation.) YES? What is it you want?
236 Come on, man, out with it!
237 Come on, woman, out with it!
238 Okee dokee it coming out�you better stand back (Zip.)
239 Okee dokee. Need open bra first. Hold on (Zip.)
240 Whut me WANT? Whut you GOT?
241 Stare at him for a second, just to make sure he's real, then wander away
242 Who are you?
243 Hey, I have a pair of glasses, if you want them.
244 How's the glasses?
245 You know, there are decaf brands that taste just as good as the real thing.
246 Man, am I in the wrong place. Goodbye.
255 (Stares in shock.)
256 �another postnatally-aborted wreck in a post-holocaust world replete with idiot man-children. (Raises his fists.) Out of my shop! Get out at once! Don't you come back, you hear?!
257 Me sorry little
258 Me not know how to put bra back on
259 No shout at
260 hate you!
261 I'm going, I'm going. For now.
270 Me? Oh, I'm just jolly Saint Nick, you cranially challenged half-wit.
271 Me? I'm jolly Saint Nick. And YOU must be that stupid thug-for-hire that's been roaming around town like a starved dog hungry for its own excrement.
272 Me? I'm jolly ol' Saint Nick. And YOU must be that stupid piece of tailchasing porno trash that's hung like a horse and as stupid as one.
273 Me? I'm jolly ol' Saint Nick. And YOU must be that stupid slip of porno trash that trench coat-wearing elderly men use to fulfill their masturbatory fantasies.
274 Well, I'm glad I don't have to introduce myself then. What do you do here, "Nick?"
275 Saint Nick? Who the hell is that?
276 Look grandpa, one more comment like that, and I'll be wearing your teeth as a necklace.
277 Look, I'm going to let your comment slide�this time. Now, who are you?
278 Impressive vocabulary�"Nick." You from around here?
279 Forget this. I'm out of here.
290 (Glares at you, then snorts.) Name's Renesco. Just tell me what it is you want, you�well, whatever it is you are. (Squints at you.) You look like one of those sun-worshipping primates under all that get-up.
291 I'm from a village to the northwest. Arroyo.
292 What do you sell here?
293 What do I WANT? I don't really know. Most of the time I ignore my quest and walk into the homes of others, riffling through people's shelves...oooh, like those over there!
294 You have an interesting vocabulary�Renesco. Are you from around here?
295 I'm outta here.
305 I sell recreational chems mostly. That's why they gave me that idiotic appellation, 'the Rocketman.' Hmmmph. I also sell some caravan supplies. You NEED anything or can I get back to something important?
306 Rocketman, huh? Know the line in that Elton John song, "Rocketman, burning off the mmmncfnfm there at home?' What's he really saying there?
307 Can I see what you have in stock?
308 You sell chems here in the STORE?
309 You mean like selling chems to Wright's son?
310 Go on back to what you were doing.
320 (Renesco glares at you. It looks like he is undressing you mentally, then tearing you limb from limb.)
321 Nevermind, then. I had some other questions�
322 Nevermind, then.
330 (Renesco looks at you in disgust.) Yes. In the STORE. This isn't the 20th century where chems are sold by street corner cockroaches who live in constant fear of the authorities.
331 Well, then -
332 But -
333 Uh, I think I better -
350 This is NEW RENO. There are no cops, no law, and there's plenty of customers who don't mind buying poison at the pharmacy down the street. Does THAT answer your question, primate?
351 All except one: Was Richard Wright one of your customers?
352 All right, all right...what have you got in stock?
353 Actually, I had some more questions...
354 But, like you said, the chems are�poisonous. They kill the spirit. Doesn't it bother you to sell them?
355 Sure does. I'll be going now.
365 Does it BOTHER me to sell them to idiots, slavers, crime lords and tribals that the world would be better off without? Primate, three words: get out more.
366 OK...can I see what you have in stock?
367 All right, all right. Look, I had some other questions...
368 The chems here in New Reno are finding their way to other places, and hurting people there. Doesn't that concern you?
369 I'll start by leaving right now.
375 So? What do I care about them?
377 The human race suffered a horrible tragedy. Now we are trying to rebuild. Selling Jet seems�counterproductive to that reconstruction.
378 Well, whatever. I must be going now.
385 So. What. No one is FORCING those idiots to inhale Jet. No one's going around and jamming it down their throats!
386 Can I see -
387 But don't -
388 That is your -
395 Those lamphead rock humpers in Redding KNOW what they're taking, so I don't feel a millimeter of pity for 'em! Far as I'm concerned, Jet weeds out the human trash that shoulda died when the bombs dropped!
396 Uh, okay. Can I see your stock?
397 Where is this Redding you speak of? Why do you mention them?
398 You mentioned Redding specifically. Why is Jet so prevalent in Redding?
400 That is your right to feel that way. I must be going now.
410 Well, Redding's a�special case. See, there's people in Reno who make sure Redding's well-supplied. After all, you taste Jet once, you're hooked. It's how I make MY living.
411 Speaking of which, can I see your stock?
412 Who is making sure Redding is well-supplied? And why?
413 So I noticed. Look, I had some other questions...
414 I see�I must be going now.
420 Well, tribal, I doubt you have the sense to notice this yet, but New Reno doesn't produce anything useful. It's like a big, brightly-lit prairie tick sitting out in the desert. Now, Redding, on the other hand�
421 Go on.
422 �DOES produce something useful.
423 I've heard enough.
430 First and last time I'm gonna warn you, tribal: Don't finish my goddamn sentences. I don't like smartass primates that talk when they should listen. No wonder you all still use spears�
431 Not all of us. For example, I use a variety of weapons to kill people...let me show you.
432 Forgive me. Please go on.
433 Burn in hell. I'm outta here.
440 Redding has a stable work force that mines raw materials, mostly gold. New Reno sure could use that gold. Somebody figures all we gotta do is get those miners hooked, and we got 'em for life. You understand now?
441 Yes�except for one thing: Where did Jet come from?
442 Who's trying to hook all the miners?
443 Yeah, I understand. Look, I had some other questions...
444 I don't want to hear anymore. I must be going now.
450 (Points at Myron.) Why don't you ask your little horny toad friend there? I'm sure he'd be happy to tell you. (Glares at Myron.) Right, kid?
451 We have one person to thank for Jet. You heard of Family Mordino's little golden boy, Myron? Well, the little bastard CREATED Jet. Big Jesus Mordino just let everyone know where they could get it.
452 Tell me more about Myron.
453 Is there any cure for Jet?
454 I had some other questions...
460 Big Jesus Mordino's funneling Jet into Redding. Typical power play. Once the pipeline really gets going, those miners are goners.
461 Where did Jet come from?
463 I see. Look, I had some other questions...
470 Horny as a toad and all the morals of one. Smart kid, though. High IQ. Wasting his brains manufacturing chems, that's for damn certain.
471 Where can I find him?
472 I see. I had some other questions�
480 The Mordinos' got him locked up somewhere. Heavily-guarded, probably. Don't know exactly where.
481 Thanks for the information. Can I see what you have in stock?
490 A CURE for metamphetamine reliance?! Ha! I only know two: one is death. The other is locking yourself in a cage for a year without Jet and sweat it out of your system. Hmmmph. "Cure," my ass! What nonsense!
492 There must be a cure. What's Jet's chemical composition?
505 Why don't you ask your friend there? He designed the chem.
506 I just sell the stuff. I'd ask a scientist. Or Myron. He designed the chem.
515 (Renesco glares at you in silence.)
516 (Renesco glares at you again, this time in silence.)
517 I think you'd like Arroyo. It's a peaceful village. Except for the plants possessed by evil spirits�and of course, the temple of trials filled with those deadly spear traps and the man-eating giant ants.
518 Hey, you ever heard of a Garden of Eden Creation Kit? Or Vault 13?
519 Okay, then�I'm out of here.
525 (Renesco continues to glare at you.)
526 And sometimes the elder gets upset at little things, like�heh-heh�that one night when I ignored my vow of celibacy and snuck out with Reyna - Whose - Legs - Crush - With - Strength - of - Thousand - Snakes to the Arroyo canyon�
535 (Renesco gives you a withering stare.)
536 It was like yesterday. Reyna's body glowed like silver in the moonlight when she knelt down and�hey, you know what? You might like the elder. She's about your age.
545 (Renesco continues to glare at you as if he could somehow make you disappear just by imagining it hard enough.)
546 Did I mention Arroyo was founded by my ancestor, the holy Vault Dweller? He made a legendary journey from the south after defeating a great evil. (Puff up chest and stare proudly into the distance.) Now, *I* am the deliverer of my tribe, chosen to search for the holy GECK!
547 Okay, then, enough stories�I better be on my way. Praise the Vault!
555 (Renesco's glare crumbles.)
556 GECK? As in 'Garden of Eden Creation Kit?' Comes with a basic replicator unit, holodisc reader with selections from the library of congress, and a little pen flashlight?
557 Yes, but that's not important right now. I haven't finished telling you about Arroyo.
558 Yes! My village is having trouble with crops, and the GECK is needed to restore them. Do you know where I can find one?
559 It is said to be sealed within Vault 13, or so the legends say. Do you know of such a place?
560 If you're not going to LISTEN when I recite the holy scriptures, I'm out of here.
561 Could be. Look, I have to go.
570 Your backwater herb-smoking village be damned, and you along with it. Why is a primate like you looking for a GECK?
571 Arroyo�my backwater herb-smoking village, as you say�is having trouble with its crops. The GECK is needed to restore them.
572 It is said to be sealed within Vault 13. Do you know of such a place?
573 I don't think I feel like sharing that at the moment. Goodbye.
580 Hmmmmm. It sure could do that�easy. IF you could find one. Don't even know where you'd start looking. NCR or Vault City, maybe, but I doubt they'd have one�still�
581 Still�?
590 Still, those self-righteous bastards might be able to point you in a direction. If they speak slowly and use small words�
591 NCR or Vault City you say? I will go in search of these places and ask their villagers about the GECK. Thank you.
592 Why would the GECK not be in sacred Vault 13? The scriptures SAY that the GECK is sealed within the sacred Vault 13.
593 Very funny. I had some other questions�
594 Okay, then�I'll go check it out. Thanks.
600 Hell no, primate. I've heard of vaults, sure, but not Vault 13. Closest thing is Vault City to the northeast�and if those aristocratic jackanapes inhabited a Vault once, they sure as hell don't live there no more.
601 Vault City, you say? I will go in search of this Vault city and ask their villagers about the GECK. Thank you, Renesco. Praise the Vault!
602 "Vaults?" There is more than one Vault?
603 Hmmm. I had some other questions�
610 If you're going to Vault City, don't thank me, primate. You're better off in New Reno. At least the people sizing you up for a coffin are honest about it.
611 Okay, then�I'm on my way to Vault City. Praise the Vault!
612 I see. Thanks for the warning.
620 Why do you think it's called Vault THIRTEEN, spearchucker? What, was your tribe short on brains or do you just perform ritual lobotomies to cleanse the tiny voice of reason that speaks in your head?
623 Yeah, there you go sugar-talking me again. Thanks�for the info, at least.
630 A person's past ain't a smart topic of conversation here in New Reno. Now, what is you want?
632 You sound like an educated man. Have you ever heard of a GECK or a place called Vault 13?
634 Nothing, nevermind.
640 (Renesco snatches the glasses from you and puts them on. His eyes widen.) Sweet Reno! THAT'S what this damn shop looks like. (Frowns.) What a mess�and what is that on the shelves? Looks like brahmin shit.
641 You're welcome�
642 Enjoy.
650 Hmpphh! I�hmmm�uh�where did you get these?
651 Well, there was this tiny radscorpion, see, and there was this scientist that was training him, and...you know what? Even I don't believe it. Just keep them, all right?
652 Let's just say I found them. Somewhere.
660 Hey! Waitaminute! Where did you get these?
661 Well, there was this tiny radscorpion, see, and there was this scientist that was training him, and...you know what? Even I don't believe it. Just keep them, all right?
670 Well, I�hmnnn�I'm�eh, grateful. I thought I was going to have to suffer with those broken frames for the rest of my life. If I can do something for you, you let me know�and, uh, I'll THINK about it.
671 How about a discount?
672 Nevermind�look, just wear them in good health, okay? I had some other questions�
673 Someday - and that day may never come - I'll call upon you to do a service for me. But until that day accept these glasses as a gift on my daughter's wedding day.
680 Ehhh�
681 Errr�.
682 Well�
683 Okay! Okay! I'll give you a discount! Hmphhh.
684 C'mon. Just a little discount. C'mon�
687 Great! Let's see what you've got, "buddy."
688 Excellent! Say, I had some other questions�
689 I'll be back to shop later.
700 Make it quick.
701 Look, I'm a busy man�
702 Well? Out with it already!
703 Yeah?
704 Did I ever tell you about my village Arroyo?
706 Did you sell Jet to Richard Wright?
707 I've come to collect Mr. Salvatore's tribute.
710 I'm looking for some mine parts for Broken Hills�
711 You have an interesting vocabulary�are you from around here?
712 Nevermind.
725 (Eyes narrow.) So?
726 Well, I need the parts to fix the air purifier in their mine. I was told you could help me.
727 Well, I need the parts to fix the air purifier in their mine. Zaius sent me. He said, uh�said...uh...shit.
728 Well, I need the parts to fix the air purifier in their mine. Zaius sent me. He said, 'The canary's kicked the bucket.'
735 Yes, I do happen to have some parts that could fix the air purifier. 100 bucks.
736 I'll take it. Here you go.
737 How about fifty bucks?
738 Uh, I don't have a hundred on me�I'll be back later with the cash.
745 Inflation due to managerial irritation with hagglers. 200 or nothing.
746 (Frowns.) 200 or nothing.
747 Two hundred?! You said a HUNDRED a second ago!
748 Uh, I'll take it. Here you go.
749 Uh, I don't have two hundred on me�I'll be back later with the cash.
755 I STRONGLY doubt that is what he said. It wasn't 'The canary's kicked the bucket,' was it?
756 Well, yes.
760 And�?
761 "And?"
765 And the SECOND part was�?
766 "Second part?" He didn't say anything about a SECOND part. That low-down bast -!
769 Just testing you. There is no second part. Well, if Zaius sent you, I SUPPOSE I have some parts to spare.
770 Here you go. Don't drop them.
771 Thanks. I had some other questions�
772 Uh, thanks.
780 Don't you even TRY and pin that accusation on me. You want to know who did it, ask Tweedledum and Tweedledumber if they're still selling Jet laced with arsenic.
781 'Tweedledum' and 'Tweedledumber?' Who are they?
782 Jules said to ask you. He says you sell bad shit.
783 Jagged Jimmy said to ask you. He says you sell bad shit.
784 They both said to ask YOU about it. They say you sell bad shit.
785 I don't think it was arsenic...I DO think he was poisoned, though.
786 Can you tell me anything about this empty Jet canister?
788 I'll go ask them then.
795 That vulture Jules and that lying reprobate 'Jagged Jimmy.' Jules is always perched near the entrance to town looking for ignorant visitors to victimize, and Jagged Jimmy deals on 2nd Street to the rest of the Reno cattle.
798 They said to ask you. They say you sell bad shit. Shit that kills people.
800 I'll go talk to them then.
805 Look, primate�you don't even KNOW what you're babbling about.
806 Oh, I think I -
807 Yeah? Well then, why don't -
808 Nevermind. I had some other qu -
809 Look I better be go -
815 OPEN your mouth again and even a WHISPER, even a HINT, reaches Mr. Wright that I�or you�might've had anything to do that boy's OD, our lives ain't worth Brahmin shit. If THAT happens --
816 Oh? So you -
817 Me?! Now hold on just a -
825 If THAT happens, you tribal SHIT, I SWEAR you'll die before I do. Now�for the LAST time, that kid never bought SHIT from me, understand? Don't you EVER say his name in here again, or so help me�
826 JULES says he didn't sell to the kid. JIMMY says he didn't sell to the kid. YOU say you didn't sell to him. One of you is lying.
827 JULES says he didn't sell to the kid. JIMMY says he didn't sell to the kid. YOU say you didn't sell to him. Either you all are lying, or...somebody else is responsible.
828 Can you tell me anything else about Richard Wright? Who did he hang around who might have used chems?
829 All right...look, I had some other questions...
830 Okay, okay...I'm going now.
835 I can answer that easy. One of those two mongrels is lying to save their behind. Between the two, they sell 90% of the Jet in Reno, and that's the only place the 'boy' we're talking about could've gotten it from.
836 Or somebody that bought from one of you three. Who were your customers last month who might have had contact with�the victim?
837 Can you tell me anything else about Richard Wright? Did he hang around anyone else who might have used chems?
838 I see...I had some other questions...
839 I'm going now.
845 You STUPID bastard.
846 You STUPID bitch.
847 I TOLD you not to say his name in here. Get out! I see you again, I'll SHOOT YOU DEAD. If Mr. Wright comes looking for me, thinks I killed his boy, YOU'LL die first.

For even the very wise cannot see all ends.

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