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100 You see Orville Wright.
150 You see a well-dressed gentleman. He looks perpetually pissed off. That's probably why his brown hair is graying around the edges.
151 You see a grumbling Orville Wright. He looks like he is about to pull out what remains of his hair.
152 You see a grumbling Orville Wright. He looks upset and is sighing a lot.
200 Get away from there!
210 Kids, get away! It's a hitman!
211 You're gonna die, you sonuvabitch.
212 Come into my house, will you�
213 So they send you to do their dirty work�
214 You two-bit hitman, this is your last job�
220 Marriage ain't a word. It's a life sentence.
221 Damn Salvatores�
222 Where are those damn kids�
223 Anybody seen Christopher around? Tell that boy I want to see him. Now.
224 I wonder if our marriage is legally binding�
225 Profits this quarter are down�better start watering down the hootch.
226 Need more ethyl alcohol. And less Ethyl Wright�
227 Salvatores are being quiet�
228 Where the hell is that woman? Ethyl! Ethyl!
229 Need to stop cursing around the kids...
230 We're gonna have to expand distribution if we're gonna stay on the Reno map...
231 If Christopher gives me any more backtalk...
232 Bring me my book.
233 Poor Richard�
234 Is a little peace and quiet too much to ask?!! Keep it down!
240 (Wrinkles cover this old man's face...it looks like any expression other than a scowl is foreign to him. Only a few brown hairs are left in his thick gray hair.)
241 Start talking, tribal. Who are you and what do you want?
242 Start talking, slaver. Who are you and what do you want?
243 Me
244 Boogity boogity
245 Yoo Boo Hoo Yooooo
246 Kootchie Kootchie Koooo
247 Who hell you
248 I'm a simple traveler�looking for work.
249 The name's
250 Actually, I seem to have entered the wrong room. I'll be leaving now.
260 (Scowls.) Get outta my sight. You come around here again, I'll have you shot, you hear me?
262 Uh-uh
263 You kiss mommee with that mouth?
264 You betta NOT shoot me. Shooting me just makes me ANGREE
265 Go way n' find sumone else to talk to who izint such a meanie
275 (When he sees you, Mr. Wright's face breaks into a snarl and he starts shouting.)
276 (Mr. Wright's face breaks into a snarl and he starts shouting.)
277 Boys! We got a visitor lookin' for a plot of land in Golgotha! Get in here!
278 Get in here, boyz! Me wanna play
279 Whoa, now hold on�!
280 That DOES it! I'm sick of your bullshit. You'll be dead before your little boys can get here.
281 They won't get in here in time to save your life...
282 Excuse me. Me and the exit have an appointment.
290 Yeah, maybe you BETTER leave, and quickly. If you're still here in five seconds, I'll have you shot, you hear me?
291 Yeah, seems like you got this habit o' coming in and stepping out. Maybe we better take care of that problem o' yours.
292 I'm going.
293 What do you m --?
294 My thoughts exactly. Time for you to die.
300 No SHIT? (Sneers.) Well, pleased to meet you, "simple traveler." Glad you stopped by, damn neighborly of you. (Sneer crumbles into a frown as he scopes you out.) Looking for work in family Wright, huh?
301 No SHIT? (Sneers.) Well, pleased to meet you, SLAVER. Glad you stopped by, damn neighborly of you. (Sneer crumbles into a scowl.) We don't deal with your kind, you hear? Now, get out!
302 Yes, I --
303 Actually, I seem to have entered the wrong room. Pardon me.
304 Hold on a minute, I haven't FINISHED talking to you yet. I�
305 All right. Looks like I'll be going.
310 No SHIT? (Sneers.) Well, pleased to meet you, "
311 Yes, I --
320 So happens MY family IS family Wright. Blood thicker than water and all. (Scowls.)
321 What makes you think I'd want tribal trash like you in my family? I got all the hitmen I need.
322 What makes you think I need a piece of tribal ass like you in my family? I got enough whores to suck off all of Northern Cali.
323 Give me a test, then. Let me prove myself.
324 Looks like I came to the wrong place. I'll be going now.
330 (Studies you for a moment.) All right. Maybe you not being in the family could be a good thing. (Scowl fades.) You got children?
331 Not to my knowledge.
332 Not to my knowledge. I think I'd remember.
340 One of my sons�my boy, Richard, passed away recently. Chem overdose. Jet.
341 How can I help?
342 Uh�I don't really see how I can --
350 I want to know what dealer gave that SHIT to Richard and forced him to take it. Every time I send my boys to find out, they turn up nothin'. Maybe somebody who ain't got Wright blood could get some answers.
351 Uh, "forced him to take it?"
352 I'll take the job.
353 No, this job isn't my style. I better be going.
360 (Face turns red.) My boys are clean, and they know to stay away from that shit, or I'll kill them. Then SUDDENLY, Richie ODs. Someone pumped a ton of Jet in him, so much that fumes was runnin' outta his nose.
361 Well�that doesn't mean someone else is responsible. Your son could have taken too much. Jet is highly habit-forming.
362 Hmmm. I'll take the job.
370 (Nods.) All right then. Now look: You find that son of a bitch who killed my boy, don't you touch 'im�you just come back and TELL me the dead man's name. (Eyes blaze.) I'LL take care of it from there.
371 We haven't talked a price.
372 Any leads?
373 Find the person who gave him the Jet, don't hurt them, just come back and tell you. Got it.
380 Yer right, we ain't talked price, cause you ain't done nothing BUT talk. I'm letting you prove your worth. Do your job, and you don't need to worry about money. I give you my word as a Wright.
383 Forget this, then. Only fools work for nothing. I'm out of here.
390 (Eyes blaze.) No�everybody's too scared to talk�to a Wright, anyway. If I were you, I would 'question' some of the Reno chem pushers, see what they know. That Jet came from SOMEWHERE.
391 Any pushers you suspect?
393 Look, this job isn't my style. I better be going.
400 You again. You find out who killed my boy?
401 Not yet. I'm working on it.
402 Yeah, it was Jules, the dealer at the front of town.
403 Jagged Jimmy J, the dealer on 2nd Street.
404 That old geezer, Renesco the Rocketman.
405 Lil' Jesus Mordino. He deals Jet.
406 Your son didn't die of an overdose. He was poisoned.
415 That so? Word is, the bastard's ALREADY dead, but I ain't telling you nothing new. I TOLD you not to touch him - you screwed up. Now, YOU'RE dead.
416 Wait --
417 Oh, yeah, well --
425 That bastard's seen his last days. Come morning, he'll be dead. But he'll be a LONG time dying�
426 Now, about the price for doing my work�
427 No less than he deserves.
428 Uh, but Renesco didn't give Richard the Jet...he didn't know who it was for...it was the SALVATORES that poisoned your son.
435 I owe you�I owe you.
436 Well now, before I get into specifics, let's settle accounts first�
437 Here's a little cash for your trouble, plus some ammo, liquor from my private stock� and another job for you, if you're interested.
438 I'm interested.
439 No thanks. I'll see you around.
445 If you come back here again and you ain't done what I asked, I'll see you hang in Golgotha, tribal. NO ONE wastes my time. You understand me?
446 If you think you can jerk me around on this, tribal, you're dead wrong. I've HAD it with your bullshit. (Starts shouting.) Boys! Get in here!
447 Understood.
448 I'm not the one for this job, Mr. Wright. Find somebody else.
449 Fuck this job, fuck your dead chem-using son, and fuck you. I'm outta here.
451 That DOES it! I'm sick of your bullshit. You'll be joining your dead chem-using son in hell.
453 Get out of here.
465 It so happens, not too long ago, I came across a map that shows an old army base in the mountains not far from here. You find a way in there, and I'll see that you're taken care of�
466 Okee Dokee Mister Orderville
467 go.
468 All right. I'll go check it out.
469 Why should I go? Didn't you send somebody already?
470 Not interested, thanks. Goodbye.
471 I already found a way to get inside the base. There's a lot of old weapons and military hardware there, all for the taking.
472 I already found a way inside the base. Problem is, there was an... accident... the base is contaminated.
480 (Mr. Wright's expression tightens for a moment, then he snorts.) Heh. Not exactly. The fellas I got the map from are dead. They were a tough bunch, but they all got wiped out tryin' to get inside the base.
481 They didn't even get INSIDE?
485 Yeah, the only survivor said�shortly before his unfortunate death�said that there were some kind of super gun turrets guarding the entrance. Wiped out most of his boys.
486 What happened to the survivor?
487 Hmmmm. I'll have to be careful then. I'll take the job.
488 Forget this. No one said it would be that dangerous.
495 Oh, ol' Sam Pritchard? Sad story. Got drunk one night, mentioned to my boy Keith he'd found this 'base,' and 'fore y'know it, he draws me a map and DIES. He's sleeping in Golgotha now.
496 Seems like Reno's filled with sad stories these days. I'll take the job.
497 Y'know, it's stories like that that make me realize I really can't take this job. Later, Wright.
505 (Shakes his head.) Too bad. You come back and see me if you change your mind.
506 I'll do that.
515 (Wright smiles when he sees you.) You change your mind about that proposition I had?
516 What was this proposition again?
517 No, just stopping by. I'll be going now.
525 (Nods, smiles.) All right then. Come back when you found a way in, and I'll see you're well rewarded. Now, as for the location of the base�head north, then� (Gives you the coordinates for the army base.)
526 All right. I'll go check it out. When I find a way inside, I'll be back.
535 Ah, it's you. You got some good news for me? You find a way into that army base?
536 If you're back and ain't done what I asked, then you're in for a world of hurt.
537 Not yet.
538 Yes. I managed to get inside and found a lot of old weapons and military hardware there. It's all there for the taking. Now, about my payment�
539 I got inside the base, but there was an�accident�the base is contaminated.
540 Sorry. I'll return once I get inside the Army base.
541 Screw this job, and screw you. I'm outta here.
550 If you ain't DONE what I asked, then what in HELL are you doing back here?! I need you to crack that base, so don't be coming back here until you've done it!
551 All right. I'll return once I get inside the Army base.
560 If you come back here again and you ain't done what I asked, I'll see you hang in Golgotha, tribal. NO ONE wastes my time. You understand me?
561 Sorry? SORRY?! That don't cut it this time, tribal. If you think you can waste my time, you're wrong. I can get someone else to fill your shoes. (Shouts at door.) Boys! Get in here!
562 Understood. I'll be back when I've done the job.
575 . I like it, I like it. It's got style. Now you stop on by the Cat's Paw and New Reno Arms, and they'll take care of you. You need free hootch, head on by the train station, too. I'll set you up.
576 Thanks. I'll do that.
580 (Eyes gleam.) You done good,
581 An 'accident?' Aw, hell, I don't even want to know. Get outta here and don't ever come back.
582 Thanks, Mr. Wright. If I'm a Made Man, then I'd like to be called�
583 All right then.
584 So what do you want us to call ya?
590 (Smiles when he sees you.)
591 Sure. How are things with you, Mr. Wright?
592 Sure. I was just stopping by, Mr. Wright. You take care, sir.
600 (Chuckles.) Not bad, not bad. My wife is still being a holy terror, but that's nothing new. The joys of marriage.
601 I understand. Well, I was just stopping by, Mr. Wright. You take care, sir.
610 Angry? Hell, yes, my goddamn wife just went berserk on one of my stills. Don't know how the hell she found out, but�
611 Angry? Hell, yes, some low-down sonuvabitch destroyed one of my stills. Don't know how the hell he pulled it off, but�
612 Angry? Hell, yes, my customers are dropping off...literally. Something's wrong with the alcohol, and I think it's killing people. I wonder if the fermenting process is poisonous...
613 She probably just stumbled across it. Dumb luck, no doubt! I don't think anyone told her, nope. Very unlikely.
614 Well, those old machines break down all the time! I don't think anyone did it on purpose. Very unlikely.
615 Well, it certainly couldn't have anything to do with radscorpion venom leaking into the vats from a severed radscorpion tail being dropped in there. I wouldn't dwell on it.
620 Funny you should ask. My son got a gun from somewhere�I think it's one of the other families, trying to get him to shoot himself or his old man. When I catch the bastard�
621 Uh, a gun? Really? You're right, sir, probably one of the other families gave it to him. Be hard to track down whoever did it, though. I wouldn't pay it any mind.
625 (Nods.) Probably nothing. Aw, well�
626 Sure. Oh, well, I was just stopping by, Mr. Wright. You take care, sir.
630 (Frowns.) Way I see it, it was probably a Mordino pusher�that goddamn family controls nearly all the Jet in Reno. I'd scope out the Desperado, see what dealers hang out round there.
640 Wh -? "Poisoned?" What in hell's name are you talking about?
641 I inspected your son's body. Jet didn't kill him...his body still had traces of radscorpion venom in it.
642 I found this Jet canister that Richard used� er, was used on Richard. There were traces of radscorpion venom in the cartridge.
643 I found a Jet canister that Richard used� er, was used on Richard. There were traces of radscorpion venom in the cartridge.
644 He was poisoned with radscorpion venom. The Jet overdose was just a cover for the poisoning.
650 "Inspected my son's body?"
651 Yeah, I had to open his grave to do an autopsy.
652 Uh�you know, I DIDN'T. I misspoke. "Son's body?" I meant "somebody's." Yes, that's what I meant.
653 This might not be the best time to discuss this. I'll talk to you later.
660 You ghoulish son of a bitch�
661 You ghoulish bitch�
662 you just earned YOURSELF a plot o' land on Golgotha. IF they find all the pieces. (Starts shouting.) Boys! Get in here! And bring yer knives!
663 Hold on! Can't we talk about this?
664 You're going to need more than knives to take me down�
665 Excuse me. The exit and I have an appointment.
670 Assuming I believe this for a second... and I ain't saying I AM... then who POISONED my son? And why did they go to the trouble of dosin' him with Jet?
671 Word is it was the Salvatores. They pumped him with Jet laced with radscorpion venom, then left him for you to find.
672 I don't know which of the Salvatores did it. Renesco doctored up some Jet for them, not knowing they'd use it to poison your son.
673 I don't know.
680 Now why in hell would they do that?
681 Way I see it, the Mordinos control the Jet in Reno. Naturally, you'd blame them for a chem overdose... and then there'd be war. IF you two didn't wipe each other out, you'd at least be weakened by the fight. That makes life easier for the Salvatores�all they have to worry about then is the Bishops.
682 I don't know. Maybe you should ask them.
690 (Stares at you for a long time, then a dry chuckle escapes his lips.) You give me an answer, and I can't do nothing about it. The Salvatores�goddammit. (Takes a deep breath.)
691 What's wrong?
692 "You can't do anything about it?" What do you mean?
700 Know what those Salvatore bastards are ARMED with, friend? Those damned lightbringers. ONE Salvatore packing that kind of heat can kill my whole family without batting an eye. To beat that, I'd need�
701 What?
702 Don't worry about it, I've kicked the shins out from underneath the Salvatores already.
710 Ha! The ones in Reno maybe, but you got a lot to learn about the families... there's still Salvatores kicking around beyond Reno, and even if there's just one left, that's trouble. To beat them, I'd need...
720 (Frown deepens.) This smells like a pile of brahmin shit to me...
721 Don't believe me? Look, I inspected your son's body, and it REEKED of radscorpion venom.
722 Look, trust me... your son was POISONED. I don't know by who, but somebody went to great pains to make it look like a Jet overdose.
750 You have solved the murder.
775 You fingered a suspect in Richard Wright's death.
800 You have correctly identified who killed Richard Wright and the motive.
825 You have become a made man of the Wright family.
5243 !
5249 . I'm interested in a job.
5261 !
5310 ." Glad you stopped by, damn neighborly of you. (Sneer crumbles into a frown.) Looking for work in family Wright, huh?
5467 crack base.
5580 . Go to the Cat's Paw and New Reno Arms�tell them you're from me, and they'll set you up. You're family now�a made man, and all Reno's gonna know it.
6467 smash!

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