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100 An old man.
101 Cornelius.
102 Other than the slightly unsettled look on his face, there appears to be nothing out of the ordinary about him.
150 Welcome to Rose�s Bed and Breakfast. My name is Rose -- I mean, Cornelius -- and I run this bed and breakfast. Can I help you?
151 If you run this place, then how come it�s called ROSE�S Bed and Breakfast?
152 I�m looking for a gold watch.
153 What do you do here?
154 Who�s Rose?
155 I�m interested in getting a room.
156 Questions? Was I asking you something? Hi, my name�s Cornelius.
162 You need some serious help, old man.
163 Farrel�s got your watch in a wall safe. Let�s string him up.
164 I found your watch at Farrel�s house. You were right; Farrel is the thief.
165 It seems an industrious rat made off with your watch. I recovered this from its nest.
166 Hello thar! Have we met?
176 My God! Somebody killed my best friend, Farrel! The whole town is looking for the murderer. We�re going to lynch him when we catch him!
177 I killed him. What are going to do about it, you crazy old man?
178 Whoa! Look at the time. I have to be going.
179 Rose is my wife; I named this place after her. Did you know I�m married?
180 Can I ask you some more questions?
181 THEN WHY DON�T YOU ASK THAT NO-GOOD FARREL!? MAYBE HE�LL SELL YOU THE WATCH HE STOLE FROM ME! Now if you don�t mind, I�m quite busy. I got to shave the brahmin.
182 I run this motel. Yep, this place would fall apart if it weren�t for me. Have you been to the outhouse? Cleanest outhouse you�ve ever been to. That�s my doing.
183 What does having a clean outhouse have to do with running this place?
184 Rose is my wife. She runs the kitchen. You won�t find a better meal anywheres else. Rose, she�s so beautiful. I�m going to marry her some day.
185 I thought you just said Rose is your wife.
186 I have a room. I sleep over there. Where do you sleep?
187 I don�t think you understand. I would like to rent a room for the night.
188 A while back, I forget when... my best friend of 30� or was it 40 years? Oh, it doesn�t matter, what matters is that he stole my precious gold pocket watch. It has been handed down in my family for five, no six, err... four generations. Yep, I distinctly remember setting it down on my desk. Then, when I looked on the kitchen table, it was gone.
189 OK, I�ll bring your watch back.
190 Did you try looking for it on your desk?
191 You�ll help me? That�s great! Go beat up Farrel and get my watch back. He probably hid it good. So tear his house apart and look for it.
192 What are you talking about?
193 Look, I don�t want any part of this.
194 Kill Farrel, get watch back� got it? I�ll be right back.
195 Kill Farrel? Who�s going to kill Farrel? He�s my best friend! I�ll personally string up the villain who tries to kill Farrel.
196 I accept the job, and I expect payment upon completion.
197 I can�t take this anymore. I�m leaving.
198 Of course, I�ll pay you. As soon as you finish cleaning out the barn come back and see me.
199 I have a watch. It was a gold watch. I wonder where I put it?
200 Yes, yes, yes. I�ve looked in my sock drawer. It�s not there, either.
201 I�ll keep a lookout for your watch while I�m in town.
202 There�s no way I�m helping a crazy old man like you. I'm outta here.
203 I knew I couldn�t trust him! I�m gonna string him up by the ears until he gives me back my watch.
204 There�s nothing in there. Sheriff Jo and myself looked there already.
206 He did? I knew it! I�ll teach him a lesson he�ll never forget. You�d better stay here or you might get hurt.
207 That�s my watch! What are you doing with that? Give it back! [He snatches the watch from your hands.] I think you better go; we don�t take kindly to thieves around here.
208 That�s gratitude for you.
209 Have you tried Rose�s omelets? They�re delicious.
210 I saw Jonny playing by the well with his dog Laddie. What a nice kid.
211 Don�t go to the Ghost Farm unless you�re tired of living.
212 Miria is a nice girl. We used to play doctor when she was little.
213 Davin is a nice kid. I wonder why he doesn�t look anything like his father?
214 I was sitting on the toilet one day and a big dog climbed out of the sewer. Scared me half to death.
215 Grisham is a nice fellow. He sells us scraps to feed the giant chicken.
216 Stay away from the chicken coop! I almost lost an arm feeding that thing.
217 Rose�s dogs are vicious, but I just throw them some jerky and they don�t pay me no mind.
218 Farrel�s my best friend in the whole world.
219 Laddie is a smart dog. I talk to him all the time.
220 I hear Grisham is trying to marry off his kids. I wonder if Rose wouldn�t mind if I got another wife.
222 Pog? Whatever happened to that game, anyway? Well, I have to go. Maybe we can play later.
225 Me kill Farrel.
300 [Hmmm... Certain words seem to set him off.] Rose... Room... Running...
301 Ooga.
501 I always knew you were a thief!
502 How could you do this to your best friend!
503 I'm gonna kill you!
504 I'm gonna mount your head on my wall!
550 He appears to be pre-occupied at the moment.
600 You have returned the watch to Cornelius.

The snake which cannot cast its skin has to die. As well the minds which are prevented from changing their opinions; they cease to be mind.

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