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101 An average person, of average height, of average complexion. Nothing out of the ordinary.
102 Jo.
103 Trader Jo.
104 Sheriff Jo.
105 Mayor Jo.
106 Justice of the Peace Jo.
150 We killed everyone. Even the children� [sob]
151 Meet us at the Ghost Farm. We attack immediately.
152 Thank you for saving the residents of Modoc.
153 What are you doing?
154 Hey! Leave that alone!
155 Thief!
156 Sorry, this trading post is closed indefinitely due to the drought.
157 So who says I�m here to trade?
158 I�m new here. What can you tell about this town?
159 I don�t suppose you have a gold watch for sale?
160 GECK!
161 What can I do for you?
162 I�m looking for a certain item, and I was wondering if you might be able to help me locate it.
164 I�m looking to buy a gold pocket watch. Do you know where I can get one?
165 What do you have to trade?
166 What can you tell me about this town?
167 What do you do here?
168 GECK!
169 You�re back! What did you find out about the farm?
170 I cleaned out your Ghost Farm problem. You can take over the farm any time.
171 I have a message for you from the leader of the Slags.
172 Mess-aj.
173 Farm?
174 Bad things all gone!
175 I go.
176 I�ll be back when I have more to report.
179 There's a drunkard in the Den who matches Karl's description. Says he used to be a farmer too.
180 Those bodies are fake. Just dummies covered in Brahmin guts. They were there to scare you away from the crops.
181 What am I supposed to do again?
182 What? Oh, you must be new around here. Welcome to Modoc. My name�s Jo, I run the trading post here at Modoc.
183 I am on a quest. I seek the holy GECK. Do know where I might find it?
186 Well, you�re in luck. I just happen to know where it is. I guess we have some business to discuss after all.
187 Business? Just tell me where I can find the holy GECK and I�ll be on my way.
188 Our only business is that you will tell me where the holy GECK is located before something bad happens.
189 What do you want for this information?
190 Ah yes, what I want� If you hadn�t noticed yet, our little farming community is experiencing one of its worst droughts ever. The rainy season was unusually short this year, and our crops are dead or dying from lack of water. To put it bluntly, our community is on the verge of withering away with our crops.
191 Umm� You do know I can�t make it rain, right?!?
192 [He chuckles softly] No, no� of course not. I wouldn�t ask you to do something as impossible as that. You really can�t make it rain, can you� No, of course you can�t! Anyway, like I was say�en, we�re in trouble and we could use your help.
193 OK, I�m listening.
194 There�s this farm at the outskirts of town, where no farm should be. Some years back it just �appeared� out of nowhere.
195 Are you saying that this farm just sprung up overnight? Yeah, right!
196 A group of us were out hunting when we noticed the new farm. But that wasn�t the strange thing. Soon after, some of us got together to visit our new neighbor, only to discover that there wasn�t anybody there.
197 Go on.
198 After many months of trying to contact the owners with no success, it was decided that the farm must have been abandoned soon after it was built. So instead of letting the crops rot in the fields, young Karl moved in.
199 Hmm�
200 That�s when things got bad. Karl started to tell stories of seeing strange glowing figures tending the crops and feeding the animals at night. We all laughed at him, thinking he was making up stories. Then one day Karl stopped coming into town.
201 What happened to him? Did you look for him?
202 Of course we did! We went up there as soon as we suspected something was wrong. [He starts to tremble violently.] The horror. Bodies strewn everywhere. Some crucified, while others were left to rot out in the sun. I still wake up screaming in the middle of the night from the horrible images I saw that day.
203 So, let me guess. You want me to go to this farm and find out what happened.
204 Normally, I would just leave that cursed place be, but for some reason the crops at this farm are still flourishing despite the drought. We�ll starve if we don�t get food soon. Will you help us rid the farm of these ghosts?
205 What do I get out of this?
206 In return for helping us, I�ll tell you where you can find what you seek.
207 OK, then let's seal the deal. Cut off your right pinky finger.
208 Then it�s a deal. Show me where this Ghost Farm is.
209 What?!? Is that how you seal a deal where you�re from? We�re desperate and I believe you�re the only person that could pull this off. So, I guess it�s a small sacrifice, if it�ll save our town. [Jo takes out a knife and proceeds to cut off his right pinky finger!]
210 [You stop him just in time.] Wait! I see now you were telling the truth and are truly in need of help. I�ll help you.
211 Now, take your finger and saute it in a light garlic sauce. Very tasty dish!
212 This farm is about a day�s travel northeast of here. [He pulls out a map and points to a spot northeast of Modoc.] Come back when you�ve found something.
213 [Jo calmly wraps his hand in a bandage and then proceeds to pull out a shotgun!] Let�s see if you can laugh this off, smart ass!
214 [BOOM!]
215 You�ve got to be joking! I�m not going to cut my finger off. I�m desperate, not stupid! Now, do you want the job or not?
216 OK, I�ll do it anyway. Where�s this farm located?
217 You�re obviously not desperate enough. I�ll pass.
218 What was that? Did you say GECK?
219 Unh. GECK.
220 Me go.
222 My name�s Jo. Can you say Jo? No matter; you see that rectangular thing over there? That�s a door. Be careful not to let it hit you on the way out.
223 [You don�t quite understand everything he�s saying, but you grin and turn to leave.]
224 [He seems to mull something over for a bit and then smiles and looks up at you.] Maybe we can work out a trade after all. My name is Jo; I run this here trading post. I have some information about GECK. You interested?
225 [You nod your head up and down.]
226 [You swing your head left to right.]
227 Fantastic! There�s this Ghost� er, farm at the edge of town. It�s about a day�s walk northeast of here. Bad things happen there. Make bad things stop, then come back and I�ll tell you about GECK.
228 I go now.
229 Well then, we have nothing more to talk about. The door is right over there.
230 Yup, that�s one big chip on yer shoulder. Why don�t you come back when that chip isn�t quite so big? You have a nice day, and watch out for that door on yer way out.
231 Well, then -- welcome to Modoc. My name�s Jo and I run this here trading post. We don�t have much; just a few farms, a slaughterhouse, Rose�s Bed and Breakfast, and a tannery. Just enough to produce goods to trade. Although that could all change with this drought.
232 What can you tell me about the slaughterhouse?
233 Rose�s Bed and Breakfast?
234 Tell me about the trading post.
235 Where�s the tannery?
236 Can I ask you a few more questions?
237 The slaughterhouse is run by Grisham and his son Davin. It�s just east of here. He makes the best damn jerky this side of the Rockies.
242 Rose�s Bed and Breakfast is on the north side of town. Travelers from all over come just to sample her world-famous omelets. Some say her omelets can cure people of what ails them. Frankly, I think that�s just a bunch of nonsense.
247 Just follow your nose and you�ll find it. Can you smell that foul stench in the air? That's the tanning vats just north of here. If you overlook the smell, you�ll not find a better place to get leather goods. Balthus can work miracles with leather.
252 Like I said before, my name�s Jo and I run the trading post for Modoc. I organize trade between Modoc and other cities in need of food and leather goods. But with this drought, that could all come to an end real soon. We're getting desperate.
257 What do you want to talk about? The slaughterhouse, Rose�s Bed and Breakfast, the tannery or the trading post?
262 Well, spit it out. I can�t help you if you don�t tell me what you�re looking for, and I sure ain�t going to stand here and try to guess what you�re looking for.
263 I am looking for the holy GECK.
264 Never mind.
265 Since I rely heavily on the products of the people of Modoc, I don�t have much to trade for. You know, with the drought and all. You still interested?
266 Let�s do some business.
267 No thanks, but can I ask you some more questions?
268 No, maybe later. I have to go now.
269 Now that�s a good question. Mostly, I just run this here trading post. But on occasion, I�m the sheriff, mayor, judge, and any other official you can think of.
270 Wow; you must be a very popular fellow to be entrusted with all those duties.
271 Thanks for the info; I�ll be going now.
272 Nah� I just drew the short straw. It seems I was out getting some supplies and when I came back, I found out the townsfolk went and elected me. Seems no one else wanted the job. Except for the occasional argument, I really don�t have to do anything -- which suits me fine.
273 Can I ask you some more questions?
274 What! Are you trying to be a wise ass? Everyone knows old Corny lost his gold pocket watch. He even had me search his best friend�s house looking for it. If you know what�s good for you, you�d keep your nose out of this. Good day!
275 [He takes the message from the Slags.] What�s this? It�s from the people living at the Ghost Farm. This is incredible; have you read� oops, of course you didn�t. There are still some things that need to be worked out between the Slags and Modoc, but it�s much too complex for your tiny brain to understand, so you needn�t worry about it.
276 GECK now!
277 Well, that could be a little difficult. You see I really don't know what a GECK is. But, I do know of a place called Gecko, I've never been there myself but I hear it's somewhere east of here. I feel really bad about deceiving you. I wish I could give you more in the way of compensation than this, but the best I can offer you is a discount on goods. I'm not too stocked up right now, but I'm sure things will pick up around here soon and I'd be honored to help stock you up.
278 Jerk!
280 I don�t blame you for being mad at me, but I�m not sorry I did it. We needed someone for the job and you fit the bill. All I can say is "thanks," and send you on your way.
282 Yes� faaarmm. Farm northeast. Go farm. Make bad things go bye-bye.
283 That�s great! I�ll send some people over immediately to start harvesting the crops. You�ve saved us.
284 Show GECK!
285 Slags? Who are they? What�s this? [Jo opens and reads the message.] This is incredible! They�ve been living underground all this time. They say they�d be willing to trade food for medical supplies and other stuff. I don�t know if they can be trusted. After all, they killed Karl and all those other people. What do you think?
286 All those bodies are fake. Nothing but dummies covered in brahmin innards. They just wanted to keep you from stealing their crops.
287 They�re extremely sensitive to light. I think a small group of people armed with flares would be able to wipe their whole community out.
288 I found Karl at the Den. He left because no one would believe him about the ghosts and he was scared.
289 They�re holding little Jonny hostage! We need to attack now!
290 Fake! But, I saw the bodies with my own eyes. In any case, Karl is still missing. How do they explain that? I won�t trust them until I�m certain they are on the up and up.
292 They said the person that moved in some years ago left suddenly.
293 Karl wouldn�t do that. They probably killed him! No, until I find out what happened to Karl, I don�t think we can trust them. I was hoping it wouldn�t come to this, but we�re just going to have to take over their farm. It�s either us or them.
294 No wait! Let me try and find out what happened to Karl. There must be an explanation for his disappearance.
295 I agree we should attack! Their weakness is their eyes.
296 I didn�t agree to this. I�ve found out what�s happening at the Ghost Farm. Now tell me where I can find the holy GECK.
297 I�ll give you one month to find out what you can about Karl. If you don�t come back within that time, I�ll mobilize the residents of Modoc and we�ll take the farm by force.
298 OK, one month! Don�t do anything rash until then. I�ll be back.
299 I need more time. It�ll be impossible to find him in such a short period of time.
300 One month, no longer! I told you we were desperate. Our food supply is running critically low. We have enough for one month; after that we all start starving. I�m going to start organizing the townspeople immediately. You best hurry!
301 Please don�t do anything rash until I return!
302 [Shocked] The Den! I-I guess we were a little hard on him. I can imagine what he went through at the Ghost Farm, with nobody believing him and all. You say he�s a drunkard now, at the Den? If you could give him the message that we believe him and that he should come home, I would be most appreciative. In the meantime, I believe it�s about time the Slags and the residents of Modoc get acquainted.
303 I believe I have fulfilled my part of the bargain. How about telling me where I might find the holy GECK?
304 [Acting a little embarrassed.] Um� well, you see, I don�t really know anything about this holy GECK thing you�re looking for. You have to understand; we were desperate! However, I do know of a place called Gecko. It�s a ways east of here somewheres. If I were a betting man, I would wager your GECK gizmo is located there. I wish I hade more I could give you, but we're still a poor community with not much in the way of offerings. The best I can do is offer you goods at basically my cost. But I'd be honored to help keep you stocked for your journeys when I have the goods and I�m sure any of the other residents would be equally grateful if you asked them. Thank you! You�ve saved us all.
305 Well, they did kill Karl along with all those other people staked out in front of their farm. OK, let�s do it. You�ve seen their hideout and seem quite capable; will you lead us to victory over those treacherous Slags?
306 Of course! For such a just cause, I would be happy to help you defeat the Slags.
307 Maybe this isn�t such a good idea; let�s think of another way.
308 That�s great; I�ll get the townsfolk together and we�ll meet you there.
309 You saw Jonny there! We�ve been searching everywhere for him. Those monsters, they�re stealing our children. We won�t be safe until they�re all dead. I�ll get the townspeople together and we�ll storm their hideout. Meet us at the Ghost Farm as soon as you can.
310 How can you live with yourself? We are in a crisis here and all you can think of are your own selfish needs. Very well, why don�t you go to Gecko; it�s to the east of here somewhere. If anyone knows about this GECK thing, I�m sure they would. Now if you don�t mind, I need to meet with the townspeople so we can figure out what to do.
311 That�s great. What were those things, anyway?
312 Just a community of mutants. If they weren�t ghosts before, they are now.
313 They were ghosts. They�re gone. That�s all you need to know. Now, tell me where I can find the holy GECK.
314 You mean you just went in and killed everyone?! I didn�t mean for you to do that. You were sent to investigate what was happening at the farm and then return with the information. I think you better leave.
315 We're going to attack, but only as the last resort. We only have a month's supply of food left before we start to starve. You have until then to find out what is going on. I won't negotiate with them unless I know for certain that they didn't do anything to Karl.
316 We're going to attack, but only as the last resort. We only have a month's supply of food left before we start to starve. You have until then to find out what is going on. I won't negotiate with them unless I know for certain that they didn't do anything to Karl and I have to know their reason for staking all those people out in front of their farm. I won't deal with savages.
317 I think you enjoy killing people just a little too much for my taste. I think you'd better leave.
318 [Shocked] The Den! I-I guess we were a little hard on him. I can imagine what he went through at the Ghost Farm, with nobody believing him and all. You say he�s a drunkard now, at the Den? If you could give him the message that we believe him and that he should come home, I would be most appreciative.
319 I also found out that all those bodies surrounding the Ghost Farm are fake. Dummies, covered with brahmin guts.
320 Now will you talk to the leader of the Slags?
321 That�s all I know for now.
322 Fake! That�s impossible, I saw them with my own eyes. Blood and gore everywhere. But� I guess it�s possible, we didn�t� I mean� well [Jo�s face turns beat red.] We all kind of turned tail and ran when we saw the bodies. No one actually had the guts to examine them closely.
326 Yes, I believe the Slags and the people of Modoc will be able to come to some kind of mutually beneficial agreement. Thank you for saving the people of Modoc.
327 There�s this little thing about my reward? You said you�d tell me where the holy GECK was.
328 You need to find out who those people staked out in front of the Ghost Farm are.
329 Karl disappeared from the farm some time ago. Find out what happened to him.
330 Thanks, I�ll see what I can find out.
331 We don't want your kind around here.
400 [Letting him cut his finger off] OK, now I'll help.
410 What's the big white building in the middle of town?
500 Oh, that's our town church. The people of Modoc built it to show their faith. Lately, there hasn't been much to be thankful for, so nobody attends the sermons anymore.
600 Dearly Beloved: We are gathered here...
602 [Jo turns some pages in his book.]
603 OK, um... Before we begin, is there anyone in this room know any reason why these two here before us should not be joined in holy matrimony?
604 Do you
605 take
606 to be your lawfully wedded
607 Then by frontier law, I pronounce you attached. You may now kiss the bride.
608 Then by frontier law, I pronounce you attached. You brides may now kiss.
609 Then by frontier law, I pronounce you attached. You may now kiss the other.
625 husband?
626 wife?
627 uhhh... other? Yes, lawfully wedded other?
628 other?
629 Miria
630 Davin
800 We're gonna attack the Slags in
801 days unless you can convince me otherwise.
802 We're gonna attack the Slags tomorrow unless you can convince me otherwise.
803 We're attacking the Slags immediately! Are you in or out?
804 Count me in!
805 I've had enough of this, count me out!
806 Let's attack now. The Slags have shown they can't be trusted.
820 What can I do to help?
821 I want no part of this. I've fulfilled my end of the bargain. Tell me where the GECK is.
850 I'll be back when I find out what happened to Karl.
900 Thanks again, my friend, for saving our little town.
925 You're welcome. See you again.

And I looked, and behold a pale horse: and his name that sat on him was DEATH, and Hell followed with him.

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