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100 You see a comedian.
150 You see a crappy stand-up comic. He's nervous, and it shows.
200 He's too busy in his routine to talk right now.
1000 So�uh�why did the radscorpion cross the road?
1001 To get away from your boring ASS!
1002 I say we kill this guy!
1003 Cause the radscorpion�uh, it wanted to get away from the radioactive fallout particles�
1004 You suck!
1005 FUCK YOU!
1006 Uh, the joke, see, since it was already a mutant, it didn't need to cross the road, so�uh�
2000 Heh-heh. Gecko�ghouls, right? Ghouls�man, do they STINK.
2001 You stink!
2002 This guy should only be on Saturday nights!
2003 Uh� heh-heh� so, uh, ghouls right, they smell bad. So, like, uh�
2004 Did I mention ghouls stink?
2005 Um, so I find this ghoul, right, I ask, 'Are you guys envious that I don't stink?'
2006 He goes, "No. Uh, why do you ask?"
2007 I said, because you're GREEN.
2008 Uh�green with envy. Get it?
2010 Booo!
3000 So�there was this prostitute, right, this stupid slut�
3001 Your Mom's a slut!
3002 "Slut?" I'm going to stab you to death after the show!
3003 And�uh�she goes, right, she goes, 'is that a Gecko in your pocket or are you just�uh, horny?'
3006 Uh�did I mention it was a fire-breathing Gecko�? Heh-heh.
4000 Vertibirds?
4001 Verti what?
4002 What the hell is this guy talking about?
4003 How about those little bags of peanuts they serve on flights?
4004 How about the salami you get served?
4005 What's... up with that?
5000 Optional traits?
5001 *Yawn*
5002 You know, like jinks. Anybody seen these lately?
5003 Anybody seen your pencil dick lately?
5004 Uhhh... Do you think that there is anyone who says, "Hey, I think I want more critical failures?"
5005 Who... are these people?
5006 Hey, I've heard that one somewhere before.
6000 Radscorpions?
6001 What's so rad about them?
6002 It's short for RADIATION, asshole.
6003 Who are these people that think mutated scorpions...
6004 Are so rad?
6005 You suck!
7000 Molerats?
7001 Oh boy...
7002 What's up with these things?
7003 Are they moles...
7004 Or...
7005 Are they RATS?
7006 And what about pigrats?
7007 What is up with that?
7008 Uhhh... yeah, what is up with that?
8000 Super mutants?
8001 Does this asshole ever stop telling these stupid jokes?
8002 What's so SUPER about them?
8003 When was the last time you saw a super mutant...
8004 Get a cat out of a tree?
8005 Never! Know why?
8006 *Yawn*
8007 Uhhh... because super mutants don't rescue cats...
8008 They kill mercilessly!
8009 Wish someone would kill you mershssmbl...
8010 So who calls them SUPER mutants?
8011 Who are these people?
8012 Probably the same idiots who hired you!
9000 And what about that dork, Myron?
9001 Is he talking about me?
9002 I mean, what a geek! It's like he's lived in his parents' basement ALL his life.
9003 *Ha* *Ha* *Ha*
9004 Hey!
9005 Well, Myron, you ARE a dork.
9006 Don't worry about it, Myron. He's just trying to be funny.
9007 Yeah, you're just lucky I don't kick your ass, pal!
10000 So did you hear about the stupid Bishop daughter that got knocked up?
10001 *Clap* *Clap* *Clap*
10002 ::Whistle::
10003 Amazing!
11000 Heh-heh. Did you hear the one about the tribal who wiped out the Enclave?
11001 The tribal was sooo stupid that, uh, the tribal, right�uh, blew up their rig.
11002 BOOM!
11003 Did I mention the tribal was stupid?
11004 You're the one who's stupid!

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