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100 You see a tall man with facial tattoos and a large bone through his nose.
101 You see Sulik.
102 You see a tall, muscular, Tribal. He has a bone through his nose, facial tattooing, and a confident, composed demeanor.
103 .
104 Hey, fren. Our name be Sulik. What you be needin'.
105 Uh?
107 Oh, no. Don't be talking at us. One of you took our sis. Bad karma... for you.
108 Oh, no. We and I don't talk to no slave owner.
109 Most people have evil spirits. You? You have stupid spirits. Go see shaman, get hole in head... Big hole... Very big... Huge.
110 Nuh?
111 Uh-huh!
112 Gug! (you look concerned)
113 Don't want a hole? Go see Torr, he your spirit-brother. He work for Maida-with-no-smiles. Just like we and I.
114 Uh-huh.
115 Huh?
116 Ah, shit, fren. Slavers took our sister. We went drinking, then went breaking. Now paying off Maida. When that done, we go find sis.
117 Now we be getting ready to leave. Go look for sis. She snatched by slavers.
118 Uh?
119 Hmm, how much do you have to pay before you can go free?
120 Uh-huh.
121 I'm looking for something. Maybe you could join me.
122 We owe Maida $350. You heading south? We walkabout with you and look for sis. You having $350?
123 Nuh-uh.
124 Uh-huh!
125 Here's the $350.
126 Who's we?
127 Maybe so, Sulik. Let me ask you something though.
128 $350 is a lot of money. You're going to be here for a while. Goodbye.
129 A master probably keeps you out of trouble. I don't think you'll be going South anytime soon. Goodbye.
140 The spirits with me, fren! They be all around. Sometimes talk.
141 Kind of like extra bats in the belfry, huh?
142 What spirits?
143 Ok...Can I ask you something else?
150 That be funny, fren. At least, Grampy Bone think so. He say you got wit. Say you going to need it.
151 Why?
152 Who's Grampy Bone?
153 Can I ask you something else?
160 Him got feeling about you. Grampy Bone one smart spirit.
162 What feeling?
170 Spirits be everywhere. Travel with we and I. Grampy Bone do most the talking.
171 I'd like to ask something else.
180 That all he say right now. Spirits see and say different. Not like normal folk.
181 And you would have any idea what normal was?
182 Tell me about Grampy Bone.
190 Him strong spirit. Much honor carrying him.
191 Wait. You mean that bone in your nose?
200 Keep him close. Easier to touch his spirit. That's why he talk the most.
201 Hey, I can only hear you talking so far.
210 We going get along just fine.
211 Maybe we can talk more later. Bye.
220 Vic the traitor, more like. Comes to village, says he knows about slavers, tell us to come see him. We go, he ain't there.
221 Your sister was taken by slavers?
222 Let me ask you something else.
223 I guess that's all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
230 We and I thank you. Name's Sulik. How can we repay?
231 Uh.
232 Bye bye.
233 Who's "we?"
234 I was happy to help, Sulik. Tell me about yourself.
235 How about telling me what's going on in town?
236 I just didn't want to see you imprisoned here any longer. Goodbye.
237 Tell me about yourself.
240 We and I will do so.
241 We and I are the spirit of wrath, fren.
243 You got it, fren.
244 We and I are ready to fight.
246 We be like a turtle, fren.
247 We and I will.
250 This one bad trip, fren.
251 We have felt better.
253 It's so bad, we all hurt.
254 Spirits think we and I may be joining them soon.
257 Spirit of poison making home in me.
258 Poison spirit moving in, moving out good spirits fast.
260 Evil spirit is possessing us, fren. Chunks of hair be falling out!
261 We and I glowing! Very bad spirit here.
263 This good place. Maybe no one try to kill us for a change.
264 Grandfather Bone say this good place.
267 Bad spirits lurk here. We need to walk on.
268 Grampy Bone say we should leave here.
270 We and I've been in bad places before. This worse.
271 Grampy Bone say this one bad place. If he talk, you and we need to listen.
280 Sis went trading at another village and never came back. We and I go look for her.
281 What did you find?
290 We and I know there's slavers at Den. When we're free, we're outta here.
291 Tell me about something else.
292 I think that's all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
300 We just say no.
301 I see. That's all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
302 We and I only use herb superb.
310 She's the boss. We pay off and go find sis.
311 Maida used to run our life. She think she like us - she's not happy we're free.
312 Hmm, tell me about something else.
320 They don't want to talk right now.
321 The spirits are sometimes hard to understand. They see things you and we can't.
322 Spirits be willing to talk. What you want?
323 Uh?
324 Nuh.
325 Nuh-uh.
326 What do they tell you about this place?
327 What do they tell you about our chances?
328 I'd rather talk about something else.
329 I don't think I want to know what the spirits think.
350 They all say dark clouds gathering.
351 Grampy Bone say they all gone.
352 Spirits see more joining them. Many more.
360 Grampy Bone say they all standing on the Great Water...Doesn't make sense to we and I, either.
361 Spirits don't understand reason they gone. See it, don't understand it.
362 They say there was a strong spirit here. Somehow that's why all were taken.
370 Evil spirits aren't killing cattle.
371 Bad spirit under something...snaps. Not sure what that mean.
380 Grampy Bone say this place full of bad people.
381 They say people get lost here real easy. In many ways.
382 Hey! They say another bonespirit's here. Needs help.
390 They all very sad. Say time coming soon where there'll be nothing but bonespirits here.
391 This place has no future. We and you need to do something.
400 Grampy Bone laughing, even though not funny. The fight's over something lost, not taken.
401 Spirits not happy. Others pretend to be spirits, try to scare them like children.
402 He who's with the spirits isn't...That's what they said.
403 Everyone in the ground not be dead.
410 Grampy Bone say things can be made good, but help needs come from outside.
411 One place help the other, help self. Too bad they can't see it with their eyes open.
420 We need to go where the spirits go, just not be what they are.
421 This one is not the one, but it helps be the one...maybe spirits know more, maybe not. We and I think they like to talk like that.
430 Spirits say these are touched by shadow from city of lights.
431 The head isn't with the body.
440 Spirits see two paths, joining others. Bad path goes to bad shadows in bright area. Good path goes to bright place that was born of shadows.
441 Don't send them to the lights.
442 Convince them to be part of something larger.
450 No spirit guides these hands.
451 A reed bends, an oak gets blown up.
452 You can make a friend here.
460 Who poisoned the youth?
461 Right is right.
462 This place is full of poison.
470 Those that stand in front backstab.
471 The ground glows with a light not of the spirits.
480 You must be a bridge between sides.
482 Quiet that which is under the water or the salvation of your tribe will also go under.
483 That which pushes the great steel tree into the sky must go to cradle the tribe.
484 Your people are worth more than the dark gold. Carry them with no less care.
490 Those who appear to be spirits but are not carry many secrets.
491 Like an onion, there are many layers, most hidden.
492 The lifting machine may take you to unexpected places.
500 The spirits see the shadow that cast your shadow here from before.
501 There are dangerous ones here.
502 There are other shadows from the one that cast your shadow here.
510 Taken. All taken.
511 The spirits see the same swallowing cloud heading to your home.
512 All taken to the Great Salt Water.
520 What you seek is not here. The path to that is.
521 Walk the quiet way and learn much.
522 A strong seed is planted here. A good seed.
530 An empty shell rests below those that rest.
531 Talons of death are close.
532 Small death will follow you.
540 The voice is louder than the sound of any gun.
541 Evil hops here.
542 The pathway of evil is laid clear here.
550 There is great knowledge here.
551 A stonger path through the future starts in such small places.
560 We need a little time to be by ourself.
561 Be needing some time off. A little smoke, a little think.
600 Ok. Thanks.
704 We need a little time to be by ourself.
705 Be needing some time off. A little smoke, a little think.
706 Let us show you how it's done in our tribe.
707 We be knowing the earth and winds well. We take care of this one.
708 Bonespirits help us out on this one.
709 We be like ugly on...you.
710 Yeah, you be needing us to stay close. Keep you out of trouble.
711 We and I stay close if you promise to buy soap in next town.
712 Will do.
713 We be here if you need us.
714 Probably a good thing to keep a little distance. People trying to kill you all the time.
715 No problem.
716 Good idea. You probably going to get shot at anyway.
717 We and my nose thanks you.
718 Time for a little herb-superb anyway. More for us.
719 Sounds like a plan. Bad things following you around like nobody's business anyway.
720 Good luck to you, fren. We be thinking you be needing it.
721 We be here.
722 Going to take a little nap, talk to Grampy Bone. Not going anywhere.
723 This look like a good place to sit back for a bit.
724 Hey, fren, just tell us to get out of your way.
725 Sorry, fren.
726 We move for you, no problem.
727 Will do.
728 Grampy Bone be telling us same thing
729 Lotta fighting. Need better weapon.
730 Spirits help, too. That and armor almost enough around you.
731 Good idea. You draw angry people like flies on pasture pies.
732 With you around, we be needing all we can get.
733 It too heavy, fen. We like to dance away from the bad things.
734 You need it, you got it.
735 Let's do it.
736 Trading no problem, fren. But only got one Grampy Bone. Sorry.
737 That be a good thing, fren.
738 Will do.
739 We didn't want to be a little girl about it, but...
740 No problem, fren. We're strong.
741 Spirits have guarded us. We're fine.
742 We and I will take a look.
743 Grampy Bone saying we should be careful.
744 No problem. Make sure it safe for our fren.
745 From now on you give two for one in trades...Just kidding. Grampy Bone say you get funny look - like that one.
746 Sounds good.
747 What's ours is yours, fren.
750 We and I thank you. You try to do a good thing, just don't have the bread. Maybe you can raise some?
751 Uh.
752 Sorry, I must have miscounted. Goodbye.
753 I thought I had enough. Sorry. Let me ask you something.
754 Yeah. We be giving this to Maida. Then we be free. Want us to walk by-and-by?
755 Yeah. You may be ugly outside, but you're way cool inside. We're free to find sis now.
756 Oh, yeah. Way cool. We'd go with you, but you're already a crowd.
757 Nuh-uh.
758 Uh-huh.
759 Not right now, thanks.
760 That'd be great.
761 We and I know many things. Travel from Great Salt Water to home of biting lizards.
762 We and I be glad to answer.
763 Tell me about the Great Salt Water.
764 Biting Lizards?
766 Why did you travel so much?
767 What are you doing here?
768 I'm interested in some local information.
769 Would you like to come with me? We might be able to find your sister in the course of my travels.
770 I don't think I need to know anything else right now.
771 The tribe's home is next to Great Salt Water. Two moons from here, fren.
772 Let me ask you something else.
773 Two moons? That's a long ways. How did you travel so far safely.
774 That's all I need for now. Goodbye.
775 Geckos. The little dudes don't bite hard. It's the Goldens. They go through your leg like an old pipe stem.
776 Trader named Vic supposed to be here. He be saying he know about slavers. We show up, didn't peep him, get pretty hot.
777 Vic's here but I don't think he knows much about slaves. Other than being held as one in the Den, that is. Tell me something else.
778 Bye.
779 Slavers got our sis. Thought Vic be having information. Couldn't peep him, got p.o.'d, drank like a fish. Spirits of Anger and Chaos pop out and now we have to pay some coin to make it right.
780 We be trying to know which way to go to find slavers who take sis. Maybe south.
781 Getting down to find sis. Think we go south, but not sure yet. You want company?
782 You were looking for Vic the trader?
783 You have to pay for damages?
784 Uh! Uh, uh!
785 I'll be going South. You're welcome to travel with me.
786 You're looking for your sister?
787 Fren, with all the spirits walking with me, not afraid to travel anywhere.
790 You're bad news walking. Grampy Bone say we be stacking up the bad karma just being near you.
791 We're there. Grampy Bone say we might find sis with you.
792 Uh.
793 I hope so. In any case it will be nice to travel with you, and, uh, your Grandfather's bone.
794 Not just Grampy Bone, all tribe's spirits. Grampy Bone just wiser and stronger than the rest. Let's ease on down.

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