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100 A heavy set man wearing a leather apron.
101 Balthas the tanner.
102 A tall, muscular man who looks and smells of leather.
151 My son was mistakenly killed in the fight.
152 I can�t bear to live without Jonny.
153 [Sob]
154 Meet us down at the Ghost Farm. We�re going to attack the ghosts.
155 Hello, my name�s Balthas. I run the tannery here in Modoc. Can I help you?
156 You seem a bit preoccupied; is there something wrong?
157 I�d like to see your wares.
158 Have you seen a gold watch lying around anywhere?
159 I�ll be back later.
160 I�m searching for an item called a GECK. Do you by any chance know anything about it, or how I might obtain one?
161 GECK?
163 What can I help you with?
168 Just looking, thanks.
171 Any luck finding Jonny?
172 I found this at the bottom of the old dry well. A part of the well had fallen in, and this was in the debris. I�m sorry, but I believe Jonny is dead.
173 No, nothing yet.
175 Thank you for returning my boy to me. There�s no way I can ever repay you, but please take this leather armor as thanks. I�ve been experimenting with a new curing process; I think you�ll find this armor very durabable, and besides -- you look really good in it.
176 Thank you for saving my son!
177 Please leave me to my grief.
178 Jonny is alive! Some people called Slags have rescued him. If you can wait just a little longer, I�m working on a way to get Jonny back home to you.
179 Jonny�s been kidnapped. The ghosts at the farm have got him, and plan to sacrifice him to their dark god.
180 I understand; sorry to disturb you.
181 Huh? Look, I don�t discuss my personal life with strangers. Do you have any business with me or not?
182 Pardon me, my name is
183 . Now that we�re properly introduced, you seem troubled.
184 Yes, I�m interested in some leather goods.
186 I guess I don�t.
187 Did you say
188 ? Yes, I think I�ve heard of you. One of the guards on a passing caravan mentioned some good things about a person with that name. I know we�ve just met, but I could really use your help.
189 Why don�t you tell me what your problem is, and maybe I�ll be able to help.
190 I have problems of my own, sorry.
191 [He picks up a metal chisel and starts to wring it anxiously. To your amazement, the chisel begins to bend like putty. This guy�s strong!] My boy, Jonny, is missing! He went out to play a few days ago and never came back. We�ve searched everywhere, but still haven�t found him.
192 Where does Jonny normally play? Does he usually play with someone else?
193 I�m sorry about your kid, but what could I possibly do?
194 That�s horrible! But I just stopped in to look at some leather goods. I don�t suppose I could see some of your merchandise?
195 Oooh! Look at the time. I have to be going.
196 Does that mean you�ll help me? Thank you! Jonny was last seen playing cowboys and Indians with his dog Laddie out front. The two of them are inseparable; in fact, that�s how we knew something was wrong. One day, Laddie came back without Jonny. We�ve been searching ever since. Take Laddie with you; maybe the two of you will be able to find Jonny.
197 Well, you have the air of an experienced traveler. With your skills, maybe you�ll be able to track down my son.
198 Well, yes! I am quite a skillful tracker, if I do say so myself. Okay, I�ll help.
199 Flattery will get you nowhere. Look, I need to ask you some questions.
200 My prayers are answered! Take Laddie with you; maybe he can help. Please hurry!
201 Well, maybe you�re right. Thanks for listening.
202 I�ve heard of you. Look, I don�t want any trouble; we�re a peaceful community. Let�s just keep the subject to business, OK?
203 I have some questions for you.
204 I don�t have any business with you for now. Bye.
205 Well� I�m worried about my missing son, Jonny. We�ve searched everywhere, but still can�t find him. I fear that maybe wild animals got him.
206 Maybe I can help. I do a lot of traveling; I�ll keep a lookout for your boy.
208 I would really appreciate that. Every little bit helps. In the mean time, did you have some business with me?
210 No, not really. I�ll be going now, thanks.
211 Sorry, I never heard of it.
214 Hehehe. Has Old Cornelius got you looking for his pocket watch, too? No, you won�t find it here. That old coot probably just left somewhere and forgot about it.
215 Thanks anyway. I�ll keep looking. Bye
216 [He looks at you closely and then smiles.] Why don�t you be a good little boy and run outside and play?
217 [He looks at you closely and then smiles.] Why don�t you be a good little girl and run outside and play?
218 Please keep looking. I know he�s still alive, I can feel it!
219 That�s Jonny�s BB gun all right. Noooooooooooooooooooo! [Balthas breaks down and starts to cry uncontrollably.]
220 I knew Jonny wasn�t dead! You say I have to wait� I don�t understand! Is he hurt? My instincts tell me to go to my son, but I sense you have my son's best interest at heart. Please hurry, and bring my son back to me.
221 Oh no! Not the ghosts! I knew we should�ve burned that place to the ground. I won�t let them take my boy... I�m going to get little Jonny back, whatever the cost. I�m sure the residents of Modoc will help me get my son back! Meet us at the Ghost Farm. We�ll kill them all!

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