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100 A pleasantly plump woman.
101 Rose.
102 Her gray hair is done up in a loose bun, and she walks with a slight waddle. You can�t help but feel relaxed around her.
150 I�m sorry, we�re closed. There�s been a death in the family. [sniff]
151 Hey! I�m the only one allowed to go through the lost and found box.
152 I�m beginning to think you�re a thief!
153 Thief! Thief! Thief!
154 Welcome to Rose�s Bed and Breakfast. My, aren�t you the strapping young man. What can Rose help you with today?
155 Welcome to Rose�s Bed and Breakfast. Oh my, what a pretty young lady you are. What can Rose do for you today?
156 I�m starved! What do you have to eat around here?
157 I�d like to rent a room for the night.
158 You must hear things working here. Mind if I ask you a few questions?
159 [You smack your lips with a loud POP]
160 Glad to see you again! What can I do for you?
165 Oh my! It�s you. Everyone is talking about how you risked your life for us, and solved the mystery of the Ghost Farm. Know that you are always welcome here, and of course all your meals are on the house. You may also rummage through the lost and found box and take whatever you wish as a special reward.
166 It�s the hero of Modoc! Welcome back.
167 I�d really love to have one of your delicious omelets right about now.
168 That�s what I like to hear. A growing young boy needs to eat to keep up his strength, and I can tell you haven�t been eating properly. You just sit right down and look at the menu.
169 And so you should be. When was the last time you had a good meal, young lady? Why, you�re as thin as a rail. You just look at the menu and tell Rose what you would like to eat.
170 Brahmin fries. [$5]
171 Wasteland omelet. [$25]
172 Water. [$1000]
173 Brahmin dogs. [$5]
174 Canis burgers. [$7]
175 Shepherd�s stew. [$3]
176 No thank you; I�m not hungry right now.
177 Oh, I�m sorry, but you don�t seem to have enough money. Why don�t you come back later?
178 But I�m starving! Maybe I can order something cheaper.
179 Wait! Can I ask you a few questions?
180 Back for some more, I see. You must really like brahmin fries. I�m sorry; since you hold the record, you can�t enter the contest again until somebody else breaks your score.
181 Brahmin fries it is, then. We have a contest on who can eat the most Brahmin fries; so far, the record is 36. If you break the record, you don�t have to pay the tab for your meal. You look like you�d be able to beat the record with no problem. Are you interested in trying?
182 That�s okay, I�m willing to pay to eat your delicious fried brahmin scrotum.
183 I�m so hungry I can probably double that score. Bring it on.
184 No thanks; just one order, please.
185 Oh, that�s just grand. Each order consists of 10 pieces. I�ll have to ask you for the money up front. I�ll refund it as soon as you break the record. That�ll be $20, please.
186 I don�t have that much. Why don�t I try for the record later? I�ll just get one order. Thanks.
187 Sure, I�ll get it back when I break the record.
188 [Rose takes the money and comes back with a heaping platter of brahmin fries. They are not quite what you expected. They appear to be about the size of golf balls, covered in batter and fried in oil to a deep, golden brown. You take a tentative bite of one of the fries. These are delicious! You start into the meal with zeal.]
189 [At around the 34th fry, you start to feel the effects of overeating. A crowd has gathered to witness the historic event of the old record being broken. In an attempt to regain your composure, you strike up a conversation with Rose.]
190 [You pop a fry into your mouth.] �Mmff� splt� mnch�� Don�t talk with your mouth full, dear. [You swallow.]
191 How do you prepare these? If it�s not a secret or anything, I know some people back home who would love these.
192 Oh, it�s no secret. You just dip them in batter, add some salt and fry in grease. [You pop another one in your mouth.]
193 How do you prepare the brahmin meat? It has such a unique texture. [You pop yet another one in your mouth. These are good!]
194 That�s 37! You just broke the record! [The crowd cheers!]
195 [You feel like you�ve gotten you�re second wind and pop another fry into your mouth.]
196 [The crowd yells, "38!"] Well, what makes ours taste so special is that you have to harvest it while the brahmin is still alive. You just grab the brahmin by the scrotum and �snip� four with one cut. You�ve got be careful; the brahmin usually gets riled up at that point.
197 [The 38th brahmin tidbit must have been going at the speed of light as it is suddenly and forcefully propelled from your mouth.]
198 We can�t count that last one, but you broke the record at 37! Here�s your money back. Congratulations!
199 [You feel sick.]
200 Ah, that�s my specialty. I hope you�re hungry; I guarantee you�ve never tasted an omelet like this one anywhere. [She leaves and returns with the biggest damn omelet you�ve ever seen.]
201 [You feel revitalized after such a big meal.]
202 [She quickly disappears behind the counter and returns with your order.]
203 Can I ask you a few questions?
204 I�m sorry, sweetie, I�m quite busy serving customers. Maybe if you ordered something I�ll have time to chat with you between orders.
205 In that case, I�m starving. What do you have to eat?
206 Sure, but make it quick, dear. I don�t want to keep the other customers waiting.
207 What can you tell me about Cornelius�s missing watch?
208 Have you ever heard of a GECK?
209 What do you know about the Ghost Farm?
210 I�ve never seen an omelet the size of the one you served me. What kind of animal lays such a large egg?
211 What�s a canis burger made of?
212 Oh dear! Have you been talking to my husband Cornelius? This whole business with the watch is just terrible. Cornelius has got the whole town believing that his best friend, Farrel, took his watch. If you�ve talked to him, I�m sure you�ve noticed his mind isn�t quite functioning properly. I�m pretty sure the poor dear just left the watch somewhere and forgot where.
213 Now, if you don�t need anything else, I have other customers to serve.
214 Can I ask you a few more questions?
215 One moment, I�m still hungry.
216 Did you say GECK? No, I can�t say that I have. I have heard of good soup recipe that requires three geckos. But no, I haven�t heard of anything about a GECK.
217 [She shivers involuntarily.] Stay away from there! I�ve heard tales from travelers about rotting bodies tied to stakes, and glowing shapes moving through the fields at night. I don�t know how much of this is true, but I do know a while back Karl moved out there and hasn�t been seen since.
218 Ah, you�ve had the desert omelet. Delicious, wasn�t it? Some people say it has healing properties. [She looks around nervously.] Oh! Some customers just came in. I�ll be right back. [Hmm� She never answered your question.]
220 Our burgers are made of nothing but the choicest, select, grade-A dog. The meat is ground up and made into half-pound patties. And to give it that unique smoky flavor, they are slow grilled over dried brahmin dung.
221 You poor thing. You look half starved. Come sit down and let Rose get you something to eat. [She leaves and returns with a large omelet.] Now, you don�t move from that spot until you finish every bit of that.
222 Sorry, we�re full up. A large caravan has all the rooms rented.
225 Really!? You must be really thirsty. I raised the price to discourage customers from ordering it. Drinking water is at a premium out here, with the lack of rain and the well drying up. Do you still want some?
226 Yes! I need water desperately.
227 Actually, I�m really hungry.
228 I�m sorry, we stopped serving omelets. Some fool broke into our coop and killed our� chicken.
229 I�m really hungry, so let�s see what else you have.
230 I was really looking forward to your world-famous omelet. I guess I�ll go hungry.
231 Ahh! Oogie!

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