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100 A very active old man.
101 Grisham.
102 You can�t quite place him, but he looks familiar.
151 I told you you�d get yours!
152 Bwahahaha!
153 Go away!
154 I'm busy!
155 I knew my daughter was odd.
156 Different people, different tastes, I suppose.
157 I think I�m going to be sick.
158 I knew my son was odd.
159 I guess you�re family, now.
160 You take good care of my daughter.
161 You take good care of my son.
162 The name�s Grisham. Welcome to my slaughterhouse. You dropping off or picking up?
163 I guess picking up? I�m interested in buying some traveling provisions.
164 You wouldn�t have happened to have seen a gold watch lying around here somewhere?
165 What can I do for you now?
166 I would like to buy some of your famous jerky.
168 Can you tell me a little bit about the slaughterhouse?
169 I see the drought hasn�t affected your business yet.
170 I knew you�d be able to handle it. Let�s see now, I owe you $1000 for completing the job. Of course,
171 brahmin got killed due to your carelessness. At $100 per brahmin your reward is
172 . Don�t even bother to lie about the number of brahmin killed -- I had one of my boys follow you out and watch from a distance.
173 You never said anything about charging me if any brahmin died!
174 Why, you conniving, dried up old coot. Arg! Mark my words - this is the last time you get the best of me!
175 Thanks, pops; pleasure doing business with ya.
176 How dare you show your face around here. I lost ten brahmin due to your cowardice. However, if you wish to make amends, $1500 would do a lot to cover my losses.
177 Those brahmin weren�t worth more than a $1000.
178 I don�t have that kind of money, and if I did, I wouldn�t give it to a little trickster like you.
179 I�ve left my money in my room; let me go get it for you.
180 Ah! Of course, of course. Let�s see, for traveling, I recommend our world famous dried brahmin strips. Won�t spoil on the road and it�s tasty, too. Only $10 a package. You interested?
181 Sounds good; give me one package.
182 No thanks, maybe later. I would like to ask you some questions, though.
183 A pleasure doing business with you. Is there anything else I can do for you?
185 Wait! You look to be a capable traveler. I don�t suppose you�d be interested in making some money?
186 Are you sure you�re not interested in making some money? I�m quite sure you�d be able to solve my problem quite easily.
187 That depends. How much, what do I have to do, and most importantly, HOW MUCH?
188 Smart as whip! You remind me of myself when I was young. Simple... some wild dogs have been coming down out of the hills lately looking for food. I think they find brahmin easy prey and have been attacking my herds nightly. Wipe out their pack, and I�ll give you $1000.
189 You�re holding something back, you old coot. What�s the catch?
190 Perceptive as well as smart. I knew I wouldn�t be able to pull anything on you. The catch is that for every brahmin you let get killed, I charge you $100. I pay well for success and I also charge for failure. That�s the risk you take working for me.
191 Great! Head out to the pastures at night and kill the pack of wild dogs that are attacking my brahmin. Come back here when you finish the job.
192 Great jumping horny jacko-snatchers! Is Cornelius still looking for his lost watch? Why can�t he accept that it�s gone? That dang watch never worked anyways, and I�ll be a brahmin�s uncle if it was actually made of gold. Give it up; you�ll never find it.
193 Actually, Farrel asked me to look for it.
194 Can I ask you a few more questions?
195 Thanks all the same, but I�ll keep looking.
196 I didn�t? Are you sure? I could have sworn I told ya... maybe next time you won�t go accepting jobs until you know all the details. Now if you don�t mind, I have other work to attend to.
197 Hehehe. Now that all depends. Are you planning to stay in town much longer? Bwahahahaha!
198 I see you�re no fool. OK - $1000 then, and we call it even. Shake on it.
200 Now hold on a minute. Now that I think of it, those brahmin looked a bit thin. How about $750, instead?
201 I changed my mind, I don�t want to pay you.
202 [Gives you a big toothy smile] Good to see you�re a person of character.
203 [Grisham turns beet red and talks to you with teeth clenched.] OK, $750 then. Give me the money!
204 You know, $750 still seems kind of expensive. Those brahmin would have died anyway if the dogs didn�t get them first. But I�m not totally selfish; I�ll give you $50.
208 Mark my words, you�ll get yours. If not by me, then by someone else.
209 [Grisham smiles at you in such a way that you involuntarily take a step back.] Why don�t you just keep your money? I have feeling you might have need of it later.
210 Not much to tell. I run the slaughterhouse in Modoc; you want something slaughtered, you bring it to me. I�ll kill it for ya and make it into some of the best jerky you�ve ever tasted.
211 What about the hides and other parts of the animal?
213 Actually, it has kind of helped my business. Nobody has been able to grow sufficient food for their brahmin, so they are severely culling their herds. But that�s just a temporary thing; you have to look at the big picture. With the decline in the brahmin population, my business can only suffer.
215 [Grisham walks around you, pokes you a couple of times and then opens you mouth and checks your teeth.] Ah! A fine, healthy specimen. You�ll do fine. Ahem� Bad doggies, killing good brahmin. Go kill the bad doggies for your friend Grisham. Grisham will give big reward. OK?
216 No, me like doggies. Only bad man no like doggies. Me go away from bad man.
217 I do it. Go there now!
218 Good! Remember, bad things go �Woof! Woof!� Good things go �Moo.� Try not to kill the good things.
219 You seem to be a little short of money. I don�t take credit and I certainly don�t believe in giving something for nothing.
220 You're not going anywhere, boy!
221 That�s what I get for sending a Neanderthal. Just go!
222 Uh� snarf ick unga bunga. Now take your money and be a good little Neanderthal and leave.
223 You are quick, aren�t you? Well, if you ask you can retrieve any part of the animal you want. Balthus will usually buy the hides, and Rose will buy whatever scraps you don�t want. She uses it to make soup and feed her dogs.
225 You�ve got to be kidding. Everyone knows Farrel took the watch. Why would he ask you to search for it� unless Farrel didn�t steal the watch after all! Or maybe this is a trick to convince everyone he didn�t take it. I need to think this out.
228 Boy, don�t even try to explain this. I don�t want to hear it. I�m gonna get the preacher, make this all lawful like, and you will leave and take my son with you when you go.
229 I can�t say I�m not just a little turned on by this, but I can�t have her living in this house now that I�ve seen it. You two are going to have to get hitched and leave.
230 You mind explaining what yer doing with my daughter?
231 You mind explaining what yer doing with my son?
232 Let me explain it to you gently, pops. There are these birds and bees, you see�
233 I�m a doctor, and I was just giving her a complete physical.
234 I�m a doctor, and I was just giving him a complete physical.
235 This isn�t what it appears to be.
236 That�s just great. I�m going to have a smart-ass as son-in-law. Well,, come on� son. Let�s get this over with.
237 That�s just great. I�m going to have a smart-ass as a daughter-in-law. Well come on� daughter. Let�s get this over with.
238 Let me see. It looked to me that you and my daughter were imitating the brahmin during mating season.
239 Let me see - it looked to me that you and my son were doing the horizontal tango between the sheets.
240 OK, maybe it is what it appears to be. But it�s only sex, it�s not like there�s love involved or anything.
241 I understand perfectly. Hormones, and it being that special time of the year.
242 I�m glad you understand.
243 I understand. I hope you understand that you both are gonna hafta get hitched. Can�t have rumors flying about town, you know. Come along and let�s go get the preacher. Don�t make me fill ya full of buckshot.
244 Really? Then why were you both naked?
245 Germs? I mean GERMS! Very important to be clean when doing these examinations.
246 Well as long as yer a doctor, I guess it�s OK. You best get dressed; rumors tend to start because of misunderstandings like this. While you�re here, I�ve been having these pains down in my anus and was wondering if you could take a look at it.
247 Err� I�ll take a look at that later. I have another patient waiting for me. Bye.
248 Yeah. Why don�t you just come with me to get the preacher? Don�t try anything funny, or you will need a doctor.
260 I knew you�d be able to handle it. Let�s see now, I owe you $1000 for completing the job. Here you go.
300 What the hell is going on here?
301 Uhhh... Sir, I was just...
302 You keep your damn hands off of her...
350 [Looking at Bessy] Dropping off.
360 I'd like you to make some jerky for me.
400 What's going on in here?
402 Holy shit! I knew
403 How dare you sully the honor of my
404 Uh, Jo, can we just skip to the vow tying parts?
406 Boy...
407 Missy...
410 Don't make me make
412 Miria
413 Davin
452 was different, but there's only one way to make this right!
453 . There's only one way to make this right!
460 a widow.
461 a widower.
500 Why, that's a fine looking animal you have there. Should make some fine jerky. Tell you what, I'll just keep some of the jerky as payment. What do you say?
501 No way! I love Bess. Nobody is going make jerky out of her.
502 Sounds good to me. When can I come back to pick up my jerky?
503 Forget it, gramps. I'm outta here.
510 Oh� you're one of those. Wouldn't want to take your 'friend' away from you. Nights out in the desert would probably be awfully lonely without her. I don't have time for this; I have work to do.
515 Great! Come back in about a week. You can pick up your jerky in the smokehouse located just outside of the slaughterhouse. I'll leave it in a sack for you. Good doing business with you.
600 Howdy
601 Well, if it isn't
602 Uhhh, he's dead.
603 Uhhh, she's dead.
604 Miria was alive when I left her, but I'm pretty sure she's dead by now.
605 Davin was alive when I left her, but I'm pretty sure she's dead by now.
606 Davin , uhhh, couldn't make the trip, but I'll let him know you said, "Hi," when I see him again.
607 Miria , uhhh, couldn't make the trip but I'll send her your love when I see her again.
700 Aggg... [A shocked look comes over Grisham's face as he suddenly grasps his chest and collapses to the floor.]
750 Well, I have to get back to work now. I'll see you around.
1600 . I hope you're taking good care of my daughter, Miria. She is the light of my life and it would break my heart if anything were to happen to her. Where is she by the way? I was sure hoping to see her again.
1601 . How's the married life treating you? I see my son Davin isn't traveling with you. I sure do miss him. Maybe the next time you visit you can bring him along. It sure would make an old man happy if he could see his only son again.

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