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100 You see a filthy trapper with torn and bloodstained clothing. He appears to be favoring one leg slightly.
101 You see Smiley, the trapper. He�s limping a bit and looks unhappy.
102 You see Smiley, the trapper. He looks a lot better since you rescued him from the caves.
103 You see a middle-aged man wearing the bloody and torn clothes of a trapper. He doesn�t look very well.
104 You see Smiley, the trapper. He looks as though his health has improved greatly since you rescued him from the cave.
110 Hello there, stranger. People call me Smiley. I�m sure glad to see you. I thought I was going to die here for certain! I'm hurt too bad to get past those damn lizards on my own.
111 Smiley, heh, heh, heh. Ook.
112 What are you doing here?
113 Nice to meet you, Smiley. I think I�ll be going now.
120 Great. Another Torr. I (points at himself) need you (points at you) to help me get out of here (makes walking fingers motion on hand).
121 Go? Now? Ook
122 go. Bad lizards! Bad!
130 Yes! That�s it. We go (walking fingers again) together (clasps hands together). Right now!
131 Smiley go with
132 now.
133 Smiley no go with
134 . No like Smiley. Goodbye.
140 Hey! Wait! You can�t just leave me here.
141 Oh, sorry. What was I thinking?
142 Well, I guess not.
143 I can and I will. I think I�m going to do just that. Goodbye.
150 I always caught more golden geckos north and west of Klamath than anywheres else. So I figured that all the golden geckos lived someplace up here.
151 Looks like you were right.
160 I�d love to chat with you, but let�s just get out of here now and chat later. Okay?
161 Uh, yeah. I guess that�s a good idea.
162 Just one question, first. What do you know about these caves?
170 Looks as though I was a little too right. I got in here okay, but then one of those damn geckos got behind me and damn near took my leg off. I just barely made it over here.
171 I wonder why they didn�t finish you off?
180 Well, I guess they don�t like to crawl through the goo too much. I can�t say as I blame them. It sure burns if gets on your skin. But that doesn�t seem to stop �em from licking up the darn stuff like it was Buckner�s Best.
181 Interesting.
190 Enough gum flapping. Now let�s get out of here. I figure that if I can join you we should both be able to make it out of here okay. I sure could use the help.
191 Ok. You can join me. I�ll make sure you get out of here and back to Klamath. I think that Ardin is going to be glad to see you again.
192 Well, OK. But I don�t want you whining for help all the time.
200 These caves look like a prewar storage area. I think there must be more down below us but there�s some kind of fancy teck-no-logical lock on the door. Anyhow, I�ve had enough. Let�s git out of here.
201 OK.
210 Whew. I think I just used up some lives that time around. Why don�t you come over to the Buckner place a little later on, and I�ll make sure you get a nice reward for saving me.
211 Thanks, Smiley. I was happy to do it. Goodbye.
212 OK, whatever. Goodbye.
213 About time you mentioned a reward. It better be a good one. Goodbye.
220 Well, if�n it ain�t my idjit friend. Thanks a heap. Goodbye to you.
221 Hello there, friend. Thanks again for getting me out of that tight spot. Anything I can help you with?
222 Anything else, friend?
223 Well, I had a few questions about hunting geckos.
224 I have all sorts of questions about this area.
225 Is Mrs. Buckner happy to see you back?
226 No, I guess I just wanted to say hello. Talk to you later, Smiley. Goodbye.
230 I sure owe you for saving my hide. Least I can do is to teach you something in return.
231 Teach?
232 Thanks Smiley. I'd sure appreciate any tips you could give me.
240 Since those geckos nearly had my hide let me teach you how to get theirs. Here's how you skin 'em. (Smiley demonstrates) ...and when you kill 'em you can get their hides an' sell 'em. OK?
241 Urk. Pretty, heh, heh, heh. Sell. Heh, heh, heh. Bye.
242 Thanks, I'm sure that will come in handy. Tell me something else though.
243 Thanks for showing me how to do that, Smiley. I think I'll go practice on some geckos. Goodbye.
250 I think you know enough about geckos now.
251 Heh, heh. I think maybe you could teach me something about geckos. I don�t think I can help you out with that.
252 Well, I guess I know more about geckos than anyone alive. I was raised on gecko milk, you know. But it�ll take a few hours.
253 I want to know all you can teach me about geckos.
254 I guess I don�t need to know about that right now. Tell me something else though.
255 Gecko milk? I thought geckos were reptiles.
260 There�s more you need to know than you even know you need.
261 Teach me, oh great trapper.
262 Uh, yes. Go ahead. I�m listening.
263 Well, okay. Spin your tall tales. I�ll listen.
264 Maybe I don�t need to know about this. Goodbye.
270 Well, you see it�s like this - golden geckos and regular geckos are basically the same critter except the golden�s got a big second helping of sheer cussedness... (time passes as you learn the lore of the Gecko)
271 That was great. I think I know a lot more about geckos now. Thanks. Goodbye.
280 Maida Buckner, Widow Buckner�s daughter, is the one to talk to about all sorts of town gossip.
281 Let me ask you something else, then.
282 Oh, I see. Thanks. Goodbye.
290 Widow Buckner�s so darn happy to have me back that she may be Mrs. Smiley before too long. She was even talking about giving you a little something for finding my hairy butt and returning it to her.
291 I�m happy for the two of you. Let me ask you something else.
292 That�s great. I�ll have to talk to her. Goodbye.
300 Hey, thanks for saving my sorry ass. I better high-tail it back to Klamath. See you there.
310 Don't worry about me. I can make it back from here on my own.
320 You gain

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