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100 You see one of the Corsican Brothers' bodyguards.
150 You see a tough-looking woman with a green mohawk. She is cradling her sub-machine gun like a baby.
151 You see one of the Corsican Brothers' bodyguards.
200 Saved the world, huh? Big frickin' deal.
201 Oh, gee, you're my hero. Now PISS OFF.
300 Hullow?
301 You know there's this cute blonde...
302 What, you too good to talk to me?
303 Say something. Anything!
400 Prick.
401 Jerkhole.
402 Fucker.
403 Yeah, keep walking, idiot.
404 I hope I never have the "pleasure" of meeting that asshead again.
405 That chick needs some breath mints.
406 Bitch.
500 She just looks at you blankly.
501 She apparently has nothing to say.
600 I'd really like to take him to the ball game.
601 Can you hook me up with him sometime?
602 Hmmm...
603 Can you hook me up with her sometime?
604 I'd really like to get with her.

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