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100 You see a bartender.
150 You see a pudgy-looking man tending the bar. He nods at you.
200 Hey!
201 ! Way to kick the Enclave's ass! Want a drink?
206 ! What's up?!
210 One shot of rotgut coming right up�
211 That'll be three chips�
212 Another, pal?
213 Here's a tourniquet if you need it.
214 Don't inhale the Jet all at once� take a hit, a deep breath, then give it time to settle.
215 You want two � ounce bags, or a canister?
216 The Jet inhaler's extra�
217 Let me guess: Put it on your tab?
218 One nuke on the rocks, comin' up.
219 We don't let customers take Buffout in here, pal.
225 You better get outta here 'fore you get served more lead than you can handle, understand?
226 Go on� get out. We don't want no trouble.
227 They're gonna kill you if you stick around. Beat it.
228 We're all out of everything. Now go on, git.
236 ! What's yer poison?
237 Heeeey, champ! What's yer poison?
238 What's yer poison, pal?
239 What's yer poison, darlin'?
240 Poy-sun sounds good
241 Poison?! Me no want poison!
242 What's on tap?
243 What kind of chems do you have?
244 Who's the old fella by that crappy slot machine?
245 Who's the guy at the bar with the knife?
246 Nothing today, thanks.
250 Oh, you mean old man McGee? He's mostly harmless. Spent near a fortune on that old slot machine and hasn't seen a return in years. Anyways... can I get you something, friend?

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