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100 You see a scruffy little lad hard at work caring for the brahmin.
101 You see the stable boy.
150 He seems to be busy.
200 Sorry, the stables are full. You'll have to look elsewhere.
201 I'm really busy right now.
250 Smell? I guess you get used to it.
251 It doesn't smell that bad.
252 I guess I don't have to fertilize the fields this year. Thanks.
300 This one needs some fresh hay.
301 Got to get some more water.
302 Whew! Time to get the shovel.
303 Everything seems okay with this one.
304 Better keep an eye on this one. Looks a little sick.
350 Zzz... I'm sleeping... Zzz...
351 *YAWN* I've gotta be up early.
352 Hey, I'm still growing. I need my sleep.
353 Why don't you go talk to someone else.

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