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100 You see a plump, older woman with a large nose
101 You see Big Nose Sally, the owner of the Bathhouse.
200 Hello there, my name�s Sally Dunton. Hmm, did you catch that?
201 Ally Onion? Gurk?
202 I gotta pee-ee
203 Oog? (shaking head)
204 Well, that�s a right nice try for an idjit. But I ain�t having none of your kind in here. Now, git out. Shoo, shoo.
205 I know you�re a tribal and all, but this is a bathhouse, not an outhouse. Git out afore I have you thrown out!
206 I know my boys have taken up with some poor sorts, but you�re the worst yet. I just can�t believe that you let them down. I won�t have you in my place. Now, get out.
210 My name�s Sally Dunton, but mostly they call me Big Nose Sally. I�m the owner of this here bathhouse. We have a whole hassleful of special, attended baths for you to pick from.
211 What kind of special, attended baths do you have here?
212 Gee, Miss Sally, I just wanted a regular bath. You don�t have a bubble bath, do you?
213 I think I�ve changed my mind; I may try back later.
220 My name�s �Big Nose� Sally Dunton and I�m the owner of this here bathhouse. I�m afraid that we just have girl bath attendants here. That alright with you?
221 I�m just here for a bath.
222 Women suit me just fine.
223 Gee, I was really looking for a male attendant.
224 I don�t think this is what I was looking for.
225 I�m sorry that we couldn�t help you out. Come on back later, though.
230 If you just want an unattended bath, you might try the Golden Gecko or the Buckner House. But I doubt that you�ll find that as enjoyable.
231 Thanks, Miss Big Nose. I�ll try that instead. Good-bye.
232 I was just kidding; I�d like a special bath.
240 The special baths that we have available vary in cost by the amount of time that the gal spends with you, and any special services that you take advantage of.
241 You mean I get to be with a real-live girl? Sign me up!
242 I don�t think I�m ready for this; I better go.
243 I think that the appearance of the attendant better figure into the cost, too.
250 The baths that we have available are: a Wash Cloth Hand Wipe, a brief Full Body Wash, and, lastly, the Round-the-World Full Squeaky Clean Servicing, offered by the beautiful and talented Jenny, recently trained at the finest house in the Den.
251 I think I can get by with the Hand Wipe; how much is that?
252 I like the idea of a Full Body Wash; what�s that going to cost?
253 Beautiful and talented? I�ve got to hear more about the Round-the-World Full Squeaky Clean Wash.
254 I don�t think I�m ready to take a bath with someone else watching; I�m going to leave.
255 Can I mix and match the different types of baths?
256 What about getting a discount on those baths?
260 No, you have to choose one at a time, but you can always come back for more -- usually after a brief rest.
261 Tell me the different types of bath again.
262 If I can�t make my own combinations, I don�t even want a bath; I�m outta here.
270 Well, for an attractive individual like yourself that would only cost $25.
271 $25? That�s a bargain; I�ll take it.
272 Hmm, tell me about the other types of baths again.
273 Maybe I don�t need this right now. I�m leaving.
280 Hmm, you look as though you need a real bath first; that�ll make the price $35.
281 $35? That seems kind of steep -- but I guess I am a bit scruffy. I�ll take it.
282 What are the other choices again?
283 Thanks, but I think I�ll look elsewhere.
284 $35 seems kind of expensive; got any cute brahmin, instead?
290 I think any of our girls would be happy to give you a full body wash; I just better watch the time to make sure it�s a brief one (chuckle). The Brief Full Body Wash will cost you $55.
291 That sounds like fun. Here�s my $55.
292 Hmm, what are the other choices again?
293 Thanks, but I think that I�ll save my money for now.
300 You could use a bit of real scrubbing; don�t you tribals know about soap? Oh well, that�ll cost you $70 for the Brief Full Body Wash...but I�m sure that you�ll be happy with the results.
301 Wow, $70! That seems like a lot. But I bet it�s worth it. I�ll try it.
302 What were the other bathing options?
303 I don�t think that I want to pay for a bath after all.
310 Well I�m sure that your Round-the�World trip Servicing with beautiful Jenny will be an experience that you�ll savor for quite a while. A real bargain at only $125.
311 I can�t wait to enjoy Jenny�s special talents. Here�s my $125.
312 Maybe I should hear about the other bath choices again.
313 I don�t think that I�ll ever need $125 worth of cleaning. I�m going to leave before I get myself into trouble.
320 Hmm, I don�t know if Jenny will even take you in the condition that you�re in. You�re going to need a thorough, no-nonsense, scrubbing first. (To herself: I wonder if Gerda is free for that?) With the cost of the pre-scrubbing, the Round-the-World Full Squeaky Clean Servicing is yours for only $185.
321 I get both Gerda and Jenny? What a bargain! Here�s my $185.
322 Is Gerda that larger, mustachioed woman? I better hear the other choices again.
323 I don�t think that I can afford this right now. I think I�m going to leave.
324 Gerda isn�t really a woman at all, is she? I don�t want to be scrubbed down by a burly drag-queen. I�m outta here.
330 That�s a great choice, if you don�t have a lot of time or money.
340 I think you�ll really enjoy this.
350 I think that you�ll enjoy Jenny bathing you more than any bath you�ve ever had.
360 We don�t handle that sort of thing here. Try talking to my sons, Chuck and Buck Dunton. I understand that their brahmin are pretty darn popular with a certain set.
361 You don�t have enough money. Come back when you�re able to pay.
362 It seems as though your eyes are bigger than your budget. Perhaps you�d like to try a cheaper washing.
363 I�m certain that one of my sons would be happy to help you out. But you might want to come back here afterwards; most gals that spend any time with my boys get a hankerin� to bathe themselves real good.
370 Back again, huh? A lot of folks just can�t seem to get clean enough.
371 I�m just looking around this time; I don�t need a bath.
372 Tell me the types of bath that you have again.
373 Do I get a return customer discount?
380 Well now, it wouldn�t be fair to discount any of our services. My gals are well worth what they charge.
381 Well, if I can�t get a discount, I�m leaving.
382 I guess that�s fair enough. Tell me what baths you have available.
390 Before we go any further, you�ve gotta know that the baths are for individuals, not groups. You can make your own arrangements, and then your friends can do as they please on their own.
391 Ok.

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