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100 You see Keith Wright.
150 You see a thin, pale-faced young man with long stringy blonde hair. He's looking at you warily.
151 You see Keith Wright. He's looking at you warily.
200 Who are you?
201 Whatdya want?
220 Hey,
230 Make another move toward that door, an' you'll be sorry.
240 I still can't believe Dad is dead. There's so much that I wanted to say to him�
250 Slaver, you done come to the wrong side of town. If you don't start explain' yourself, yer gonna be in a whole mess of trouble.
251 I don't know you, my Dad don't know you, and if you don't start explainin', it ain't gonna matter.
252 How's it goin',
253 Thanks for finding out who killed Richard,
254 Whatdya want now?
255 Mattah. Man is Mattah!
256 Jabawokee Ding Dong
257 Wander off
258 I'm looking for a job. Is Family Wright hiring?
259 I'm looking for a job. Chris sent me by. Is Family Wright hiring?
262 Hey, Keith. I ran into your Mom.
263 Can you tell me about your brother Richard?
264 Nevermind. Sorry to bother you.
280 Get outta here, dimbulb. Next time you talk to me, I'll plug you fulla holes.
281 Holes holes holes in my soles
282 Shamma Lamma DING DONG
290 Get outta here! I ain't warning you again!
291 A-gin, my shin, lots of din-din
300 I warned you, dim�
301 Hunh?
310 I'm Keith Wright of the Family Wright. Now, you gonna tell me what yer doing here?
312 Chris told me to stop by. I'm looking for work. Can you help me?
313 Keith Wright, huh? I ran into your mother.
315 What is this place?
325 This is the Family Wright HOUSE. Now, you gonna tell me what yer doing here?
335 Chris sent you, huh?
336 That's right. He said you might have some work for me.
345 I don't know if it'd do any good, but I guess I could ask Pa�
346 If you could, I'd appreciate it.
355 Naw...we don't hire muscle like the other families, 'least not now.
356 Naw...we don't traffic with slaver trash like the other families.
357 You better git.
358 I'm not leaving until I see Mr. Wright.
359 All right then.
365 Naw, I reckon you WILL be leaving, 'cause you look like the kinda person who likes living. Now get.
366 I'm NOT leaving.
367 All right.
375 I WARNED you�
376 You want some of THIS, BOY?! You want some of THIS?! Then come GET s --
380 Uh� what about her? Has she gotten herself in trouble again?
381 No. Is that a common occurrence?
383 No, I was just curious. Later, Keith.
390 Sometimes. She's always preachin' and hollerin' about the evils o' drink and gamblin' and damn near everything else. Causes quite a stir, sometimes, and gets Dad real upset.
391 Does your Mom have any idea what your family does?
392 I'll bet. Well, thanks for talking with me, Keith.
400 Naw, she don't know half of it. She thinks Dad's all clean and above the board, but she ain't too bright to catch on to what he's doin'. If she found that still beneath the train station, she'd raise cain, she would.
401 I see. Thanks, Keith.
410 (Shakes head.) She done it this time, wrecking Pa's stills n' all. The workers were too afraid ta stop her, and Pa threw a fit, and she threw one right back at him. (Shrugs.) It'll take Pa a while to get back up on his feet.
420 Good kid. Damn, if we ever find out who done it to him�
421 Any ideas who might've done it?
422 Well, hopefully you'll find the killer. Bye, Keith.
430 Lotta other families sell Jet, coulda been any one of them. Mordino's got the most Jet dealers, though, cause they make the most Jet. Me, I'm bettin' it was one of them.
431 What dealers do you suspect?
432 Can you tell me a little about Richard?
440 Bunch of 'em: Jagged Jimmy J on 2nd Street, that old sonuvabitch Renesco in the West End�and Jules deals, too, at th' fronta town, but mostly to dumb tourists. Then there's Little Jesus Mordino.
441 Little Jesus Mordino?
442 Can you tell me a little more about Richard?
443 Thanks for the info, Keith.
450 Quiet kid, clean kid. Kept outta trouble, and for a Wright, that's something. We buried him on the Golgotha plains a while ago, but even so, Mom still don't want his room disturbed. It's hard for her to let go, y'know?
451 Which room was his? Do you think your mother would mind if I looked in there?
452 Any dealers you suspect may have given him the Jet?
454 Buried in Golgotha, huh? Hmmm. Thanks for the info, Keith.
460 His room? It's the empty one next to Mom's room, the second one down from the kitchen. As fer looking around� well� look, don't stay long� and don't mess the place up, or Mom'll pop a clip if she finds out.
461 Thanks, Keith. I won't be long.
470 Hold on. (Knocks on door behind him.) Pa? (He sticks his head in, there's some mumbling, then he comes back and nods at the door.) You ken go in, but watch out. Dad's in a pissy mood.
471 Thanks.
480 He's Big Jesus's son. A bastard, more like. He mighta caught Richard alone, then pumped him fulla Jet outta spite. You looking for him, check out the Desperado. Little Jesus hangs out there with his old man.
1220 . What's goin' on?
1252 Everybody treating you all right? Anything I can do for you?

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