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100 You see Miss Kitty.
150 You see a stunning woman. Despite her...revealing dress, her bearing is professional and businesslike.
200 First quarter revenues are up slightly�now, if we account for the increased tribute�
201 If I catch her taking Jet, even a *whiff,* she's out of here�
202 Monthly physicals are coming around again�right in time for the new caravan season.
203 Need to get some more girls for that pool party at Bishop's�
204 Damn Macrosoft spreadsheets�
205 Spend so much time updating these spreadsheets, I don't get any REAL work done.
206 Jules better send some horny�and wealthy�people this way soon.
215 (The woman before you is stunningly beautiful. As you address her, she looks up from her work, and smiles.) Ah, a new face! I'm Miss Kitty�welcome to the Cat's Paw.
216 Hello again!
217 Why, if it isn't Reno's most famous prizefighter!
218 I wondered when Mr.
219 My, my, if isn't the star of the golden screen.
220 What's your pleasure today, sir?
221 What's your pleasure today, miss?
222 preshshure?
223 Yuu haf prettee hair
224 Yuu said 'pleashure' Huh-Huh-Huh-Huh-Huh
225 George sayz we gonna haf a few achers of owr own an' I shud keep away from yuu or he won't lemme play wit the rabbitz so me go now
226 Jules told me to come here if I was looking for some�action.
227 I'm looking for some�action.
228 Actually, I'd like to ask you some questions.
229 You know, I've been finding magazines named "Cat's Paw" throughout the desert, and I have no idea what they are. I have one right here.
230 Here's that collection of Cat's Paw magazines you asked for.
231 Nothing today, thanks.
240 (The pretty lady puts the palm of her hand on your forehead.) Oh, you poor thing�you can stay in here for a little while to get in from the heat, but you can't be here too long, okay? Promise me now.
241 Okayy, pretty ladee fank you
245 (Smiles and winks.) Is that so? Well, then, you've come to the right place. Whatever your pleasure or fantasy, we can provide it�and don't be shy, we've heard it all. So, what would you like?
246 Well, pardon me for coming on strong, but I'd like to get to know YOU better. What time do you get off? Uh, work, I mean.
247 Depends�what's on the menu?
248 I'd like to hook up my friend here with a little something special.
249 I'd like to hook up one of my friends here. It's their�uh, birthday.
250 I'd like to ask you some questions�
251 Actually, I've changed my mind. Performance anxiety and all. Goodbye.
255 I'm flattered, but�no. I can't.
256 Aw, c'mon. Just a drink. No pressure. We'll have a great time.
257 Look, if you don't like women, that's fine. Hell, I don't like most women I meet. We have something in common already.
258 Hey, don't worry�I won't wear the power armor, okay?
259 All right then. I'd like to ask you some questions�
260 Sorry, didn't mean to pressure you. Goodbye.
265 (Looks around, then leans in and whispers.) Look� come back after you've done what you've had to do to save your people, and then we'll talk, okay?
266 All right then. I had some other questions�
267 It's a date. See you then.
275 Well�(Ticks off the menu on her fingers.)�we have honey loving, the dipstick swirl, humjobs, and various other exotica. (Smiles.) Question is, what are YOU in the mood for?
276 I'd like some�oral attention.
277 Just some basic, raunchy, low-down, dirty sex oughta do me just fine.
278 I'd like a full upper and lower body workout.
279 Is it okay if I just, you know, talk with them?
280 I have a special�dramatic�request.
290 All right then.
291 (Winks.) That'll be no charge.
292 That'll be
293 Done. Here's the money.
294 Can't argue about that price. Let's do it.
295 Nevermind. I'd like to ask you some questions�
296 I don't have enough money�maybe another time.
320 Why, of course you can. We call it the "Kesting special."
322 Only costs
323 Why do you call it that?
325 Sounds like a deal. I'll take that then.
326 Maybe some other time. I'd like to ask you some questions�
335 Well�rumor has it there was once an employee of a famous computer company who enjoyed talking with others. (Shrugs.)
336 By coincidence, he also only made
337 By coincidence, he also made no money at all, so talking was all he could afford.
338 Oh. Well, sign me up for the talking session then. Here's the
340 I think I'll pass. I'd like to ask you some questions�
350 Yes?
351 Well, there's no harm in asking�
352 All right. (Smiles.) Answers might cost you, though�
353 Sure. What questions did you have?
354 I heard some of your girls are chosen to go�visit Myron.
355 Jules told me to come here for some�action.
361 Actually, I better be going.
375 Chances are that we can accommodate you. Your request would be�?
376 I'd like my partner to dress up in a Vault jumpsuit, call me the "Vault Dweller," and I've got to find their "Vault Sex-Teen."
377 I'd like to be "captured" by some ravishing she-mutant, then be forced to take a dip in her mutating "vat."
378 I'd like to play the role of "Herk," a nubile young slave stolen from his village by a band of lusty female slavers. Here's the catch�he can only communicate using his BODY.
379 I'd like to play the role of "Zena," a nubile young slave stolen from her village by a band of slavers. Here's the catch�she can only communicate using her BODY.
380 I'd like to be "captured" by a sarcastic mutant lieutenant, interrogated roughly, then dunked in his mutating vats.
381 You have any girls that look like Angela Bishop? I need to work off some excitement.
382 You have any girls that look like Mrs. Bishop? I need to work off some excitement.
383 I'd like to ask you some questions instead�
384 Actually, Nevermind. I've got to go.
395 Of course. (Scans your companions.) Which one?
396 Could you take care of Lenny? I don't think he's ever even kissed a girl.
397 You got anyone who can, uh, "handle" Marcus?
398 This little pervert Myron here.
399 "Bone Nose" here, if you catch my drift. Heh heh.
400 Cassidy here. I think it's been a while.
401 Vic. "Trader" Vic.
402 Can one of your girls read the dictionary to Robo Brain? It stimulates his brain center.
403 Doc's looking to take a "temperature" or two.
404 Davin here could use�a lot�more experience.
405 Miria wants to take a walk on the wild side.
406 Actually, no one, thanks.
420 This your friend here? (Looks your companion up and down, nods.) I think we can accommodate you�
421 (Looks your companion up and down, nods.) I think we can accommodate you�
422 chips.
423 Don't worry about the money. There's no charge.
424 Okay. Here you go.
425 Can't argue with that price. Done.
426 Maybe later�look, I had some other questions.
427 Hmmm. Maybe some other time when I have enough cash.
428 Actually, I've changed my mind. Goodbye.
440 (Looks surprised.) Let me see. (Glances at magazine.) Well, well�you know, I had heard a rumor that - in the pre-war years -- the Cat's Paw was a publishing house�for pornographic materials.
441 For pornogru - porn-o-gra - pornu - uh, a publishing house, you said?
442 This place was a publishing house?
450 Yes�the rooms here were used for film shoots with models from across the world. (Seems entranced by the magazine.) Quite a little piece of history you have there.
451 Well, you know, I just read this for the articles.
452 I'm just glad to know what the damn thing is. It's irritating to keep examining it and getting that same message over and over. I'll probably STILL get it even though it's identified now.
460 You know�if you can bring me a complete set�say, ten issues, I'll buy them from you. They'd be good for a display, might attract customers. Are you interested?
461 If I can FIND that many...say, I had some other questions�
462 Actually, I happen to have ten right here.
463 Sure. If I come across that many, I'll be sure to stop by.
470 Wonderful! I'll give you $500 for the set.
471 $500? After collecting ALL of these? No way. Make it a thousand.
472 Sounds good. Here you go. But hey, careful with number five�the pages look like they are glued together.
473 No, I think I'll keep them...say, I had some other questions�
474 No thanks, I've become attached to them. Maybe some other time.
480 Hmmmmm. Seven fifty, and you got a deal.
481 $750? All right, then. They're yours.
482 I think I'll keep them then...say, I had some other questions�
483 Forget it. Maybe some other time.
490 Here you go. (Counts out the money, hands it to you.) Thanks again.
491 Say, I had some other questions�
492 Not a problem. Goodbye.
500 Really? (Examines No. 5, then goes through the rest of your stack.) Hmmmm. Well, it looks like you have two of them, so you can have this one back�but let me get the stain out first.
501 Okay. Uh�by the way, that stain isn't mine. I have no idea how it got there.
502 Okay. Are you sure you can get that stain out? It looks glued in there pretty tight.
510 Happens all the time around here�(Miss Kitty starts cleaning the magazine.)�mostly to the sheets. That should do it...(Holds it up.)...good issue - has an article on energy weapons, it looks like. Here you go.
511 I had some other questions�
512 An article on energy weapons? Thanks. I might read it later on.
520 (As you speak, she looks up, startled.) You! You came back! I�I thought you might be dead. (She looks relieved.) I was so *worried.* Risking your life, taking on the Enclave�that's the bravest thing I've ever heard.
521 (As you speak, she looks up, startled.) You! I've heard about you. (Her face beams with admiration.) Risking your life, taking on the Enclave�that's the bravest thing I've ever heard.
522 ! I'm glad you've come back again. Just having a hero like yourself around does wonders for business: risking your life, taking on the Enclave�That's the bravest thing I've ever heard.
523 Shucks, Miss Kitty. It taint nothing nobody else wouldnta done in mah place.
524 Daaaaamn right, baby. And that's the bravest thing you're ever gonna hear, cause I'm the BADDEST of the bad.
525 It was nothing that any pissed-off woman who had her village kidnapped wouldn't have done.
526 And that's the bravest thing you're EVER gonna hear about, cause I'm the BADDEST bitch in the wastes.
527 Thanks. Just doing my job as a heroine.
528 Thanks. Just doing my job as a hero.
529 Kicking ass and taking names, that's my job.
545 You are so humble.
546 You are so strong. So�confident.
547 I LOVE that about you. (Makes sweeping gesture at Cat's Paw.) You are always welcome here, free of charge.
548 So�how about that date we talked about way back when?
549 So�how about�you know, you and me�like�you know.
550 Baby, I got to feeling like a machine, and that's no way to feel. C'mere.
551 Great! Look, I had some questions before I indulge myself�
552 Thanks. I appreciate it, Miss Kitty.
553 I expect nothing less. I'll collect later.
565 All right then,
566 �let me just get my coat.
567 No rush. Take your time.
568 Good thing I've got my "coat" in my pocket. Heh-heh.
569 Sure. But hurry up�we've got reservations at eight. In my PANTS.
570 Sure. But hurry up�you and my tongue got reservations at eight.
575 Oh,
576 , you Enclave-smashing animal�
577 ::Bwanbwan-bwan-ba-bwan oookwaka oookwaka::
585 (Nods.) Yes, that's correct. We usually have to train them extensively to suppress their natural revulsion. It's almost a rite of passage now. Still, if a girl can abide Myron, it means she's tough�
586 I'd like to meet him. Think I could volunteer to be his next "choice?"
587 I see. I had some other questions�
588 Hmmmm. Thanks for the information.
595 (Studies you, then makes a circling gesture with her finger.) Turn around for me. Hmmmm�
596 no, I don't think you'd make the cut. Maybe if you cleaned yourself up a little more, made yourself�presentable. Sorry.
597 yes� yes, I think you'd do just fine. Are you interested in the job? All of my other girls are�sick of it.
598 Sure.
599 Hmmmph. I had some other questions�
600 No, but I may ask again later. I had some other questions�
610 (Nods.) Excellent. One of the Mordino lieutenants should be showing up soon. If you want to take a seat, I'll present you as one of the�applicants.
611 All right�I'll wait for him.
612 Actually, forget it. I had some other questions�
613 Nevermind�I've changed my mind. Maybe some other time.
620 (Looks you up and down, then nods.) I think we can accommodate you�
621 (Looks your companion up and down, then nods.) I think we can accommodate your friend�
623 (Winks.) There's no charge, so don't sweat the money.
700 Oooooh-yeah.
701 Shag-a-riffic.
702 Wow. That was deep.
703 Wow.
704 *Whew*
705 I sure hope I didn't get her pregnant.
710 You talk for hours. The girls at the Cat's Paw have amazing insight into human nature.
711 The Mordino lieutenant arrives, and seems impressed with you. He leads you north out of town to someplace called the "Stables."
720 *whistles*
721 *clap clap clap*
722 Way to go!
723 Wahoo.
730 *sob sob sob*
731 I feel so... so cheated...
740 *Grunt*
750 *Aaawoooo*
760 *Bzzzt*
770 Way to go, Boss! Ain't had sex myself in a loooooong time.
1218 would send you over�(Winks.)
1336 chips a week.

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