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100 You see an attractive, but tired, young woman.
101 You see Jenny, the bath attendant.
200 Gee, mister, that was pretty quick. You must be pretty new at this sort of thing. Just relax a bit and you�ll enjoy it more.
201 Thanks, Jenny; I guess I need some more practice at this.
210 That was nice. You seem like you know your way around a woman better than most men your age.
211 I�m glad that you had as much fun as I did.
220 You really have a lot of staying power. That�s the nice thing about younger men. Sure wish there were more like you in town.
221 I sure enjoyed that bath, Jenny. I could go for a little more if I didn�t have other things that I had to do.
230 Well, that was different. I hope you come back; I think I�d like to experiment with some ideas of my own next time.
231 It�s nice being with someone who understands what I need for a change.
240 That sure was fun. You could be a real knockout if we got you out of those tribal duds. I wouldn�t mind having you stick around for a while, sister. Ever considered a career change?
241 I enjoyed myself, too. I have a lot of things to do before I could consider settling down just yet. But, thanks anyway.
250 You're different from the usual group around here.
251 Tell me about what goes on here.
252 I don�t think I want to know about what goes on here.
260 Well, it�s been nice chattin� with you. I better get ready for another customer, though. Goodbye.
270 You look a little confused. My name�s Jenny; can I help you?
271 Enny? Goo heh heh heh. (smile)
272 (nods) Hep
273 perdy Enny
274 Mommy?
280 Hmm, I think you just better clear out of here before Big Nose Sally finds you. She doesn�t take kindly to idjits in her place.
290 What would you like to know?
291 Tell me about trappers.
292 I�m looking for a trader. Know any of them that deal in old items, like from the beforetimes?
293 Do you happen to know how to get to the Den from here?
294 Bye.
295 Jenny, have you ever heard of something called a GECK?
300 Well, there�s not much to tell about the trappers, really. They get a few gecko pelts...or get lucky with a few golden geckos...and then they come in to blow off some steam. Quick and not too demanding �- just the way I like �em.
301 I guess that�s all I need to know for now.
302 Interesting; let me ask you about something else.
310 You�re interested in traders, huh? Well I mostly just worked for one trader. Vic was his name. He always had extra money to blow, at least when he worked he did. See, he specialized in really old stuff. You know, technical thingies.
311 Well, thanks for the info. I think I�ll go now.
312 Tell me more about Vic.
313 Let me ask you about something else.
320 Vic was a real sweetheart. He would go off for weeks at a time and then come back with all kinds of beforetime things. But he often had to travel to the Den to sell them. Not much call for that sort of stuff �round here.
321 Where�s Vic now?
322 Where�s the Den?
323 Did Vic ever have anything that was labeled �Vault-Tek�?
324 Tell me something else.
325 I think that�s all I need to know.
330 The Den is a hive of scum and villainy southeast of here. I guess about a week or so? Don�t remember too clearly. Anyhow, it�s an exciting place. Dangerous, but exciting. Sorry to leave there, in a way.
331 Let me ask you something else.
332 I think I�ll leave now, thanks.
340 I don�t rightly know where Vic is. I know he has a house just down the street from us, to the east. He could be out trading with tribals or even in the Den, for all I know. I hope he�s okay. He was getting to be more than just a steady customer to me.
341 I hope he�s okay, for your sake. Let me ask you another question.
342 I hope he comes back to you. I think I�ll go now. Goodbye.
350 Hello there, mister. My name's Jenny. Looking for a good scrub-down?
351 Uh, no thanks; I was just looking around.
352 Actually, I could use a bit of a rub (nudge, nudge, wink, wink).
353 Well, actually, I just had a few questions that I wanted to ask you if you don�t mind.
354 I�m looking for information about a trader of beforetime stuff.
360 Hello there, miss. My name's Jenny. Can I help you?
361 Uh, no; I just wanted to see what was in here. But I think I better go.
362 Actually, I could pick up some personal beauty tips from a cutie like you.
363 I just had a few questions that I wanted to ask you.
364 I�m looking for information about a certain trader of beforetime stuff.
370 Well then, you better talk to Big Nose Sally. She makes all the business arrangements for us and she doesn�t take kindly to any freelance work.
380 Hello there, cute stuff. My name's Jenny. You looking for work here? If you move as good as you look, you could really make some good money here.
381 I�m really not interested in a job here.
382 Mmm, I�d love to show you, personally, just how good I can move.
383 Thanks, but I think I just need to ask you some questions.
384 I�m looking for information about a trader. He deals in beforetime things.
390 Vault-tek? He might have had something like that. I�m not sure. I know he did have a lot of really old stuff.
391 Thanks, Jenny. Let me ask you something else.
392 Well I guess that�s all I need for now.
400 A Geck? What�s that? Some kind of small gecko, I�d guess. Sorry, I don�t know what else it would be.
401 Thanks, Jenny. Let me ask you something else.
402 Well, I guess that�s all I need for now.

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