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100 You see a Slag guard.
150 Surrender or die!
151 I surrender.
152 Die!
153 Ug!
154 If you need to see Vegeir, we can escort you to him.
155 Not now. I'll see Vegeir later.
156 Yes, I need to see Vegeir immediately.
160 You're dumber than dirt, aren't you! If you want to see Vegeir, you can just go find him yourself.
200 I don't trust "surfacers.'
201 Vegeir said not to harm you...YET!
202 We are charged with protecting our people.
203 I'm watching you.
220 I guess you're OK... for a "surfacer.'
221 Maybe we can get along with the "surfacers."

The burned hand teaches best. After that advice about fire goes to the heart.

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