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150 You see a sunburned young man dressed in black leather and chains. His face is pock-marked with acne scars.
151 You see Lil' Jesus Mordino.
152 You see Lil' Jesus Mordino. He is dressed mostly in black leather and playing with one of his knives.
200 Yo!
201 Fuckin'-A,
202 ::Gives you thumbs up sign::
203 ::Whistles::
220 How do you take a piss with that thing on?
230 Nice piece you got there,
240 What you creeping around for, eh,
250 Wazzup,
251 Heeey�
252 Sheee-it, it's hot.
253 Heeey! Whacha been up to,
254 Good to see you,
255 Hey! Come and check out my new knife,
256 What shit Dad got you doing now,
257 We goin' out tonight,
258 My knife needs some Bishop blood�
259 Gonna carve up so many Salvatores they'll call me the "butcher"�
270 Yo! Cabron! You looking for th' Angel o' Death? Beat it!
271 You got some cojones coming in here,
272 Hijo de puta�
273 You
274 If you're still here when I finish my drink, I'm gonna carve my name on your face.
275 ::Starts playing with his knife threateningly.::
276 Lookin for your hermana,
277 What the fu�you! You, what're you doing here?
278 Yo! Puta! You looking for th' Angel o' Death? Beat it!
279 Thought they kept you locked up in the kennel, puta.
280 If you ain't here to kiss my ass,
281 Hija de puta�
300 Yo! Hombre, you can't be carrying that around in here.
301 Yo! Homes, put that thing away 'fore you start making people nervous.
310 Yo! Chica, you can't be carrying that around in here.
311 Yo! Chica, put that thing away 'fore you start making people nervous.
320 What the hell you sneaking around for,
330 What you sneaking around for, chica? With that right hook you got, you should walk tall.
340 Where you learn to fight,
341 You got the cojones of a Mordino.
342 Last fight was something out of an epic, hombre.
343 Fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Thaz you, right there,
344 Y'know, the Mordinos could use some muscle like you,
345 Bet on you, best money I ever placed. You were throwing hooks like nobody's business.
346 Saw you fight in the ring,
347 How much you bench,
348 Where you work out, eh?
349 Watch out for the Masticator. He likes to eat ears.
350 I'd get you a drink if I hadn't blown all my money betting on your opponent.
351 Where you from, you fight like that? You're good. I mean, GOOD.
352 Where you learn to fight, chica? You're vicious. You got the MOVES.
353 Last fight was something out of a fucking epic, chica.
354 Where you work out, eh? Need a spotter?
370 Hey, hey, hey! Chica, you need to me to put that weapon away for you?
371 What, you want me to strip search you and all? C'mon, shoulder that iron 'fore I have to get rough.
390 No way you're sneaking by Lil' Jesus with a bod like that, chica.
400 Your film wasn't bad, but you obviously need a few pointers from me. ::Laughs::
401 Hey,
402 I'm ready, I'm available, you put me in a movie, okay? We're talking box office,
403 I am the ultimate Latin lover. There is no Latin lover like me.
404 Talk to the Brothers about me,
405 Give a good word to the brothers for me, allright?
406 You are doin' the right thing, brushing up with the Mordinos. We're going places.
407 Need some chems? Hootch? Some chips? I can set you up. I'm co-nnected, see?
408 So how about you and me doing a film? I'll treat you right, chica. I show you what a Latin lover can do.
409 Why don't you stop by after work?
410 You got any friends?
411 You need some Jet? I can set you up, chica.
412 Chica, there ain't nothing I wouldn't do for you�c'mon, now. Give me a leetle kiss.
425 Don't be showing iron around here, friend. Put that away.
435 Don't be sneakin' around, slaver, all right? You're among friends.
445 Yo! You dumb or something? Put that thing away before I haveta hurt you.
446 You lookin' for a backalley lobotomy? Put that thing away.
447 Yo, chica! You dumb or something? Put that thing away before I haveta hurt you.
455 What the hell you sneaking around for? You looking to get shot?
460 What you sneaking around for, chica? You looking to get shot?
465 Get that rolling trash can outta here.
466 No bots allowed in here. Beat it.
467 That robot's gonna be scrap if it stays.
475 I THOUGHT I smelled mutant. Get him outta here 'fore we get mad.
476 You a mutant lover? His place is OUTSIDE. Or else.
477 That mutant sticks around, he's gonna become target practice.
485 I THOUGHT I smelled something rotting. Get that ghoul boy o' yours outta here.
486 Get that stinky ghoul outta here. Now.
487 That ghoul ain't outta here in a minute, he's gonna be deader than he already is.
495 Hey, you. C'mon over here and let me see that knife.
496 Nice knife.
497 Can I see that knife for a second?
505 Hunh?
506 Something you want, amigo?
507 Something you want, chica?
508 Hoo ooh?
511 Wander off
512 Who are you?
513 Sorry. I thought you were someone else.
522 Eh...? You again? What do you want now?
523 Heeeey...whatzzup, friend? Something on your mind?
524 Me from under where
525 Ay-me-go?
526 Cheee-ka Cheeek-aaaah
529 I had some questions�
530 Nevermind. Sorry to bother you.
542 Hey, hey, hey! You're
544 Fire it up fire it up
547 Thanks, Lil' Jesus. Hey, I had some questions for you�
548 Thanks for the compliment. I was just stopping by; I have to be going.
549 Yeah, I don't need you to tell me that. Just watch yourself.
560 Heeeey! How's it going,
562 You being helped, or do I got to call over one of the putas ta get you set up? Ha!
563 You being helped, or do I got to call over one of the waitresses ta get you set up? Ha!
567 No, I'm fine. Say, I had some questions for you, Jesus�
568 No, I'm good, thanks. Catch you later.
582 Eh? You looking to deal, slaver? Got some stock you wanna unload?
583 Me unload! Me unload!
586 Sure. Are you the one to talk to?
587 Not right now. I had some questions for you, though�
588 Not right now. Maybe later.
600 Heh. You been out squatting in the sun too long. Get.
601 Eh�right. You take care, amigo. I'll catch you later.
602 Eh�right. You take care, chica. I'll catch you later.
603 Heh. Maybe you oughta go back out and squat in the sun, tribal. Clear the air in here.
604 Okeee Doh-kee
620 Get outta here.
621 Come around here again, and I'll fill you so full o' lead even Superman couldn't see through you.
622 ::Plays with knife threateningly::
623 ::Spits at your feet::
624 You look like someone who don't know when they're about to die.
625 Beat it 'fore I waste you.
626 Come around here again, and I'll gut you.
640 (Picks fingernails with knife.) Questions�EVERYBODY got questions�
641 (Picks his teeth with a dirty fingernail.) Yeah?
642 Something on your mind?
643 What was that you were saying about the Mordino Family again?
644 I'm looking for a job.
645 What is there to do around New Reno to relax?
646 You know anything about Richard Wright overdosing on Jet?
647 Can you teach me knife fighting?
648 Nevermind. Catch you later.
660 Me? If you gotta ask�heh. Name's Jesus. Jesus Mordino. Same as my Dad, he's the BIG Jesus, head of WHOLE Mordino family here in Reno. So most call me Lil' Jesus. Prevents confusion, y'know?
661 Family Mordino? Who are they?
662 I've heard about your family. I hear you guys are a force to be reckoned with.
663 I'm looking for a job. Is Family Mordino hiring?
665 Know what there is to do around New Reno to relax?
666 I see. Say, I had some questions�
680 We Mordinos are gonna run New Reno�and Redding, too. You'll see.
681 Family MORDINO? You been taking too much Jet, homes? We Mordinos run New Reno�and Redding, too.
682 Family MORDINO? You been taking too much Jet, chica? We Mordinos run New Reno�and Redding, too.
683 Sounds like the Mordino family is the one to hook up with�can you set me up?
684 What do you mean about Redding?
685 Redding? Where's that?
686 Sounds like the Mordinos have a bright future. Say, I had some questions�
687 You Mordinos talk big, but got small cojones. What you got to say about that, LITTLE Jesus?
700 To the northwest, homes.
701 To the northwest, chica.
702 If you ain't been there, you ain't missing nothing. Bunch of no-neck miners who like to FLY, know what I'm saying?
703 Not really. What do you mean?
704 They're a bunch of chem reliants?
705 I hear you. I had some other questions�
706 I have to go. Later, Jesus.
720 Bunch of no-neck miners, dig in the dirt, but they like to FLY, know what I'm saying?
740 Them no-necks dig for gold, see, but what WE give them is better than gold, know what I'm saying? They give us ALL the gold they dig up just for a LEETLE Jet. Everybody happy.
742 Sounds like it. Look, I had some other questions�
760 Well, when they got their first taste o' Jet, they were. You can't have just one.
761 Where does the Jet come from?
762 I hear you. Look, I had some other questions�
780 The Jet? It comes from HERE. See, we don't dig for gold, we MAKE it: liquid gold. Jet. Worth a fortune to the miners, costs next to nothing to make. We ship it to Redding, they shoot up, they fly, they ship us gold. That simple.
781 How long has this been going on? It seems like you would have controlled all of Northern California by now if Jet was that habit-forming.
800 You're right about that�see, we didn't always HAVE Jet. But we stumbled across this kid - he took a look at the shitty chems we was selling and said he could do 'better.' And he did. Now he works for us. That simple.
801 Who is this kid and where is he?
820 Kid's name's Myron. As for where he IS, that's somethin' you don't need to know.
821 Kid's name's Myron. We got him set up in the stables, north of town, testing new chems. You could go over and see him if you want, but he's busy most of the time�either with the chems or the women.
822 Why don't you get smart and tell me anyway?
823 Got it. I had some other questions�
824 Myron, huh? All right then, Jesus. Thanks for the conversation.
840 The Desperado is the place to be, homes. We got the Jet, the games, the action�and we got all the putas you need right outside, wet and willing. Paradise, homes. Pair-a-dice.
841 The Desperado is the place to be, chica. We got the Jet, the games, and the action. You ain't need to go nowhere else.
842 So�you wanna re-lax, chica? Heh...then how 'bout you and me get down to some sweet love?
843 Tempting, but I haven't got ten seconds for your sweet love right now, Little Jesus.
844 I'm flattered, but no thanks. Say, I had some other questions�
846 I'm looking for a job. Know of any place that's hiring?
847 Thanks for the tip, thanks.
848 Why don't you start without me? I have to go.
860 Eh? What are you talkin ab --? (Gets it.) You fucking PUTA! You better get yo tramp ass outta here 'fore I carve you into so many pieces your own mother won't recognize you.
861 Eh? What are you talkin ab --? (Gets it.) You better get your ass out here, homes, 'fore I take my knife and give you a second smile on that neck of yours.
862 Try it and see what happens, LITTLE Jesus.
863 Try it, and I'll add so many scars to your face you'll look like a jigsaw puzzle.
864 Calm down�I was just kidding with you.
865 Chill. I had some other questions�
867 I'm leaving. Great talking to someone as cultured as you.
880 Ha! You all right, chica. You all right. Lil' Jesus gonna be keeping an eye on you�not that I couldn't help myself. What can I do for you?
881 First thing you can do for me is keep your eyes to yourself, LITTLE Jesus. I'd sooner consider humping a rock before touching that cratered landscape you call a face.
882 I'm looking for a job. Know of anyone who's hiring?
883 I had some other questions�
884 Actually, I have to be going. Good talking to you, Jesus.
890 (Checks you over, nods.) We're always looking for new blood�'specially new blood that's willing to spill blood, know what I'm saying? Go upstairs, talk to my Pa, tell him I sent you, and maybe we can do business.
891 (Checks you over, shakes head.) We don't hire chicas�'cept in certain positions. Try Pa upstairs, tell him I sent you. Maybe you can do some business.
892 Maybe so. Say, I had some other questions�
893 I'll go see him then. Later, Jesus.
900 I don't know. You don't look too strong to me�maybe you should try somewhere else, homes.
901 Naw...my mind's a blank. Our family ain't hiring, and the other families sooner'd kill you than listen to you. You outta luck, homes.
902 Naw...I don't know of no place hiring. You might try and find a pimp, MAYBE earn some cash charging rent on yer ass, y'know?
903 WE ain't hiring, but with a bod like that, you might try the Corsican Bros Studio up the street. (Grins.) But if you're looking for some quick chips, my room's upstairs...
904 All right then. I had some other questions�
905 Uh, I'll pass. I had some other questions�
906 I'd rather not, thanks. I had some other questions for you, though�
907 Oh, I bet it WOULD be quick. No thanks.
908 Nevermind then. Thanks anyway.
909 No thanks. I better be going.
920 Oh, so that makes it all better then, huh? (Spits at your feet.) Get the hell outta here 'fore I carve you.
921 Just try it and see what happens�LITTLE Jesus.
922 Calm down, Jesus�look, I had a few other questions�
923 I'm leaving.
924 You spit on my shoe? You fuck! I'm gonna teach you a lesson about respect, mother fucker.
930 No, not me�head on upstairs and see my Pa. He's the one you want to talk to.
931 And you are...?
932 All right then. Before I go, I had some questions�
933 Thanks.
940 FUCK you. Get outta my family's casino 'fore I carve my initials on your dead body.
942 Don't you threaten me, Jesus.
943 Hold on - I had some other questions�
944 Calm down, Jesus. I'm leaving.
950 That little piss-ass Wright kid? Ha! You trying to pin that shit on me? You outta luck; I ain't sorry the little fucker's dead, but I didn't have NOTHIN' to do with it.
951 Oh, yeah? Well, the Mordinos are the biggest suppliers of Jet in New Reno. That makes you the first ones who are gonna take the blame.
952 I don't believe you. I think you ARE the one responsible. You and the rest of the Mordinos.
953 Who do you figure might have done it?
954 Okay�look, I had some other questions�
955 All right then. Just asking.
965 (Eyes narrow.) Look now, I ain't had NOTHING to do with that kid's death. I don't know what you heard, but if I'd killed that kid, I woulda carved him up, not made him crash and burn on Jet, see?
966 Yeah, so what if we take the blame? Don't mean we DID it. Little shit took too much. I ain't sorry he's dead. And if ol' man Wright starts throwing down, we'll bury him right next to his junkie kid.
967 You're a real humanitarian, Jesus.
968 That's a GREAT attitude, Jesus.
969 You know who sold Richard the Jet that killed him?
970 Well, that certainly clears matters up for me. I had some other questions�
971 Thanks for the information, Jesus. You've been very helpful.
980 Yeah, Renesco�the "Rocketman." Sells so much Jet, he could shoot you to the moon. He's on the west side, in Salvatore territory. He don't like the Wrights none, and his chems ain't PURE, know what I'm saying?
981 He can't be the only dealer in a town this size.
982 West side, huh? I might stop by. I had some other questions, though�
983 All right. I'll check it out. Thanks, Jesus.
990 No, there's others, but Renesco's the one who done it.
991 What makes you say that?
992 Who are the other dealers?
993 Yeah, you said that already. Look, I had some other questions�
994 All right, Jesus. Thanks for the info.
1000 CAUSE he's a half-blind cracker with a mean streak a mile wide that sells BAD SHIT, that's fucking why. You go see him, you see what he says about the Wright kid, and THEN you'll see I'm right.
1001 What other dealers are there?
1002 I may do that. Look, I had some other questions�
1003 All right then, Jesus. I'll go check this Renesco out.
1010 There's Jules, front of town, peddles mostly to newcomers�n' Jagged Jimmy J, up on 2nd street by the gym�can't miss that punk-ass cause he cut his face up one night while on Jet�it's so bad his entire face is all scars.
1011 I hear you deal chems, too, Jesus. How come YOUR name wasn't on that list?
1012 What makes you think Renesco's responsible?

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