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100 One very drunk person. [He has a sign that says "Will work for food."]
101 Karl.
102 He is so filthy that you notice some wildflowers growing out of his hair.
150 Here, have a beer.
151 Here, have a bottle of booze.
152 Here, have a Nuka-Cola.
153 Hey.
154 Hey!
155 HEY!!
156 The ghosts won�t be able to find me here� [sob]
157 It�s good to be home again.
159 It�s Karl; he�s passed out.
160 He�s going to have to sleep it off.
161 Ah! The ghosts from the farm have come to gets me!
162 Spare some change for (hic) an out-of-work farmer?
163 Sure thing, fella; how much do you need?
164 How about I buy you a hot meal?
165 Sorry, I don�t have any money.
166 What�s your story?
167 Here cha-ange?
168 Jooky.
169 Oh, kind and generous person. (hic) How can Karl help you today? (hic) [He takes off his cap and holds out his hand.]
170 Here. Here's $100.
173 Sorry, I don�t have anything for you. Bye.
174 Do you know where I can find a GECK?
175 You mentioned something about a garden earlier. Tell me more.
178 Me go.
179 Hey cheapskate! (hic) Come on, I know you gots money� (hic) Just some spare change then� (hic) something, anything! Show some compassion.
180 Here. Here's $25.
184 Here. Here's $1.
185 Here money.
186 No money.
187 What do you want?
188 [Tell Karl about what Jo said.]
189 Ghosts, Karl� they�re everywhere. Look, there�s one now!
190 Gibba gibba.
191 You here (hic) to have fun with poor Karl again? (hic) Well, what are you waiting for? (hic) Let�s get this over with!
198 [In a slurred voice.] Mighty kind of ya� (hic) A $1000 otta gets me by.
199 Sure, here you go.
200 For how long, a year? No way; here�s $25.
201 You must take me for a fool. I�m out of here.
202 [Karl�s mouth drops open in surprise] Thanks! You�re a (hic) very generous person� (hic) If thars anything ya needs (hic) just come see me. By the way, (hic) me name's Karl.
203 Sure, Karl; now that you mention it, I�m looking for an item called a GECK. Any clues as to where I might find one?
204 I�ll keep that in mind. Take care of yourself, Karl.
205 What kinds of person are ya? (hic) Playing tricks on a poor homeless farm-(hic)-er. Leave me alone!
206 Yeah� (hic) Some sort of lizard (hic) I hear. Never seen one, though.
207 No, I�m looking for a GECK, not a gecko.
208 Never mind. Thanks for the info.
209 Oh! Ya means gecko� (hic) Yeah, it�s a liz-(hic)-ard about so big. [Karl holds his hands out to show the size. You can�t tell, but the lizard is either 3 inches long or 3 feet long.]
210 Let me try to explain. I�m not looking for a lizard called a gecko. I�m looking for an object called a GECK.
212 Why didn�t you say so? (hic) I know where to get it� (hic) Garden of� [Karl falls flat on his face and passes out.]
213 [Maybe when Karl wakes up, you can talk to him again.]
214 Bless you! (hic) Ya saved me life.
215 I�m looking for a GECK; can you help me?
216 Don�t mention it. I�ll see you around, Karl.
217 Um� (hic) I�m not real hungry right now� (hic) How about if you give me the money and I�ll get it later? (hic)
219 You shyster. I�ll bet you use the money you collect to buy chems, don�t you?
220 Shi� shy� shick� Whatever you just sed? (hic) Take that back� (hic) Whatever it means, it can�t be good.
221 [Before you can reply, Karl falls forward and passes out.]
222 Thaaaats okay� (hic) I don�t suppose you have any liquid refresh-(hic)-ment. It get�s mighty (hic) cold out here at night.
224 You are truly (hic) my bestest friend in this whole (hic) cursed world. [Karl proceeds to drink the liquid refreshment, at which point he then passes out]
225 Oh well, maybe you�ll be able to talk to Karl later.
226 You are truly (hic) my bestest friend in this whole (hic) cursed world. [Karl opens the bottle and proceeds to drink -- and then proceeds to yark all over you.] Ptui! What the?! Are you trying to poison me or something?! Get out of here!
227 Why, thank (hic) you; you�re so (hic) kind. Why don�t I help you with that heavy purse? [Karl reaches into your purse and takes half your money.] Very kind of you (hic) if you needs anything, don�t hesitate to ask.
228 GECK?
229 I go.
230 Jooky� hic� It�s a party in a can.
231 Maybe later, then.
232 Gee... (hic) ...thanks. Maybe I can buy a (hic) bullet to shoot myself with. (hic) Course I�d have to save (hic) up for the gun.
233 You mean� I can go home? No more ghosts? [Karl breaks down and cries. Boy, nothing like seeing a grown man cry.] Thank you, I can finally go home again!
234 Where?! Nooooooooo! They�ve found me!
235 Why yes, I had the biggest garden (hic) a person could want. Except (hic) where I�m from, we calls it a farm�
236 Don�t you remember? We were talking about the GECK, and you mentioned a garden.
237 Forget it, this is going nowhere.
238 Hey! (hic) You�re kind a cute! Let�s me and you go out back (hic) and gets better acquainted. I can pay� I�ve got a $1000. [Karl leers suggestively to you.]
239 You do know you�re talking to a man, don�t you?
240 Sure, but it�ll cost you $1000.
241 Thanks for the offer, but I�d rather talk about finding a GECK.
242 Not on your life!
243 Yer sooo purty... (hic) If you don�t says anything, I won�t. (hic)
244 [You can hardly keep from gagging.] I�ve got to go.
245 OK, $1000.
246 [You and Karl slip out back for a quickie. To your surprise, you find that you enjoyed it.]
247 [He sobers up quickly and begins to tell his tale.] I used to be an upstanding citizen before coming here. I was a peaceful farmer that worked the fields as hard as any man -- until they started showing up at night. All glowing, with pasty white skins... Spooked the hell out of me, it did. Night after night they showed up and stole crops and cattle alike; I could do nothing to stop them. I know what you�re gonna say - "Why didn�t you ask for help?" I tell ya, I did! Nobody would believe me, they thought I was crazy. Finally, it just became too much for me. I COULDN�T TAKE IT ANYMORE! I just up and left and came here -- and here I�ve been ever since. [Karl starts to weep uncontrollably. You decide to leave him with his misery.]
248 Oh jeez. I must have dropped my money along the way. Here's $
249 .
250 Zzz
251 Zzzzzz
252 Zzzzzzzzz
253 Zzzzzzzzzzzz
254 Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
255 *snort* *grunt* *snort*
260 Oh jeez. I must have dropped my money along the way. Here's $
261 . It's all I've got.
262 Oh jeez. I must have dropped my money along the way. Sorry, it was fun anyway.
300 I'm going home, thanks to you!

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