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0 You see a pit boss. He is surveying the casino.
100 You see the casino pit boss.
150 You see a well-dressed man. He is surveying the casino.
200 Uh�you'll need to remove that armor.
210 Uh, why are you sneaking around, sir?
220 Uh, why are you sneaking around, ma'am?
230 Good evening, [MM], sir.
240 Good evening, [MM], ma'am.
250 Good day, [MM], sir.
260 Good day, [MM], ma'am.
270 Friend, you're walking into the wrong casino.
280 Sir, I'm sorry, you'll have to secure that weapon.
290 Ma'am, I'm sorry, you'll have to secure that weapon.
300 Honey, I'm sorry, you can't carry weapons into the casino. [Smiles.] You're deadly enough as it is.
310 Honey, with a body like that, you won't be able to sneak anywhere.
320 Tribal, you better secure that weapon right *now.*
330 Tribal, you better stop that sneaking around shit right *now.*
340 [To Myron] Hey, hey�Myron! Ain't seen you outside the lab in a long time.
350 [Nods at Marcus.] No mutants. He waits outside.
360 No droids.
370 I'm not s'posed ta chat while on duty, but I'm glad you kicked the Enclave's ass.
380 Need some more chips at table three�
390 Need some more chips at table three�
400 Hey, [X]! Heard yer the one who kicked the Enclave back to the stone age! [Becomes formal.] I've been instructed to give you some chips, courtesy of the casino. Enjoy yourself, sir.
420 Hey, look who's here! Hey, [PS]. [Smiles.] Welcome to [CN]. Love your films.
440 Shoot. What d'you want to know?
460 Uh, you better run along now, sir.
470 Yeah, yer Mom said I was special, too. Now take a hike�maybe she's along Virgin street somewhere.
480 I'm the pit boss. [Looks slightly irritated.] Now what can I do for you?
490 This is [CN]. Need anything, just ask.
500 Best goddamn casino in town�but I am a little biased. [Laughs.] Anything else you want to know?
510 The [CA] family. They pumped a lot of life into this place, made it a real night spot, a shining jewel in New Reno.
520 That guy? Old Man McGee? Crazy sumabitch�he's been playing that machine there for the past few years, waiting for the big jackpot. His life fortune must be sitting in that thing, but it won't give him a single chip.
530 [Shakes his head.] Nope, it's just stubborn�just like him. [Shrugs.] It could probably use a little repair work, but we ain't got no slot mechanics that can fix that damn thing.
540 Yeah, that son of a bitch came in here about a week ago, ripped off one table of about a thousand chips, then bailed. Don't know where he is now, but he used to have a room at the Desperado.
550 Nikki? [Scans the floor.] Yeah, she's over there, at the middle table. Is there some sort of problem?
560 Her name *was* Nikki. She used to work here but she got aced�not too long ago.
570 Her name was Nikki. She used to work here but she took off not too long ago. Just packed her shit and bailed.
580 Sure, be good for business. Dressing room's in the back�
590 [Shakes his head.] No, we're still recovering from your last gig. You might want to check some of the other casinos.
600 You count up the evening's tally. [C] = chips. Not a bad haul.
610 Yeah, he stinks worse than brahmin shit. Still, you�? [Looks you up and down skeptically.] Aw, why the hell not. A little improv ain't gonna hurt, but it's a rough crowd�better hope you're good.

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