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100 You see one of Klamath's citizens.
101 You see one of Klamath's citizens.
150 Why don't you go back to your tribe?
151 I'll give you some pretty beads if you leave me alone.
152 Nice tribal, good tribal, don't hurt me.
153 I sure wish we had a wall around the town.
154 I don't have anything to steal; go away.
155 Why are you looking at me like that?
156 Great, another tribal.
157 Why don't you go back to the golden gecko?
158 Just keep away from me.
159 We don't need you stirring up trouble.
160 You must have come north from the Den.
161 Last thing we need is more like you.
170 Hello there, stranger.
171 I sure hope the trapping's good this season.
172 Lots of brahmin going missing lately.
173 (Crunch, crunch) Dunton's Drymeat sure is yummy.
174 Did you come here to trade hides for firewater?
175 I thought all your people put a bone through their noses.
176 Watch out for the rats in Trapper Town.
177 Now where'd I put those magic beans?
178 Geckos taste just like canned chicken, if you cook them right.
179 I'm going to relax at the Bathhouse.
180 Watch out for the Duntons.
181 Buckner house always gives me a fair price on my goods.
182 Nice day today.
183 You look like Sulik.
184 I wonder where that idiot Torr has gone?
185 The big secret is - hey, what's this in my pocket?!?
186 No rest for the poor.
187 My joints ache; weather must be changing.
188 Wind's picking up a bit.
190 Nice to see you.
191 Any more like you at home?
192 Hope you're enjoying Klamath.
193 We could use a few more people of your caliber here.
194 What's up, friend?
195 Good fortune to you.
196 If you need to buy anything, go to Buckner House.
197 You're not like Sulik at all.
198 You're the most civilized tribal I've ever met.
199 Watch out for geckos that have changed color.
200 Hello, traveller.
201 Glad to have you in Klamath.
202 Howdy, stranger.
203 Watch out for those Duntons; they're dangerous.
204 Trapper Town sure has a lot of rats.
1000 Elder
1001 Founder
1002 Vault Dweller
1003 Arroyo
1004 Klamath
1005 Vault
1006 Chosen One
1007 Shaman
1008 Hakunin
1009 Healing Powder
1010 Bridge
1011 Mynoc
1100 The Elder is your mother and our leader.
1101 Our great ancestor who gave us knowledge.
1102 The first to fight and win over chaos.
1103 That would be our beautiful village.
1104 That�s trading outpost a few days east of here.
1105 The Vault is heaven.
1106 You are the Chosen One.
1107 He heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1108 He heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1109 It is a magic powder which will heal you, but will make you sleepy.
1110 The Great Bridge exits our village in the south.

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