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100 Oh my! A very shapely and seductive looking woman.
101 Miria.
102 You�re not sure, but the measurements 36-24-36 come to mind.
150 Bitch!
151 How dare you show your face around here!
152 That�s just sick!
153 I hope you two are happy together.
154 Why, hello there, stranger. I�m Miria.
155 I am so pleased you came back. What can I DO for you now?
156 What do you do around here?
157 What can you tell me about the slaughterhouse?
158 Heard any good rumors?
159 Hubba! Hubba!
160 If I weren�t so bored, I�d say no. So ask away.
164 Rumor has it that Farrel stole the watch.
165 Why would Farrel steal the watch?
166 Isn�t Farrel Cornelius�s best friend?
167 Tell me some more rumors.
168 Because poor people tend to steal to make ends meet. Farrel definitely falls in the poor category, and that would explain the new tools he bought soon after Cornelius�s watch disappeared.
170 Can I ask you a few more questions?
171 Yes, they were thick as thieves, those two. Which is why I think Farrel stole the watch. Who else but Farrel would have the access and the opportunity to steal Cornelius�s watch?
174 Nothing to tell. My family runs the slaughterhouse. People from all around bring their brahmin here for slaughter. After they are slaughtered and the meat treated, it is sold to traders who in turn sell it to merchants in various towns. All very boring, if you ask me.
176 Have you come to the right place! This town is so boring, there�s nothing else to do but gossip and� [She keeps talking for awhile and sometime later you�re able to get a word in.]
177 What else do you want to know?
178 What do you know about the Cornelius�s missing watch?
179 You mentioned something about Rose?
180 What�s this about a mutated brahmin?
181 Tell me about Davin.
182 Let�s talk about something else.
183 Ah, Rose. The proprietor of Rose's Bed and Breakfast. Now, you didn�t hear it from me, but have you ever wondered why her �coop� is so well protected? She says it�s to protect her chickens from predators, but if you look closely it looks as if she�s trying to keep something in rather than out. Plus, whoever heard of chickens laying twelve pound eggs?
184 Tell me more rumors.
186 It�s really strange, but I hear some ranchers say that every once in a while a brahmin will give birth to a calf with only one head. Talk about weird!
189 He�s family; I don�t spread rumors about my own family.
192 Who, me? I do odd jobs here and there. Surely nothing worth talking about. [She flutters her eyes at you.]
193 I really would like to know more about you.
194 You're right, enough talk. Let's get it on! You know you want it.
196 I�m really touched. Nobody ever tries to get to know me better. All they want is sex, sex, sex! I get so tired of having wild sex all the time. I�m so glad you�re not like the others.
197 You slut! I thought you were special for a moment.
198 You know, I�m just a normal guy like everyone else. Why, my friends say, "
199 you�re just so cool because you�re normal just like everyone else." Yep, normal that�s me.
200 Well, I�ve never known anyone as interesting as you are.
202 Want what? Just what are you implying?
203 I think you know what I�m talking about, baby. You know this is what you want. [You smile and start to undress.]
204 Forget it; I�m sorry. I didn�t mean to imply anything.
205 How dare you call me a slut! Let me tell you, I am very picky about the people I sleep with. Why, I have only slept with 10 or 20 people this month! I think this conversation is over!
206 How disappointing. You are just like everyone else, aren�t you?
208 No. I don�t think so. I�m tired of this conversation. Good bye.
209 [She blushes] Stop, you�re embarrassing me. You are just the sweetest thing. Why don�t come over here and sit by me.
210 I think this going too far. Can�t we just talk?
211 I thought you�d never ask. Why don�t we get a little more comfortable.
212 All right! You know what I want, baby!
213 You are a slut, aren�t you!
214 I can�t take this anymore! You�re perfect. [She rips off her clothes, your clothes, and then�]
215 [Your world will never be the same again.]
216 That better not mean what I think that means.
217 Aoooga!
218 Urg?
219 Yup! That�s what I thought. It�s funny how Neanderthal and civilized speech crosses roads on this subject. [You don�t even see it coming. But you�re sure the red hand print on your face will disappear some day.]
250 Help, Daddy! Get him away!
251 Get away!
260 Help, Daddy! Get her away!
400 Daddy!
401 Uh oh!
402 I surely do!
410 Uhh...
411 Uhhh... Continue please...
412 I sure the hell�
413 Um� I do.
450 Uhhh, I think daddy's the one you should be talking too.
500 Great, I guess this means I have to run this dump now.
1000 What'll we do now, baby?
1001 What'll we do now, honey?
1002 What'll we do now, pooky?
1003 What'll we do now, lover?
1004 What'll we do now, sugar bottom?
1005 No, no, no... Not that kind of distance! I need you to step back a few when we're walking around.
1006 Relax baby, just give me more space when we're walking around.
1007 I'll try harder, butter cakes. It's just hard to get "us" time out here in this wasteland.
1008 My stuff is your stuff.
1009 Okay, muffin, but do we have to stop with just the armor?
1010 Sharp weapons like knives get me excited although I can use weapons like an SMG in a pinch if I need to. Just don't expect me to actually hit anything.
1020 We need to talk about the distance between us.
1100 I'm completely healed and ready to go.
1200 Hardly more than a scratch left on me now.
1300 Well, I'm mostly healed -- but I could use more healing when we get a chance.
1400 I healed myself as much as I could but I'm still pretty badly hurt.
1500 No, baby; I wanna come with you.
1600 Sure thing, I'll put it away.
1800 No, no, sweet pea. I need to be close to you.
1900 But then I wouldn't be near to you, sugar lumps.

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