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100 You see the leader of the Slags.
101 You see Vegeir.
102 A tall, stately man. His movements remind you of a cat stalking its prey.
150 You may leave through the trap door located at the rear of this building.
151 Please deliver the message to Modoc.
152 Modoc is south of here.
153 South.
154 No, the other south.
155 A visitor - how convenient. I�ve been contemplating on a way to make contact with the surfacers, but now I don�t have to worry about that -- thanks to your timely arrival. Welcome to the home of the Slags.
156 How good of you to return. I take it you have delivered the message to Modoc, then. How was it received?
157 They need time to think it over.
158 They have some reservations.
159 I want to take Jonny home to his parents.
160 Have you reconsidered helping us?
161 I need to ask you some questions, first.
162 The answer is still no.
163 I have decided to help you.
165 Thank you for helping us. You will always be welcome here. For your services, I offer this as a reward.[Vegeir hands you an assault rifle.]
166 Thank you for helping us. You will always be welcome here.
167 Would it be all right to take Jonny home to his parents?
168 Please let me apologize for the unpleasant circumstances under which we meet. Normally, the Protectors would have tried to scare you off. Usually rattling chains and some low moaning is enough to scare anybody off, but recently they have been instructed to bring any surfacers they find to me.
169 That�s all right. I�ll just be going now.
170 What do you want with me?
171 Ghosts?
172 You will go IF and WHEN I decide you can go. Not before.
173 A simple request. We need to make contact with the town to the southwest; I believe it is called "Modoc." Would you do us this favor?
174 What do I get out of this?
175 I have many questions to ask before I can possibly take this mission.
176 Fair enough. I wouldn�t expect anyone to blindly accept tasks from strangers without first learning a little bit about them, first. Ask your questions, and I will answer them as best I can.
177 Why don�t you send one of your own people to deliver the message?
178 Tell me about your people.
179 What are your defenses?
180 I have heard enough. I am ready to make my decision.
181 Ask your questions.
190 Why did you come back to the surface?
191 Why the big ghost charade on the surface?
192 What is the purpose of your message?
194 Since the Sealing, we, as a people, have changed. Few can bear to be on the surface because they are not used to having a black sea of nothingness above them. The sensation of falling upward is so great for them that they lie frozen, clutching the ground. But that is not the main reason. All of us cannot stand the bright light of that which you call the sun; living underground for so long has made our eyes too sensitive to light. We cannot travel far from the safety of our homes beneath the ground.
195 Can I ask you some more questions?
197 Once, long ago, we were once like the surfacers. We too dwelled above ground, until the world above caught fire. Our ancestors -- who were part of a secret militia -- sealed themselves and their families down here for protection. For generations, down here we�ve remained, safely hidden within the womb of Mother Earth.
200 Our population steadily increased since the Sealing. It soon became apparent that we could no longer survive down here without further supplies. So the Seal was broken, and we once again looked to the surface for survival.
203 Years ago, someone tried to take over our farm, harvesting crops and stealing animals they had no right to. We are not a violent people by nature, but something had to be done. Our survival at the time depended on those crops. That�s when we came up with the ghost idea. Smearing ourselves with glowing fungus, we were able to scare away this person and any other nosy neighbors. Unfortunately, this has been a little too effective. Lately, we�ve been seeking to make contact with the surfacers, but no one comes to the farm anymore for fear of the ghosts. Luckily, you dropped by.
206 Enough! No more questions. Make your decision now!
207 I am sorry; I cannot help you.
208 Yes, I will gladly carry your message to Modoc.
209 I am sorry to hear that. Please consider yourself a guest of the Slags. When we finally establish contact with the surfacers, you will be allowed to leave. Until then, do not try to the leave the caves - the consequences would be most unpleasant.
210 With the completion of the new irrigation systems, our food supply far exceeds our needs. We wish to establish trade with the surfacers and exchange surplus foods for much needed medicines.
213 Please enlighten us with your wisdom.
216 I knew you would understand. Here is a message relaying our request. Please take it to Modoc and give it to the person in charge. Return here when your task is complete. I will tell the Protectors to expect your return. We thank you for doing us this service.
217 How typical of surfacers. Never doing anything for anyone unless there is some kind of personal gain involved. Obviously, we cannot trust such a person as you. We will find someone else to deliver the message. Although we are not a violent people, do not attempt to leave the caves or you will regret it.
218 Hmm� I understand. Such a decision cannot be made lightly. Please keep me informed of their progress.
219 Then do not bother me any more.
220 About what?
221 They don�t trust you. After all, you kill passersby and stake the bodies out in front of your farm.
222 They want to know what happened to the farmer that was living here.
223 We are a peaceful people, and have killed no one. Those bodies are merely props we manufactured to scare off those who try to steal from us. If you examine the bodies closely, you�ll notice that they are nothing but brahmin guts and dummies.
224 Then what about poor Karl? You know, the farmer that was living on your farm?
225 Was that his name, Karl? We scared him off the farm, nothing more. I assume he went back home when he discovered the farm was haunted. The Protectors reported him headed west. You might try searching for him that way.
226 I�ll keep you informed of my progress.
227 We scared him off the farm -- nothing more. I assume he went back home when he discovered the farm was haunted. The Protectors reported him headed northwest. You might try searching for him that way.
231 I see you�ve met Jonny. We found him wandering in the darkness of one of our deepest tunnels. He said he had fallen down a dry well by his house, and then was trapped in a tunnel by a cave in. We have treated him as one of our own and he is loved by all -- so you will understand that I am wary of entrusting him to a stranger who has yet to prove himself to me as trustworthy. I will return Jonny when I am sure he will make it home safely.
232 You have proven your trustworthiness without doubt. Despite the fact that we'll miss little Jonny down here, we have arranged an escort for you and Jonny to go back to Modoc right now.
233 Oh boy! No wonder you weren�t scared away by our little tricks. You�re too stupid to be scared. I hate to depend on such an intellectually challenged individual, but we have need of your services. Take this message to Modoc. Give to leader of Modoc and try not to get lost.
300 I'll just be going now.
301 What do you want with me?
302 Bye.
303 Ghosts?

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