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100 You see a scruffy looking person.
101 You see a citizen of Klamath.
102 You see a squatter.
103 You see a backwoodsman.
104 You see a trapper.
105 You see a hunter.
110 Heh, heh - you reckon you�re one of us now?
111 We ain�t got nothing left to steal here.
112 Trapper Town�s got bigger rats everyday. Some even stand erect.
113 No room for you here.
114 No squats left here.
115 What are you looking at?
116 Damn tribals, always stirring up trouble.
117 You should go south.
118 Something smells worse than a gecko pelt.
119 Rats everywhere!
120 By the Great Rat Spirit, what�s next?
121 I�d offer a prayer to the Great Rat Spirit if you�re in town for long.
122 Watch out, or you�ll end up just like Phil.
123 You�re just like the Duntons.
124 I don�t think we want you in this part of town.
125 What�s your problem?
126 (Mumble, mumble)...only one kind of good tribal, and that�s a...(mumble)
130 This part of town�s for us professionals only.
131 Hmm... You don�t look as though you could find a gecko if it bit you.
132 I�m surprised you made it all the way here from your tribe.
133 Watch out for the rats here.
134 Golden geckos can grow five times as long as a man is tall.
135 Them golden geckos have a deadly poison in their fangs.
136 Anyone seen Phil? I think we lost another trapper to the rats last night.
137 Have you seen Phil?
138 Those rats are so hungry these days.
139 There are supposed to be old mine tunnels underneath here.
140 Wish I could figure out how to get to that Corvega.
141 Watch out for slavers. They just love to take tribals.
142 I sure wish I had enough money to get a bath.
143 I want to go visit my Jenny.
144 Another few pelts and I�ll be able to buy myself a bath.
145 Mmm, I love that Dunton�s Drymeat.
146 If the bugmen ever show up here, the rats will eat them. Heh, heh.
147 Yessir, there are old tunnels underneath Klamath. You better believe it.
148 Lots of stuff crawling around in those buildings.
150 You look as though you know your way around the woods.
151 Trapping geckos is dangerous -- but it pays well.
152 I hate all the rats here. They�re too dang smart for the traps!
153 Watch out for golden geckos; they�re twice as tough as the ordinary ones.
154 You�re from the Arroyo tribe, ain�t you? Can tell by your looks.
155 Sometimes I think I�ve seen a really big rat back in the buildings here.
156 It�s cheap to live here, but you have to put up with rats.
157 (Chewing noisily) Rat tastes better than most people think. Hungry?
158 You know, geckos taste a lot like something else if you cook them right. Can�t rightly remember what, though.
159 Some animals like drymeat so much that they�ll run for it instead of you.
160 Remember, if you ever sell too many gecko hides at once, their price will drop.
161 Someday, I want to get a weapon with some range to it.
162 I swear I�ve seen bugmen out near the brahmin grazing area east of town.
170 I hated the rats here. I'm sure glad they're gone.
171 Trapping geckos is dangerous but it pays well.
172 Watch out for golden geckos, they're twice as tough as the ordinary ones.
173 You're from the Arroyo tribe ain't you? Can tell by your looks.
174 There used to be a lot more rats. Can't say's I miss 'em.
175 Those rats been deserting this place like it was sinkin'.
176 (Chewing noisily) Rat tastes better than most people think. Hungry?
177 You know geckos taste a lot like something else if you cook them right. Can't rightly remember what though.
178 Some animals like drymeat so much that they'll run for it instead of you.
179 I haven't heard that weird voice comin' from the rat caves lately. Wonder where it went?
180 Y'know, don't laugh at me, but I think the Rat God's dead.
181 I heard that the Rat God's dead. Not that I believe in stuff like that.
200 You see a rough-hewn person with leather boots.
201 You see a person who must spend a lot of time outdoors.
202 You see a person with roughly made and repaired clothing.
203 You see a rough-hewn trapper with gecko-hide boots.
204 You see someone who spends a lot of time in the wilderness. They're wearing a gecko-pelt shirt.

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