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100 You see Jagged Jimmy J.
150 You see a shifty-looking man. He has a jagged scar running down the side of his face, and a slight facial tic.
151 You see Jagged Jimmy J. It looks like he's trolling for a customer.
152 You see Jagged Jimmy J. He nods as he catches sight of you.
153 You see Jagged Jimmy J. He catches your eye and waves at you to come over.
200 Hey, if it ain't
201 Hey,
202 There goes one bad muthuh�and Jimmy J knows a bad muthuh when he sees one.
203 Not every day somebody stomps the President in his own backyard.
204 You want to kick back and celebrate yo victory with some Jet from Jagged Jimmy, hero?
205 Save the world, and Jagged Jimmy'll GIVES you the world, hero. All the Jet you need.
206 Hear the Corsican Bros are lookin' for you, he-ro�
220 Jagged Jimmy's the name, and I got all the Jet you NEED.
221 You looking to get high? Jagged Jimmy's your man.
222 Looking to fly? Jagged Jimmy's got your ticket right here.
223 You wanna get set, Jagged Jimmy's got the Jet.
224 You looking to get off the ground? Jagged Jimmy's got the Jet you NEED.
225 I got a special this week, c'mon, let's deal.
226 You can buy the shit that kills people, or you buy Jagged Jimmy's clean, strong shit.
227 Jimmy J's ALWAYS open for business, friend.
228 Wanna reach the sky, leave a trail as you fly, talk to Jimmy, he's your guy.
240 (This man has a slight facial tic and a scar down one of his cheeks. The scar looks like a knife wound.)
241 Brother, I had my eye on you since you walked down the street. You know what I see?
242 Sister, I had my eye on you since you walked down the street. You know what I see?
243 You see me
244 What you see?! What you see?!
245 Me have to go n --
246 What do you see?
247 Cut the chatter, you stupid--
248 Sorry, not interest --
260 I see a pilot. I see someone who wants to FLY. You just need a little help, a little�JET.
261 Hunh? Jet? In Sky? Where?
263 Jet, huh? I had some quest--
264 Look, I'm not -
270 And my pilot friend, when it comes to Jet, Jagged Jimmy J's your MAN. I got the best shit in New Reno, pure Jet, straight Jet, the SAFEST Jet.
271 Wherez Jet? Me no see it in sky
272 Me have TO GO N--
273 Jagged Jimmy J, huh? Say, I had some quest--
274 Look, I'm not interest --
280 OTHER dealers, they don't care about quality, but me, I like KEEPING my customer base and keeping 'em HAPPY, know what I'm saying? It's just my way�the Jimmy J way.
281 Me no see frig-in Jet you lie to
282 ME GO LET ME G--
283 Hey, the, uh, "Jimmy J way" sounds great and all, and that's why I had some quest--
284 No, I don't think so -
290 Knew you'd be back, knew it! Didn't Jagged Jimmy J say that be the WAY? Keep 'em happy, and they'll never let you down. So my pilot friend�what can Jagged Jimmy J can do for you today?
291 Well, well, if it ain't my pilot "friend"�you comin' back round cause you NEED something from Jagged Jimmy?
292 Um...Me forgot what me goin' to say. Me go
294 We trad stuf? Me LIKE stuf
295 You got Jet? Well then, let's deal�.friend.
296 How you get that scar, Jimmy?
297 Where do you get your Jet, Jimmy?
298 You know who gave that Wright kid the Jet that killed him?
299 You said before your Jet was the "safest." There isn't any bad Jet floating around, is there?
300 Nothing today, thanks, Jimmy.
310 So what you SAY? What can Jagged Jimmy J can do for you today?
311 Yeah, what do you want? Keep it quick...I ain't got time to burn talkin' with you.
312 You got wants, you got questions�what is it that can Jagged Jimmy J do for you today?
314 Me forgot! Me finally had a thought and Me forgot!
330 Hey�you look FAMILIAR to Jimmy. Do I know you, my pilot friend?
331 I'd SWEAR I know who you are, my pilot friend. You look damn familiar�
333 Me fight in ring in front of lotz of yelling people hoo yell kill kill the fucker so I punch him until he standing down
334 Me do th'nasty with strangers who talk to God a lot
335 Me MADE man. Me BIG man in REEno
336 How can one TRULY know another, Jimmy? Is it even possible while we are on this mortal coil? Or is it only possible when we free ourselves from our physical bodies?
337 Me WANNA talk but you not LET me BYE
338 Well, I did stop the Enclave's plans for murdering everyone in the world, defeated the President, blew up their base, and barely escaped with my life.
339 I've fought in the boxing ring.
340 I've turned out a few movies. Heard of
341 I'm in tight with the
342 No, I don't think so, Jimmy. We here to deal or what?
343 No, I don't think so. Hey, I wanted to ask you something�
344 No, I've got to go. Catch you later, Jimmy.
360 That's it! I KNEW I'd seen you somewhere before! Damn, why didn't you pull from the start, put Jimmy in his place�?! Hell, what can I do for you?
361 Um...me forgot. Me go.
363 Well, I'm looking for some Jet�
364 Hey, I wanted something else�
365 I've got to go. Catch you later, Jimmy.
375 (Jimmy falls into a stunned silence. You think you've paralyzed his brain.)
376 (Steal everything he has.)
377 work here is done.
385 Jagged Jimmy J's got a lot of love, my pilot friend, but the world don't always love Jagged Jimmy J back, see?
386 I hear you. I hear you.
387 Don't I know it. Sometimes the world's a cruel place.
388 That's a GREAT story. Say, Jimmy, I had some other questions�
389 Good story. Now you got some Jet, I got some chips�we gonna deal?
390 Good story. I got to go though, Jimmy.
400 (Points at his scar.) I got this while I was stopping this one big UGLY son of a bitch from hitting this chick cuz she don't like the way he was touching her, right?
401 Really? What happened?
402 Serious? Man, guys who beat up women deserve to be laid low.
415 (Gets into fighting stance.) So's I step in, right, and he pulls a KNIFE on ol' JJ! I ain't got nothing on me but my bare hands, right? So he gets in a lucky cut before I�*BAM!* Canceled his ass!
416 Oh, really? Jules says you were 'flying' on Jet and sliced up your face trying to shave with your combat knife.
417 No shit? I don't think I'd have had the iron to step in like that. Hell, that man coulda KILLED you.
418 GREAT story. Hey, I had some other questions�
419 Yeah...look, I got some chips�we gonna deal?
420 Good story...so good I have to leave.
430 Wha...? Well, Jules can kiss my natural black ass, and it'd be the only ass in town he AIN'T kissed yet. He don't know SHIT. He don't even have the balls to talk shit to my face. YOU decide who's telling the truth.
431 Yeah, yeah�. Look, you got some Jet, I got some chips�we gonna deal?
432 Yeah, yeah�.say, Jimmy, I had some other questions�
433 Look, Mr. Big Talk, we gonna deal or sit here and listen to you jabber on all day?
434 Well, I've heard enough, Jimmy. You watch yourself shaving, hear?
435 All right then. Catch you later, Jimmy.
445 He almost did, too! Y'know, when I got into it, I wasn't thinking like 'I'm gonna be mister brave man' an' all, but�
446 You just did what was natural to you, right?
447 Uh-huh. Look, I had some other questions�
448 I have to be going. Catch you later, Jimmy.
455 Yeah�yeah�I just saw something wrong, and I had to do SOMETHING, right? No way could I let something like that go on while I was on the scene, y'know?
456 You got BALLS to do what you did, Jimmy. Most people would've just hung their heads, walked away.
457 I understand. Say, I had some other questions�
465 I LIKE people, and I AIN'T like it when somebody messes with somebody else just cause they can. That shit's just WRONG.
466 You're a brave man, Jimmy, a brave man. Wear your scar with pride. Say, can I see what you have in stock?
467 You're right about that. Say, I had some other questions�
475 Hell, my pilot friend, I like you, so don't you be pulling up that barter screen with its fuses and wires and all.
476 Uh�okay�then how are we gonna deal�?
480 Look, this is bad business an' all, and don't go telling nobody 'bout it, but lemme give you some Jet 'tween friends. Next time, a-course, you gotta pay, but this one's on Jagged Jimmy J, all right?
481 Thanks, Jimmy. Say, can I see what else you have in stock?
482 Hey, thanks. Say, I had some other questions�
483 All right then. Thanks, Jimmy.
490 Glad you asked, my pilot friend, glad you asked. See, all them OTHER dealers, right, they get their shit second hand, watered down, diluted with all sorts o' shit.
491 But your Jet, on the other hand�
492 Actually, forget I asked. I had some other questions�
500 I used to get it from the god himself, Myron, see, but he up and left...or got aced. Now I mostly peddle straight from the Mordino Family.
501 Well, I USEDTA get it from ol' Myron, before he got all uppity and left the business�ain't that right, Myron? Ha! Now I mostly peddle run-o-the-mill Mordino shit.
502 Interesting. I had some other questions�
510 Me, I got ties to the CREATOR, my pilot friend. I get my Jet straight from the brainiac, the living god of chem n' compounds, MYRON.
511 Myron?
512 Interesting. Say, I had some other questions�
513 Myron, huh? Can I meet this�living god?
514 Really? Well, I'll be sure to come back and buy some later on. Thanks, Jimmy.
520 He's Family Mordino's golden boy. He MADE Jet. Buying from Jagged Jimmy is like buying from Myron himself, y'hear? That's why J-J got the pure Jet. The BEST Jet.
521 Sounds good. Let's deal.
523 Think I could meet this Myron?
530 Hell, no! The Mordinos got that boy locked up tighter than a New Reno virgin. No way they gonna let anybody gonna touch their livelihood, know what I'm saying?
531 I hear you. So how much security they got on this guy?
532 Except that I heard Myron has a lot of prostitute�friends. How does that happen if he's locked up so tight?
533 Understood. Say, I had some other questions�
534 Interesting. Thanks for the information, Jimmy.
540 Guards, guards, and more guards. Plus, tightest electronic security in New Reno. You'd be lucky if you even HEAR about somebody seeing Myron, he's so well-guarded.
541 Well-guarded, huh? Where, exactly?
543 I see. Say, I had some other questions�
550 They got him stationed at this place called the "Stables," to the North, outside city limits. I only been there once - they never let me past the gates, and I WORK for the Family.
551 Come on, there must be some way I could see him.
554 The Stables, huh? Outside of town to the North�(I'll just record that on the Pip Boy real quick here)�thanks for the lowdown, Jimmy.
560 Beats the hell outta me, friend. I SELL for the boy, and I ain't hardly see him but once or twice from a hundred yards away. Big Jesus Mordino don't let nobody near him who ain't tight with the family.
561 All right then, let's deal.
564 All right then. Thanks, Jimmy. I got to be going.
570 Now, that's a�hole�different story, my pilot friend. Oh my, yes.
571 I think this is a story I want to hear. C'mon, Jimmy�
572 Nevermind. I had some other questions�
573 I don't think I have time for this story, Jimmy. I got to be going.
580 See, Myron is well taken care of�Mordinos give their little livelihood the BEST of New Reno.
581 And by that, you mean�?
582 You mean prostitutes, don't you? Out of idle curiosity, where do the Mordinos get these prostitutes and how are they chosen?
584 I see. Thanks, Jimmy. I got to be going.
590 Th' Mordinos deliver whores to the Stables personally, then escort them out again. Heh-heh. Myron's barely nineteen, and he's got the hormones o' twenty�twenty MEN, that is.
592 Interesting�.say, out of IDLE curiosity, where do the Mordinos get these prostitutes and how are they selected?
600 (Shrugs.) One of Mordino's boys cruises the Cat's Paw down the street, I hear, picks one Myron might like from Miss Kitty's stock�(Jimmy suddenly stops talking. He squints at you and frowns.) Wait a minute...
601 What's wrong?
602 Uh�nevermind. Say, I had some other questions�
603 Uh, well, thanks for the information, Jimmy.
610 Why you want to know shit like that? I got Jet, that's all YOU need to know. You don't need to know nothing about Myron, or what he had for dinner, or who he does 'fore he goes to bed at night.
611 Why you want to know shit like that� (Pauses, then smiles and looks you up and down.) Aw, now I catch your drift. You gonna go straight to the source for yo Jet, right, sister?
612 Not at the moment. Let's see what you got, Jimmy.
613 Forget it, then. Let's deal.
614 Nevermind then. I had some other questions�
615 I might. Say, I had some other questions�
616 No, just curious. Thanks, Jimmy. I got to be going.
617 All right then. Later, Jimmy. I got to be going.
625 Hell, all's I'M sayin' is Jimmy likes his buyers happy and ALIVE. Draw yer own conclusions, my pilot friend. Is breathin' more important to you than shaving a few chips off your next Jet purchase?
626 Understood. We gonna deal?
627 Know anything about this empty Jet canister?
628 I don't think the kid ODed on Jet. I think he was poisoned.
629 I had some other questions�
635 Aw, so NOW it comes out, does it?! You wanna know if ol' Jimmy got something to do with that, huh?!
636 No, I was just ask --
637 All right, nevermind that. We gonna deal?
638 Look, I had some other questions --
639 Thanks for the tip, Jimmy. I'd better be go --
645 FUCK you! I sell CLEAN shit! You wanna know who poisoned that Wright kid, you go ask that old fool Renesco, or that weasel Jules, and you see what they say!
646 Okay, okay. Calm down --
648 All right, all right. Look, I had some other quest --
655 You listen, and you listen GOOD. If I hear you were talkin' shit 'bout me havin' anything to do with that Wright kid's death, I'll make sure you have a grave in Golgotha right next to him.
656 Renesco said you sell Jet laced with arsenic.
659 No problem. Look, I had some other questions�
660 Dead, huh? Like Richard?
661 Don't you threaten ME, you little cocksucker. Mess with me, and I'll kill you so many times you'll think you were Lazarus.
662 Easy, Jimmy. Nobody's going to be talking.
663 I'm not going to say anything, Jimmy. I'm going now, see? I'm going.
675 (Takes canister, studies it.) Naw, I... (Sniffs nozzle, then frowns.) Sheeee-it. This Jet's got radscorp juice in it. Whoever was sucking on this ain't long for this world... (Hands canister back.)
676 It's poisoned?
677 Hmmm. I had some other questions�
678 I see. Thanks.
685 Hell, yes! Gotta be careful in this town with shit like that being passed around...that's why Jimmy always says --
686 Any idea where this might have come from?
695 Naw, I don't...look, now, don't be spreading the word that's mine...if I were you, I'd ask Jules and Renesco about it...but you didn't hear that from me, right?
696 All right then. I had some other questions�
697 Renesco and Jules, huh? I'll ask them about it. Thanks for the tip.
705 Don't surprise me none.
706 What are you saying?
707 I see. I had some other questions�
708 Nevermind, then.
715 Yeah, he WOULD say that, cause he knows ALL about it.
716 What do you mean?
725 What do I mean? I mean Jimmy likes his buyers happy and ALIVE. Renesco don't draw no distinctions 'tween the two, though...so YOU draw yer own conclusions, my pilot friend.
727 Thanks for the tip, Jimmy. I'd better be going now.
5200 ! Come snag some complimentary Jet from J-J now�
5201 ! If you're lookin' to celebrate with some Jet, come talk to Jimmy J�
5281 you lie to
5340 ?
5341 family.
6281 about jet?

Your eyes can deceive you. Don't trust them.

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