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100 You see ol' slack-jawed Algernon.
101 You see Algernon.
150 You see a dirty, slack-jawed man. He is rocking on his feet and making little whistling noises to himself.
151 You see Algernon. He looks like he is playing Missile Command in his head.
200 Pew Pew
201 Thoom!
202 Zark! Zark!
203 Sssssshhhhhhuuuu... *BOOM!*
204 Zap!
205 Boooom! Budda-budda-boom!
206 Budda-budda-budda
207 Budda-budda-budda
208 Blammo! Blam blam blam!
209 Blam!
210 Ptow! Ptow!
211 Phooom!
212 Kablooie!
213 Ratta-tatta-tatta
214 Kaa-booom
220 (Algernon looks at you and gives a toothless smile.) Boom!
221 (The slack-jawed young man looks at you with a toothless smile. Stitched on his shirt is a small tag that says "Algernon" in cursive letters.) Boom!
222 (When he sees your weapons, he starts pointing at them excitedly.) Boom!
223 Boom!
224 Wander away.
225 Uh... do you want to see one of these weapons?
226 Yeah, "boom" to you, too. Algernon, can you upgrade any of these things I have here?
227 Uh, no "boom" right now, thanks. Bye.
230 Hunh! Huh-huh! (Algernon gives a gurgling laugh, then points his finger at you like a gun.) Blam Blam!
231 Miss me, miss me! Take thiz! (Point finger at him like a pistol.) POW! POW!
232 Ugh. Me dead. Me go to better place now
235 (Algernon gets a shocked expression on his face, then looks slowly at the place where you 'shot' him. He suddenly staggers, then his eyes roll up into his head and he falls over, dead.)
236 Uh, Al? U okay?
237 Uh-oh.
240 (He doesn't move.)
241 (Start clapping.)
245 (He doesn't get up. He isn't breathing, either.)
250 (What do you want to give him?)
251 Give him one of your pistols.
252 Give him one of your rifles.
253 Give him your flamethrower fuel.
254 Give him one of your melee weapons.
255 Sorry, I don't think I have anything to give you, Al. Maybe next time.
256 Actually, I don't think giving an obvious retard any sort of weapon is a smart idea. Fun, maybe, smart, no. Later.
260 (Al takes the item, and his eyes light up. He tinkers with it for a few minutes, then a few minutes more, then a few more� an hour later, Al hands it back to you with a nod and an evil smile.) *Booooooom.*
261 Say... can you upgrade THIS?
262 Thanks, Al.
265 [Which one?]
266 Your .44 Magnum?
267 Your Desert Eagle.
268 Your Wattz 1000 laser pistol.
269 Your Glock 86 Plasma Pistol.
270 Dig in your pack and give him something else...
271 Nevermind, Al. See you later.
272 Nevermind, kid... no toys for you today. Bye.
276 Your Colt hunting rifle.
277 Your AK-112 assault rifle.
278 Your FN FAL.
279 Your Wattz 2000 Laser Rifle.
280 Your Flambe 450 Flamethrower.
281 Your Plasma Rifle.
291 Want to take a swig of this flamethrower fuel?
292 Here's some flamethrower fuel. Can you do anything with this?
301 Give him your cattle prod. Uh... after making sure that he grabs it hilt first.
302 Your Beat Co. "Bigger Frigger" Power Fist.

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