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100 Rose makes the best omelets.
101 Psst� Stay away from the brahmin fries.
102 I stop by Rose's every chance I get.
103 Have you tried Rose's omelets?
110 Do you smell something?
111 Good god! What the hell have you been rolling in!
112 Could you please stand downwind? I'm trying to eat.
120 Do you mind? I'm trying to get some sleep.
121 Hey, what are you doing in my room?!
122 Get out!
130 Rose is out of omelets.
131 I'll kill the person who let her chicken escape.
132 There's no point in coming here if I can't get an omelet.
140 I don't know why I bother to come here to trade.
141 This town is dying.
142 This used to be a prosperous farming town.
150 I hear Modoc 'acquired' a prosperous farm northeast of here.
151 I don't know if I want to trade for food grown at the Ghost Farm.
152 The crops at the Ghost Farm are probably cursed.
160 I hear they slaughtered innocent women and children.
161 I don't want to trade with savages who kill recklessly.
162 After I heard what they did, I almost puked.
163 Whatever their reason, I don't think I'll be coming by Modoc to trade anymore.
164 The people of Modoc are killers.
170 Looks like things are looking up around here.
171 I'll probably need to hire another team to carry all the food from here.
500 You see a trader.

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