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11 Results For NCHELI.MSG
0 (Shut up. Here they come.)
100 You see several crates filled with chemicals.
150 You see several crates filled with chemicals. You can't identify the chemicals, but they have been packed *very* carefully.
175 You see a Vertibird.
199 You see a Vertibird...an advanced form of helicopter. Unfortunately, you have no idea how to operate it.
200 (These guys give me the creeps...)
250 Look! Someone's been watching us!
300 Don't get near those armored fellas. They'll carve you up.
350 Dammit! What are you doing, dipshit?!
400 [Looks like there is a door. Open it and climb in?]
450 [The door seals behind you, and the Vertibird takes off! You can't open the door!]

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