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100 You see Angela Bishop.
101 You see a screaming Angela Bishop.
150 You see an attractive young woman in tight leather.
151 You see Angela Bishop. When she catches your eye, she slowly licks her lips.
175 You see a young woman in tight leather. She looks too high-brow to be a whore.
176 You see Angela Bishop. She sneers at you.
200 My father's gonna KILL you when he hears how you treated me.
205 I KNOW it was you. I'll find some way to get you for what you did to my father.
210 Hmmpph. If it isn't the big heroine.
215 You better hope you don't fall through the floor, clanky.
220 I'm BORED.
221 Hello there.
222 You. Talk to me. Now.
223 You. Come here. Now.
224 Yum.
225 Hmmmm.
226 Well, well�
230 I'm BORED.
231 Looks like one of Daddy's new whores�
232 One of Daddy's cheap sluts�
240 Haven't seen YOU around before. What's your name, stranger? (Smirks.) Actually, never mind, I don't want to know. You as bored as I am?
241 You again. Bored yet?
242 Yam yam Me like yams
243 Used to travel with someone named Iam kept shooting me in back with burst fire
244 Me board too
245 Noooo me gotta go now
246 No.
247 Yes.
248 Uh... why are you looking at me like that?
249 I might be bored. Why, you looking for some excitement, princess?
250 Not really. I've got somewhere I've got to be.
260 Oh, this IS going to be interesting. Come with me, I want to show you my room.
261 'Kay pretty girl.
262 Uh� we gonna play?
263 Me no go.
270 You bet. Come on.
271 Me come
272 Me like play. Me play with self only though
280 Exactly�
281 Follow her.
290 Aw, come on! Pleeeease? I really wanted to show you my room. It'll just take a second, I promise.
291 No go! Me no go! No make me go! No take me bad place! No!
292 Okee dokee. Me not want you sad. Me go
300 Enough already, you stupid retard! Get out of here then! ::Idiot.::
310 You NEW or something? I'm Angela BISHOP. My Dad is the HEAD of Family Bishop.
311 You work for him, which means you work for ME.
312 You better do what I say, and I say you're coming with me. Now.
313 You're right: Your Dad IS head of Family Bishop. That's why we're not going anywhere.
314 Well, if you're gonna pull rank and all� let's go.
315 It's not that I'm not FLATTERED, but�
316 No. I meant it the first time.
317 No way, sweetheart. You run along now before you get a spanking.
318 Let's get one thing straight, princess: I give the orders, you receive them.
320 If you're bored, princess� squat on your hand and spin around. I'm outta here.
330 You'll wish you hadn't turned me down. Daddy's gonna start hearing ALL sorts of things about you soon. Just you wait.
340 Why? Am I getting a reaction out of you? (She takes a step toward you, and her voice drops.) Am I giving you a... HARD time?
341 Not really.
342 Girl, you're trouble. Let's stop this right now.
343 Excuse me. Would you please back up a little?
344 Yeah, it's getting pretty hard. Can you help me with that?
345 No, but I have to be going.
350 (Takes another step forward, almost touching you.) I don't FEEL like it. What are you going to do about it?
352 Nothing. Look, back off. I'm not in the mood.
353 Back off. I AIN'T in the mood for your bad-girl shit, you hear me?
354 What are YOU going to do about it? You talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?
360 Sure can.
361 Look: I got some Jet in my room� and NOT that crappy shit they give the dimestore hookers and junkies. Y'wanna fly?
362 Sure. Buckle up, baby.
363 I'll come along for the ride.
364 Your father know you do that shit?
365 I changed my mind. No thanks.
366 Naw, I just thought I'd see if you were as big a whore as I thought you were. Later, princess.
370 You watch your mouth when you talk to me. I'm Angela BISHOP. My Dad is the HEAD of Family Bishop. You'll show me the same respect you show him, or they'll be scraping pieces of you off the wall. UNDERSTAND?
371 Yeah, I understand you need someone to put in your place, PRINCESS, and I'm just the man to do it.
372 Understood. Glad we got that family association thing cleared up.
373 Calm down. I was just joking with you.
374 Forget this.
375 Forget this shit. I'm outta here.
380 Why you arrogant son of a -- I ought to go tell Daddy right now what you said to me.
381 Why don't you, then? I ain't stopping you, princess.
382 I don't think you will. I think you want to see what kind of man I am.
383 Let's stop this right now before someone gets hurt.
384 Yeah, why don't you go do that? I got better things to do.
385 Forget this sixth-grade bullshit. I'm outta here.
390 You... you aren't worth my TIME.
391 And you aren't worth mine, you spoiled brat.
392 Honey, you couldn't AFFORD my time.
393 Feeling's mutual.
394 Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm outta here.
400 Oh, really? What kind of man are you? You gonna SHOW me?
401 Yeah. Let's go to your room, princess, and I'll show you what a real man is.
402 Naw, I was just curious to see how much of a slut you really are. Later, baby.
410 Yeah, it's best you know how things stand around here. (Looks you up and down.)
411 Uh...
413 (Stand there uncomfortably while she checks you out.)
420 All right then... (Looks you up and down.)
422 Okay, so...
430 (Shrugs.) He doesn't care. (Frowns.) Look, you wanna come fly with me or what?
432 All right, then. Let's go to your room.
433 Look, can't we just be friends?
434 No, I better be going.
435 Naw. If I wanted a bitch, I'd go get a dog. Later.
440 WHAT did you just say to me?
441 Nothing. Let's go to your room.
442 I said, "can't we just be friends?"
443 Nothing. Look, I better be going.
450 Hey, it's you� we had some good times before you went off and kicked the Enclave's ass. You wanna re-live some of those moments?
451 You again. You want to waste some time?
452 Not right now.
453 All right. Let's go to your room.
460 I heard about what you did to the Enclave,
462 Well, well:
463 VERY impressive. I think you're just the person to help me with this� problem I have.
464 Me have problems
465 Only you ken prevent forest firez
466 Shamble off
467 What problem is that?
468 No, I don't think so. I better be going.
469 I ain't got time for this. I'm outta here.
480 See, I have this load of premium Jet in my room, and I can't take it all by myself.
481 Oh?
482 And that's a problem, because...?
483 Uh... I don't think that I'm the right pers...
490 Haven't seen YOU around before. You one of Daddy's new whores?
491 Hunh?
493 No. You?
494 No, just passing through.
495 You must be Bishop's daughter. I work for your father, Miss Bishop.
496 Actually, I WORK for your father. I'm one of his made men.
497 Actually, I WORK for him as one of his enforcers.
499 I'm not a whore, but I just finished speaking with one.
510 Well, I can see Daddy's hiring standards haven't changed. Watch your step around here, honey, or you're gonna get hurt.
511 Okayeee! Thanx!
520 Kind of like shit through the intestines, huh? Don't stay too long, bitch, or you're gonna get hurt.
521 Whatever.
522 Bitch...
531 Yeah, I understand you need someone to put in your place, PRINCESS, and I'm just the one to do it.
532 Understood, Miss Bishop.
534 I better be going.
535 I'm outta here.
540 I CALLED you a whore, didn't I? Not much difference between being 'made' and getting laid, right?
541 Enforcer, whore� what's the difference?
542 There's a big difference. Do you want me to teach it to you, you little pampered bitch?
543 Not much difference, Miss Bishop.
544 I'm sorry Miss Bishop, I don't have time to talk right now.
550 You make a move toward me, and you'll be dead before you take a step.
551 Wanna bet on it? I think you'll lose.
552 We'll see about that. I'm outta here.
560 You... you touch me, and Daddy'll hear about it.
561 He won't care.
563 Calm down. I was just joking, all right?
564 Yeah, we'll see.
570 He... he will so. You just see.
571 Get out of here, you little bitch. Now.
573 Calm down. I was just joking.
580 (She sneers at you, then turns and stomps away.)
581 (Walk away.)
590 (She continues to glare at you, but she seems uncertain. She bites her lip, then walks away hurriedly.)
591 Yeah, THOUGHT so.
600 (She spits at your feet.) Yeah, so was I. (She gives you a final sneer, then walks away.)
610 'Not much difference, Miss Bishop.' And I thought my Mom was Daddy's only slave. Get out of my sight.
620 'Understood, Miss Bishop.' And I thought my Mom was Daddy's only slave. Get out of my sight.
630 'I'm SORRY, Miss Bishop, I don't have time to talk to you right now.' And I thought my Mom was Daddy's only slave. Get out of my sight.
640 Yeah, you start walking. Daddy's gonna start hearing ALL sorts of things about you soon. Just you wait.
641 (Turns away.)
642 You say one word to good ol' Dad, and you'll find yourself 'flying' off the top of the highest building in New Reno. Once they find the little note I leave, everybody'll call it a suicide. It'll be a TERRIBLE tragedy. They'll be crying in the aisles.
643 (Leave.)
650 No, I think that's a bet YOU'RE going to lose, bitch. Just try it.
651 (Attack her.)
652 (Let it go.)
660 Stay away from me. I haven't got anything to say to you.
661 Daddy's gonna start hearing ALL sorts of things about you soon. Just you wait.
670 Not only that, but when I take Jet, I get all WILD, and I can barely control myself. I need someone who knows how to take charge to make sure I don't do anything� foolish.
671 I'm your man. Let's do it.
672 Sometimes being a hero means protecting beautiful young women from themselves, whatever the cost. Lead on.
673 I think you have me confused with someone who'd actually consider touching you.
680 You see Angela Bishop, who is currently asleep. She is snoring slightly, her hair is in disarray, and she has a bright smile on her face.
690 You see a young woman in tight leather who is screaming her head off.
700 Zzxxssnnn�oh,
701 Zzzzz�.
800 Rape! Help!
801 Help, he assaulted me! Help!
802 Rape! Rape!
810 (Angela leads you up to her room on the third floor. There, she opens a little door in the wall, takes out a strange plastic bottle, and offers it to you.) Want some, baby? There's more than enough for both of us to fly.
811 (Angela leads you up to her room on the third floor. While there, she cracks open a safe in the wall, takes out some Jet, and offers some to you.) Want some, baby? There's more than enough for both of us to fly.
812 Uh-huh
813 Unh-unh
820 Mmmmmmmm... (Angela takes a deep hit from the bottle.) Mmmmmmm... why don't you come over here? (She lies down on the bed, takes another hit.) If you hurry, you can still suck some of this Jet outta my mouth...
821 Well since you put it that way... sure.
822 No thanks. I might throw up if I inhale any of that shit... or if I stay here any longer.
830 (Angela's eyes blaze with rage. She jumps up from the bed and starts screaming her head off!) Rape! Help! Rape!
831 Shhhh! If you dont be quiet, George won't let me play with th'rabbitz! Shhhh!
832 No screem! No screem!
1460 .
1461 . I saw your latest movie.
1462 . I heard about your exploits in the ring.
1700 , oooooh� zzxnhzzz
1701 , again? Ooooh�

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