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100 You see a short, swarthy man smiling at you.
101 You see Sajag, the owner and barman of the Golden Gecko.
110 Hello there, stranger. Welcome to the Golden Gecko Tavern, Hotel, and Trading Post. I�m Sajag; I run the place. What can I get for you?
111 Oh eh oh?
112 Grink! (point at glass)
113 I�ll have a drink.
114 I�d like to buy a round of drinks for the whole bar, to introduce myself.
115 I�d like to trade.
116 I�d like a room for the night.
120 Well, if it�s not another dang idiot. Just like Torr. Get the hell out of my bar.
130 You�re our kind of people. You came to the right tavern to spend your money. What can I do for you, pal?
131 You don�t seem to be too popular in this part of town. Well, maybe the jury�s still out on you. How can I help you?
132 I need some beer.
133 I would like to buy a round of drinks for everyone in the bar.
134 I�d like to trade.
135 I�d like a room for the night.
136 Thanks for your help. Goodbye.
137 Goodbye.
140 One tall mug of Golden Gecko Piss coming up. Only $5 for the best beer north of Redding.
141 You poured me a mug of piss!?!
142 Thanks for the beer. I need some information though.
143 Thanks. That�s all I need for now. Goodbye.
150 A round of piss for the whole bar then! Huzzah! That�ll be $30. (Big smile)
151 Everyone in here is drinking lizard piss!?!
152 Hope everyone enjoys the beer. Sajag, I need some information.
153 Enjoy your piss, everyone. Goodbye.
160 Looks as though you don�t have enough money for that right now. Sorry, friend. No credit here. (smiles)
161 Just like one of your kind to try and get something for nothing. No money, no service; now get out.
170 Relax, pal; it�s just what we call the beer here. (chuckles) This is the Golden Gecko, remember?
171 It�s just beer. Golden Gecko, Gecko Piss? Are you slow or what? (shakes his head) Tribals, sheesh.
172 Oh. Heh, heh; well, back at Arroyo we actually...Uh, never mind.
173 Oh, I get it. Well, aren�t you folks clever.
174 I�m not drinking piss! I don�t care where it�s being served or what you call it!
180 Well, now that we�ve got first things first out of the way...how can I help you? (smiles)
181 Nice of you to drink with us lowlifes. (snickers) Just what do you want anyway?
182 I think I�ll have another drink.
183 I�d like to buy a round of drinks for all my new friends here.
184 I have some questions for you.
185 I think that�s all I need for now, thanks.
190 Well information�s what it�s all about, pal. What do you want to know about?
191 Yeah? What the heck do you want to know about?
192 Are there any other settlements nearby?
193 Are there any traders here in Klamath?
194 Anything unusual going on here in Klamath?
195 I�m looking for a job. Any leads?
196 Where can I get healing supplies?
197 I�m looking for something called a Garden of Eden Creation Kit. Know where I might find such a thing?
198 That�s all I need to know for now. But there�s something else I need.
199 I guess, that�s enough info for now.
210 Hey there, friend. A little bird told me that you know where old Whiskey Bob has his still. I sure would like to know where that is.
211 You�re mistaken. I�ve never met anyone named Whiskey.
212 I don�t think I want to tell you that.
213 Why do you want to know where that is?
214 I might know that. What�s it worth to you?
215 Can�t stand a little competition, huh?
220 Forget I mentioned it then. Not a big thing. (smiles)
230 Well, Bob�s getting in the way of certain business partners. I don�t mind the competition. (grins) But they sure do. I�ll pay $50 to a smart cookie that can tell me where the still is. No other action required. (smiles)
231 The story is that Bob�s homemade hootch is making people sick. I�ll pay $50 just to know where the still is, and then we can get the town council to shut him down. (smiles warmly)
232 $50 is a good price -- especially when I don�t need to do anything myself to get it. (you give directions to the still)
233 I don�t think I should tell you where the still is.
234 I just don�t think Bob�s whiskey is making people sick.
235 I�ll tell you where it is for $50. But, I want to hear more about your business partners. (you give directions to the still)
240 Thanks for the information, friend. I�ll make sure it�s put to good use. (smiles) Here�s your $50 and a piss on the house, too. Anything else I can help you with?
241 I think I�d like to have a nice piss to celebrate.
242 How about a piss for all of my friends here?
243 I have some questions that I�d like to ask you.
244 That�s all I need for now. Goodbye.
250 Well, let�s just say that I have connections with some important people south of here -- in the Den.
251 Well, I�ll keep that in mind. Thanks for the money.
260 I�ve got all kinds of things right here, kid: healing supplies, booze, all kinds of stuff. I've got special sources, ya' might say. Always willing to look at a good gecko pelt, too.
261 Let me see what you�ve got.
262 I guess I don�t need anything right now. But I do have some questions.
263 Special sources? Then you should be able to give me a really good price.
270 Always plenty of rooms here for our friends. Only going to cost you $20 for eight hours of safe and comfortable shut-eye. A whole room to yourself. Have a party.
271 We don�t have any rooms here, pal. Sorry, full up.
272 $20 sounds like a fair price to me. I�ll take it.
273 I don�t think I�ll take you up on that offer just now, Sajag. What about something else?
280 Hey pal, thanks for the information. My friends down in the Den aren�t worried about any competition anymore. (evil grin)
281 Thanks for the information, friend. The town council, um, voted, to shut down Whiskey Bob�s still. He won�t be poisoning anyone else for a while. (sincere looking smile)
282 I�m glad that I was able to help; of course, the $50 didn�t hurt, either.
283 Well, I�m sure I�ll sleep easier knowing that Klamath is safe from Bob�s hooch.
284 No skin off my back, pal.
290 Well, let�s see. All sorts of things going on in town lately. (counts on his fingers) There�s brahmin-mutilating bugmen, rodents of unusual size, a walking spirit, and a missing hunter. Klamath�s become a real hot spot lately.
291 Tell me about the brahmin-mutilating bugmen, please.
292 Tell me about the RUS's, please.
293 Tell me about the walking spirit, please.
294 I�m not surprised that a hunter�s gone missing with all this excitement, but tell me about him, too.
295 I�d like to ask about other things.
296 I don�t want to know about anything else.
300 Well, the Dunton brothers are always looking for someone to do their dirty work for them. And for that matter, Torr, the Buckner boy, is scared to go tend the brahmin at night on account of the bugmen.
301 Thanks; I have another question for you.
302 I guess that�s all I need to know. But I do need something else.
303 That�s all I need for now. Goodbye.
310 There are a couple of settlements nearby. There are some tribals northwest of us -� but I �spose you know about them. (smiles) Then there�s the Den a few days south of here -- that�s the closest -- and there�s a mining town called Redding quite a ways to the southWest.
320 Not too many traders in town. Just Vic, that I can think of. He�s got a house in the east part of town. He used to trade prewar stuff at the Den and to tribals. Haven�t seen him for a bit, though.
330 Well, I don't have prices like this for just anybody. It's not easy to get this stuff from the Den.
331 I�d like to make you one of my special friends, sweetheart. (grins) It�s not easy to get this stuff from the Den. Tell you what -� I�ll give you a special price on what I�ve got.
340 I don�t know what you�re talking about, pal. Do you want to trade or not?
341 Yeah, sure I want to trade. Sorry for asking.
342 I guess I don�t want to trade with you after all.
343 You�ve got connections to the Den. Come on - I know you can make me a better deal.
350 Well, they say critters that look like man-sized bugs walking around on two legs are tearing open brahmin in the middle of the night. Only Torr�s caught a good look at them though. Scary, huh?
360 Some say that there�s a gigantic rat, the size of a Corvega, that rules over all the rats over in Trapper Town (west of downtown). They say that it lives in an old mine underneath Trapper Town and that all the other rats bring it any shiny objects that they find. (licks his lips) Mmm, Shiny baubles.
370 Well, west of town there�s a canyon. A few months back there was a bright light coming from there and then critters started disappearing. Tracks lead into the canyon, but none lead out. Spooky, huh? Some have heard a weird whining sound echoing off the canyon walls there, too.
380 Well, Smiley was one of the best trappers there ever was. He up and left Mrs. Buckner one day, and said he was going to find where all the golden geckos come from. Said he�d be rich if he could find it. But he hasn�t come back -- and that was a while back, too.
381 That�s incredible. Tell me more local news.
382 That�s all I need to know for now.
390 Garden of Eden, huh? Well, Jenny�s the closest I�ve been to the Garden of Eden. Only a few dollars to create that. (smiles) Sounds nice, but I don�t know where you�d find it.
391 Well, that�s not quite what I was looking for. Let me ask you something else.

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