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100 Seems to be a guard of some sort.
101 A Protector.
150 Besides the pale skin and enlarged pupils, he looks to be an ordinary person.
200 Holy shit!
201 Oooh! Now that's gotta hurt.
210 You do know you can enter from the back door...
211 Bwahahahaha!
212 I'm not going to say a word.
213 Oh god! You're killing me! Do it again!
214 What an idiot!
215 Hahahaha!
220 We have been instructed to take all surfacers to Vegeir. You will not be harmed. Please come with us.
221 Go to hell, I'm not going anywhere with you.
222 I'd like to ask you some questions.
223 Duh?
224 Let me elaborate on my previous statement. You will not be harmed UNLESS you resist. Are you resisting?
225 Yes, I am absolutely going to resist you.
226 No, I know resistance is futile. I'll go with you.
230 Vegeir will answer all your questions. Please come with us.
231 Okay, I'll go with you peacefully for now.
232 No, I'm not going anywhere with you unless I get some answers.
240 Hmm�I wonder if this is an exception to the rule. No, no, no. Vegeir said ALL surfacers, even the idiots. Come with me.
241 [Go with the guards.]
242 [Kill them all and let whatever gods they worship sort them out.]
250 I'm sorry; you can't leave this way.
251 This entrance is for the workers.
252 It takes too much effort set up the ramps for just one person.
253 If you want to leave, ask Vegeir.

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