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100 You see Bill.
150 You see a withered man with bushy white eyebrows. He looks like he needs a drink.
200 ::Coughs::
201 ::Stares at bartender::
202 ::Gestures for another drink::
203 ::Glares::
210 Get lost, stupid.
220 (The man doesn't even glance up as you approach him. He is staring at the wall behind the bar.)
221 Uh, hey, heard any good rumors?
222 Hey, what do you think of these new glasses I'm wearing?
223 Hey, you ever kill anybody?
224 (Leave him alone.)
230 What kind of an asshole question is that?
231 Whoa. Back up. Just curious.
232 Okay, well never mind then.
240 Back up yerself.
241 Not before I beat the living crap out of you.
250 (The man turns his glare on you.) You look like an idiot.
251 Whoa. Back up. I was just asking for your opinion.
252 Uh� thanks for the honesty, then.
260 (Gestures for you to shut up and let him drink.)

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