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100 A handsome young man.
101 You see Davin.
102 A young man in his twenties. He looks a lot like Grisham.
150 If you asked, you could have me.
151 Hmpf! Miria isn�t that good in bed.
152 I don�t believe you pimped me.
153 Let�s try a threesome next time.
154 Ooo� he�s a cutie.
155 Ask her.
156 That was great; who�s next?
157 Hi! My name�s Davin; I help my father run the slaughterhouse in Modoc.
158 I�m looking for Cornelius�s gold watch. Have you seen it anywhere?
159 What do you do at the slaughterhouse?
160 I hear rumors about you and the brahmin.
161 Tell me about your dad.
162 Hello again.
163 I knew you�d come back to me.
168 Why don�t we get more comfortable?
171 Stay here.
172 Sure, I�m not busy. Ask away.
178 Nope, haven�t seen it anywhere.
179 Can I ask you a few more questions?
180 Well, I uh� I mean, I� I supervise and take care of stuff. I�m the owner�s son after all. I�m going to inherit this place when my dad kicks off.
182 It�s a lie. I only go out to the barn at night to a� make sure everything is locked up. You know, with all the wild animals around and all.
184 Dad runs the slaughterhouse. He�s OK as far as fathers go. A word of advice if you do any business with him. There�s usually more to his business deals than he lets on.
186 Come back and see me if you want to� talk again.
187 Wow, I never thought such a beautiful woman would try to seduce me. What! You�re not a woman! Don�t worry, you�re so pretty, I won�t say anything if you won�t.
188 I have to be dreaming. I don�t believe such a beautiful woman is trying to seduce me. You are trying to seduce me, right?
189 To look into your eyes is sheer heaven. Let us not break the spell of this precious moment with words. Let our actions speak for themselves.
190 Stop talking; you�re gonna ruin it for the both of us. Just sit back and enjoy.
191 There must be some mistake; I just wanted to ask you some questions.
192 Thanks for the offer, but no. Uhhh... I'll be leaving now.
193 Oh god! Take me! Take me now! [He rips off his clothes, then your clothes� then� Use your imagination]
194 [Giggles] I'm "caboose"! You can be it the next time.
195 [Two hours later: The earth moved, and this bed will never be the same.]
196 [One hour later, and the best orgasm you�ve ever had.]
197 [Half an hour later, you lie there exhausted.]
198 [Fifteen minutes and a couple grunts later.]
199 [You made it as far as removing your shirt before you no longer felt the need.]
200 I have to go. Bye.
400 Dad!
401 Uh-oh!
402 I surely do!
410 Uhh...
411 Uhhh... Continue, please...
412 I sure the hell�
413 Um� I do.
450 Uhhh, I'm not the one you should be talking too.
500 Oh boy, I get to be the one that's in charge here.
1000 Yes, my sweet.
1001 What can I do for you, lover boy?
1005 You don't understand. I just don't want you clinging on me so much when we're walking around.
1006 What you're doing wrong is I need you to walk far behind.
1007 But... But... What did I do wrong?
1008 What is it you want from me, my dearest?
1009 Thanks, it was starting to chaff anyway. So now what, lover?
1010 I used to skin the brahmin at the slaughterhouse, so I'm pretty handy with the knife. Also dad had me beat a brahmin to death with a crowbar once. I guess I could use a club if I need to. Uhhh, oh yeah, dad took me to shoot a pistol once, but I got scared and almost shot him by accident.
1100 I'm completely healed and ready to go.
1200 Hardly more than a scratch left on me now.
1300 Well, I'm mostly healed but I could use more healing when we get a chance.
1400 I healed myself as much as I could but I'm still pretty badly hurt.
1500 No, baby; I wanna come with you.
1600 Sure thing, I'll put it away.
1700 OK, I'm right behind you all the way.
1800 Then I wouldn't be able to protect you. No, I better stay close.
1900 Is that it? No way. I'm not letting you out my sight, you little sex pistol.

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