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0 Are you sure you want to quit?
1 Demo version
2 Default character will be used.
3 Saved screenshot.
4 Quick load game successfully loaded.
5 Quick save game successfully saved.
6 Demo time limit exceeded.
7 Pipboy not available in combat!
8 Error saving screenshot.
15 Action Points
16 Hit Points
17 The motion sensor option is not installed.
18 The motion sensor has no charges remaining.
20 Copyright(c) 1998 Interplay Productions. All rights reserved.
30 Do you wish to continue playing?
100 Error saving game config file!
100 Rocket
101 Game settings not saved.
200 Plasma Ball
300 Explosion
400 Blood
500 No-Trans hex
600 knife
700 spear
800 EMP Explosion
900 Laser Blast
1000 You feel very nauseous.
1000 Plasma Blast
1001 You feel very nauseous, and after some mild vomiting, slightly fatigued.
1002 You are very fatigued, the vomiting does not stop, and your recovery time is impaired.
1003 You are hemorrhaging violently. You are very sick, and your hair is falling out.
1004 You are hemorrhaging violently and continuously. The vomitus is stained red from your blood. Your skin is falling off of your bones.
1005 There is bleeding from your intestines and you have severe diarrhea. You feel bloated and are in intense agony.
1006 You have died from radiation sickness.
1007 You have received a large dose of radiation.
1008 The geiger counter is clicking.
1009 The geiger counter is clicking wildly.
1100 Explosion
1200 Scroll Blocker
1300 Electricity Bolt
1400 Explosion
1500 Explosion
1600 Exit Grid
1700 Exit Grid
1800 Exit Grid
1900 Exit Grid
2000 You cannot get there.
2000 Exit Grid
2001 The lock is jammed.
2100 Exit Grid
2200 Exit Grid
2300 Exit Grid
2400 Flare
2500 Grenade
2600 Rock
2700 Explosion
2800 Explosion
2900 Explosion
3000 You have been poisoned!
3000 Molotov Cocktail
3001 You take damage from poison.
3002 You feel a little better.
3003 You feel better.
3100 Exit Grid
3200 Exit Grid
3300 Exit Grid
3400 Exit Grid
3500 Exit Grid
3600 Exit Grid
3700 Exit Grid
3800 Exit Grid
3900 Exit Grid
4000 Due to your inept handling, the explosive detonates prematurely.
4000 Exit Grid
4100 Exit Grid
4200 Exit Grid
4300 Exit Grid
4400 Exit Grid
4500 Exit Grid
4600 Exit Grid
4700 Robot Rocket
4800 Ka-Pow!
4900 Plant Spike
5000 uses
5000 Dual Plasma Ball
5001 is out of ammo for the
5002 reloads the
6000 Ask about what?
7000 You aren't wearing the pipboy!
8000 You are overloaded.
8001 %s is overloaded.
8500 You gain %d experience points for successful use of the outdoorsman skill.
9000 %s has gained in some abilities.
9010 Whoa. I suddenly felt a rush of experience.
9011 Level up, baby! Level up!
9012 I feel a great disturbance in the force. As if all my skills have gained % points.
9013 I feel tougher. Stronger. Smarter.
9020 Wow! I feel as if I've passed some arbitrary experience value and gained more power!
9021 Aaagggh! Muscles... bulging... Stats... increasing.... Gaining level...
9022 Gimme a diploma and a silly lookin' hat with a tassel, 'cause I just graduated!
9023 Hey, I feel more powerful! Does that mean I get a pay raise?
9030 It's all comin' back to me now...
9031 Heh. Guess you can teach an old dog new tricks.
9032 Looks like all this travelling has paid off.
9033 I've learned some new tricks.
9040 Grandfather teaches. We learn.
9041 We learn more from the spirits, Mahn.
9042 We be learnin' now.
9043 Da great spirit move in Sulik now.
9044 We be one wit da Grandfather Bone now, Mahn.
9045 We be the Grandfather now.
9050 Oh dear...I've actually learned something from this.
9051 The guilt of this is going to kill me.
9052 I can't believe I survived this far.
9060 Woof!
9061 Woof!
9062 Woof!
9063 Woof!
9064 Woof! Woof!
9070 I learned some new things!
9071 I learned some new things!
9080 I do believe I have gained some knowledge!
9081 Clarity of knowledge is a gift.
9082 I seem to be maturing nicely.
9083 I am surpassing even Gruthar in knowlege.
9084 I am stronger amongst those of the pack now.
9085 I am now the mightiest amongst my pack.
9090 I learned some new things!
9091 I learned some new things!
9100 I learned some new things!
9101 I learned some new things!
9110 I learned some new things!
9111 I learned some new things!
9130 Boss! I think I'm finally getting the hang of this.
9131 I'm actually getting better! Told you I wouldn't let you down, Boss.
9132 Hey... wait... now I get it. I don't think I'm leading my targets enough.
9133 See, Boss! You can teach an old dog new tricks!
9134 You know what, Boss? I think I'm actually learning a thing or two.
9135 I'm getting pretty good at this. See, Boss. All good things get better with time.
9140 I learned some new things!
9141 I learned some new things!
9150 I learned some new things!
9151 I learned some new things!
9160 I learned some new things!
9161 I learned some new things!
9170 I learned some new things!
9171 I learned some new things!
9180 I learned some new things!
9181 I learned some new things!
9190 Woof WOOF!
9191 Woof WOOF WOOOOF!
9192 Woof WOOF WOOOOF!
9193 Woof WOOF WOOOOF!
9194 Woof WOOF WOOOOF!
9195 Wa-WOOOOF!
9240 Initiating program update, Master... Upgrade complete.
9241 Installing software upgrade, Master... Version 2.0 installed.
9242 Performing hardware modifications, Master... Systems nominal.
9243 Performing hardware modifications, Master... Systems optimal!

Do you believe that my being stronger or faster has anything to do with my muscles in this place? You think that's air you're breathing now?

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