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250+ (250 Max) Results For NCPROSTI.MSG
100 You see a prostitute.
150 You see a�lady of the evening. Her tattered clothes are draped seductively around her body.
151 You see a prostitute. She winks at you.
152 You see a prostitute. Her eyes are like blown fuses.
153 You see a prostitute. She smells like flowers.
154 You see a prostitute. She smells like mother.
155 You see a prostitute. It is a mystery to you how her tattered rags manage to hold her breasts in.
156 You see a prostitute. She looks as if she kills her mates and eats them.
157 You see a prostitute. She is appraising you like a jeweler.
158 You see a prostitute. Her tattered clothes are draped seductively around her body.
175 Oh my�it's him. .
176 You are the biggest stud in the world.
177 ::Swoons::
178 Yeah,
179 ::Claps::
180 ::Cheers::
181 Oh my�it's her.
182 You go, girl!
183 ::Gives you the thumbs up sign::
190 You couldn't pay me enough chips to get it on with you in THAT.
195 Over here,
196 Look! It's him!
197 Hey,
198 Hey, sweetie? Any openings I could fill?
199 When is your next movie coming out?
200 Mmmm-mmmm. Work it, baby.
201 What do you need ME for, Boogie Man?
202 Ooops. I dropped something in your pants. Let me get it.
203 I loved you in Great Balls for Hire.
204 I loved you in Good Will Humping.
205 I loved you in Vault Sexteen.
206 You were great in Pokeahotass.
207 Mmmmm-mmmm. How do you keep so fit?
208 Can I have your autograph? On my chest?
209 Could I act in your next movie?
210 I would never fake it for YOU,
211 Getting�weak. Can't�hold out�much longer. Must�have�sex�with you�
212 She's no star, she's just tribal trash...
213 I didn't realize they allowed porn stars to get THAT fat...
214 She's fugly.
215 She has all the sex appeal of a wet paper bag�
216 Ugly as sin�
217 The way she acts, you'd think she was a hero model instead of a porn star.
218 She tries anything, I'll scar her�
219 I don't know what the Corsican Brothers SEE in her�
220 She's as talented as a rock and twice as ugly.
221 That's right, you KEEP on walking.
222 Makes me nauseous just looking at her�
223 Look at her, strutting around like that�
224 She's got a face only a brahmin could love.
225 Well, if it isn't grand Queen Turd.
226 If it ain't little miss bitchy�
227 If it ain't little-miss-porn-star�
228 Uglier than a brahmin's ass.
229 Push off! This is our area, bitch!
230 Haul your fat ass outta my sight.
231 You're as talented as my shoe.
232 Stay on this street, and we'll cut you.
233 Bitch.
234 Stuck-up whore�
235 Trash�
236 Hmphh!
237 Get outta here, yer spoiling the biz.
238 Scrawny whore.
239 Don't talk to me, bitch.
240 Go back to making your money the slow way, whore.
241 What part of 'piss off' don't you understand?
242 Speak to me again, I'll cut out your tongue.
243 Gutterslut.
244 ::Ignores you.::
245 ::Makes an obscene gesture::
246 Get outta here, "Miss Movie Star."
247 Beat it, whore.
248 You try anything, I'll scar you�
249 I don't know what the Corsican Brothers SEE in you�
250 You're as talented as a rock and twice as ugly.
251 I don't talk to TRASH like you.
252 Look at those muscles! Makes me weak�
253 Daaaamn!
254 ::Whistles::
255 He's built like a tank. Check out that barrel.
256 Check out the barrel on that tank�
257 He's all mine�
258 ::Sigh::
259 What a badass.
260 That boy makes me weak.
261 If it ain't the King of Sting�
262 He has lead in his pencil, that's for damn sure.
263 Look! It's
265 Now THERE'S some trouble I want to get into.
266 Want to jump in the ring with me, champ?
267 Wanna box, champ?
268 How's it hanging,
269 Looking for me?
270 Why don't you come around more often?
271 I got an opening you can fill.
272 Need some company,
273 You are SUCH a badass.
274 You make me weak, you know that?
275 Nice unit you got there.
276 Need someone to take care of that for you, champ?
277 Hey�watch out for the Masticator. He's a real jerk. He tried to bite my ear off once.
278 Look! It's
279 Need some company,
281 She is SUCH a badass. I wish I could kick guy's asses like she does.
282 There goes one tough woman.
283 She looks so�(shivers)�dangerous.
284 She's pretty sexy.
285 Oh my�it's him.
286 He looks so�(shivers)�dangerous.
287 Daaaamn!
288 ::Whistles::
289 What a badass.
290 That boy makes me weak.
291 He has lead in his pencil, that's for damn sure.
292 Hellooooo,
293 Need some company,
295 Oh my�it's her.
296 She is such a badass.
297 There goes one tough bitch.
298 She looks so�(shivers)�dangerous.
299 She's pretty sexy.
300 My name's Easy, slaver. What's yours?
301 Hey, slaver, need some comapny?
302 Let me teach you some things only a woman can teach.
303 Need someone to share your bedroll, slaver?
304 Got some hot-rocks there, slaver.
305 Nasty little crotch cobra there.
306 Lookin' for some action?
307 Slaver, you ain't never had love 'til you had Reno love.
308 Looking for a date?
309 Heard there was some trouble on Commercial Row...
310 Looking for some company?
311 Wanna dance?
312 Slaver, you ain't never had love 'til you had Reno love.
313 Sure, I'll be one of your 'companions' for a few chips.
314 New stranger in towm, looks like�
315 Wanna fly, slaver?
316 Wanna play slaver and servant?
317 Nice dill.
318 Let me cheer you up, sad clown.
319 Lose your way, slaver?
320 Got a gun you need to unload, slaver?
321 That man could melt metal.
322 Myron? I wouldn't touch him for a million chips. Make it two million.
323 Looking for a good time, slaver?
324 I like the look of your gecko, slaver.
325 That a gecko in your pocket?
326 Hey there, slaver.
327 Need a date, slaver?
328 Where's the fire, slaver?
329 Childe, let me make you a man.
330 Wanna play slaver and servant?
331 Wanna pretend we're deathclaws in mating season?
332 Need to pop a clip, slaver?
333 Want to help a virgin lose her virginity?
334 That slaver makes my Geiger counter tick.
335 If you want me to be nice, that'll be extra.
336 [Sings.] "Let's play - master and servant. Let's play - master and servant."
337 Take a gamble on me, slaver.
338 I finally installed that padded headboard.
339 Taste of paradise'll cost you ten chips.
340 Wanna play master and servant, slaver?
341 Myron: All wax. No wick.
342 Myron's a real twister�
343 AC-DC, B n' D, whatever.
344 What does he expect me to do, bend down for him?
345 Need someone to yank your leash, slaver?
346 Myron still keeps coming around...
347 That Bishop girl is a bed-bunny.
348 She ain't no Jet reliant, she's a BONE reliant.
349 Action at the Cat's Paw is heating up...
350 Had a marathon session running away from Myron last night...
351 Looking for some TLC, slaver?
352 Been walking this strip since yesterday...
353 Like anything you see, slaver?
354 You looking for love, slaver?
355 Hey there, slaver! Come chat with me.
356 ::Whistles at you::
357 Going to be in Reno long?
358 I hate teabags.
359 Why don't you take me back to your cage, slaver?
360 Only takes a few chips gets my attention.
361 Pure Reno love, right here.
362 I'll give you some play.
363 I'm Filthy Spice.
364 I'm Homely Spice.
365 I'm Slutty Spice.
366 I'm Old Spice.
367 I'm Syphilis�er, Slutty Spice.
368 I'm Dirty Spice.
369 Wranglers in the dust, that's what I want.
370 I've got a friend if you want a double-header, slaver.
371 Wish Myron was gay.
372 New blood in town�
373 Still don't know why they call it Virgin Street�
374 Can you hammer a six-inch spike through a board with your penis?
375 I wish he'd wear a paper bag sometimes�
376 Buy a girl a drink, slaver?
377 Take a lonely lady on the town, slaver?
378 Need a friend for tonight, slaver?
379 Looking for some new merchandise, slaver?
380 Come over here, slaver, the show's about to begin�
381 I heard some of the girls uptown killed their pimp.
382 Most beautiful woman in the wastes, right here...
383 That Jules better leave me alone.
384 Still got that bruise from the headboard�
385 Been worn out ever since that last convention�
386 I wish that slaver convention took place in some other town.
387 I felt the Earth move, but it was just the chili.
388 Make me melt.
389 He keeps it up, he's gonna bust his ticker�
390 I'll take care of you, slaver.
391 I'm a virgin. I'm just not very good at it.
392 Jules keeps trying to deal on 2nd Street...
393 Hey, slaver! Need a guide?
394 Jules keeps wanting freebies.
395 Need your cage rattled, slaver?
396 I hear the families are getting tense again.
397 Things are pretty slow. I wish that caravan would show.
398 So he dresses up in this Deathclaw costume, then�
399 I need help getting out of this dress.
400 Zip me up? Then down again?
401 Mmm-mmm. Looks like mating season.
402 Need a friend?
403 I kicked Jules in his family jewels last week.
404 Looking to go down-town, slaver?
405 They don't call me Lady Lucky for nothing.
406 Love those brahmin-flavored condoms.
407 Show a lady a good time, slaver?
408 Myron keeps pestering me. At least his MONEY'S good.
409 All you ever need is right here.
410 Looking for Eden? Right here.
411 You got the money, slaver, I got the time.
412 Can you help me? I'm looking for my lost virginity.
413 I'm a virgin, but I need the money.
414 Be gentle, it's my first time. Today.
415 Me so horny.
416 You got the craving, I got the saving.
417 Let me awaken your inner child.
418 Wanna dance, sweetheart?
419 Lookin' to stake a claim?
420 Wanna make me moan?
421 ::Purrrrr::
422 ::Rrrrrowrrr::
423 ::Blows you a kiss::
424 Wanna get together?
425 I'm not cheap, but I am on special.
426 Tying you up costs extra.
427 Where did I leave my whip?

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