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100 You see a guard.
150 You see a bored-looking guard. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else.
151 You see one of Myron's bored-looking guards.
152 You see one of Myron's bored-looking guards. He looks like he would rather be anywhere else.
200 Touch my shit again, and I'll kill you.
205 Go on in. Everything's cool.
206 Head on in. It's cool.
210 Grab for that door again, and you'll pull away a stump.
211 Get away from there.
215 Hey, Myron. You takin' a walk?
216 Watch yourself, Myron.
217 Don't get into any trouble, Myron, awright?
218 Don't go too far, Myron.
225 Hey,
230 It's one of the
235 You got some cojones coming around here. I suggest you lose 'em and walk.
236 You look like a
240 Ain't you better be getting back to your
241 You look like a
245 Put that weapon away�unless you WANT trouble.
250 Intruder!
260 Get that rolling trash can outta here.
261 No bots allowed in here. Beat it.
262 That robot's gonna be scrap if it stays.
270 I *thought* I smelled mutant. Get him outta here 'fore we get mad.
271 You a mutant lover? His place is OUTSIDE. Or else.
272 That mutant looking to become target practice? Stick around and he'll get his wish.
280 I *thought* I smelled something rotting. Get that ghoul boy o' yours outta here.
281 Get that stinky ghoul mother fucker outta here. Now.
282 That ghoul ain't outta here in a minute, he's gonna be deader than he already is.
290 ::Whoa.:: Check THAT out.
291 Hey, chica, you looking for some company?
292 Wanna waste some time with us, chica?
293 ::Howls like a wolf when he sees you:: Awooooooo!
300 What the hell do you want, slaver? Slaves are upstairs.
305 What happened to Myron?
310 Myron still sleeping it off?
311 I'm bored.
312 Catch the fight last night?
313 Can't wait until this shift is over.
320 Help you with somthin', amigo? This area's off-limits.
321 Well, well, well�we got us a star in our midst. You got an appointment with Myron, chica?
322 Help you with somthin', chica? This area's off-limits.
323 (The guard smiles, looks you up and down.) Got an appointment with Myron, chica?
324 Me want world peace
325 Me want to go past door
326 Hoo Yoo
327 Wander off
328 Off-Limits? What's behind that door?
329 I'm here to see Myron.
330 I'm here to see Myron. I have a badge.
331 I'm here to see Myron. Me and him got a "special appointment," see?
332 Sure do. You gonna keep me standing here, handsome, or have your eyes had their fill yet?
333 I'm sorry? What appointment?
334 Sorry, wrong room. I'll be going now.
350 You escape from your stall, slave? Maybe you better get your ass back upstairs before we put you in one of the cages.
354 Shamble off
360 (Readies weapon.) I'm gonna enjoy this. I ain't beaten a slave for at least an hour�
361 (Readies weapon.) I'm gonna enjoy this. I ain't killed no one for two days�
364 Try and run.
365 Pal, you're about to get the ass whipping of a life time.
370 (Sneers.) Sorry. "Need-ta-know" basis. Now get lost�amigo.
371 (Sneers.) Sorry. "Need-ta-know" basis. Now get lost, chica.
374 Let me by. I have to get past that door.
375 All right, all right.
380 Oh, you ARE, are you? Well, goddamn, why didn't you say something earlier? We could have avoided this talk altogether, and I could have told you to piss off right from the start.
381 Myron's expecting me. You better let me see him, or you'll hear about it later.
390 Nah. You ain't gonna see him. Now piss off before you make me angry.
391 Can you at least give him a message for me?
400 Nope. Now piss OFF, you little shit.
401 I'm staying until you let me in. In fact, I'd like to see you TRY and move me.
402 I'm staying until you let me in. In fact, I'd like to see you sorry sacks of shit TRY and move me.
404 All right.
411 Neither have I�
412 Defend yourself.
425 Yeah? Lemme see. Hmmmm. (Checks badge, shrugs.) All right, but keep it quick. Myron's busy, and he don't like being disturbed.
426 Got it.
435 (Eyes roam up and down your body.) Yeah, for now�heh heh�though, I might need ANOTHER fill a little later on. When you're done inside, that is.
436 I'll�keep that in mind. Can I head on in?
437 We'll see, all right?
445 Sure, sweetheart. Head on in.
446 Yeah, head on in.
447 Thanks.
455 You? Ha! Chica, unless Myron suddenly went blind, you ain't going in there. I know his tastes, right? He ain't interested in any skanky Jet-begging whore.
457 Look, I'm here to see Myron. I have a badge.
458 I'll be going now.
465 Oh, sorry. Thought you were someone else. What do you want, chica?
466 What's behind that door?
475 Myron expecting you?
477 Yes. Can I head on in? We have business to discuss.
478 No, not right now. Take care, you guys.
485 Myron ain't in.
487 Can I head in anyway?
495 (Shrugs.) I don't care. If you wanna wait for him, go ahead. I don't know when he's gonna be back�or if he is gonna be back.
5225 ! Whazzup?
5230 s! Waste 'em!
5236 man who don't know when he's about to die.
5240 kennel, puta?
5476 ! Myron's right behind that door. He expecting you?
5486 , whatzzup? Oh, hey�Myron ain't in.

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