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100 You see one of Klamath's Children.
101 You see one of Klamath's Children.
150 Don't eat me!
151 Eeeee! The boogy-monster!
152 Daddy says you're a bad person.
153 Aieeee! Run away!
154 You're scaring me.
155 Stop looking at me.
156 I'm not supposed to talk to tribals.
157 You're just like the Duntons.
158 My mom said you'll eat me if I'm bad.
159 I'm not afraid of you!
160 Help meee!
161 It's after me!
162 Please don't hurt me!
163 Stay away from me!
164 Eeeeeeeee!
165 I hate you!
166 Mommy, mommy, mommy!
167 Leave me alone!
168 You stink!
170 Hello there.
171 Want to play house?
172 Do you really poke a bone through your nose?
173 How come you're so funny looking?
174 My mom says you're primitive.
175 Has your tribe stopped eating people?
176 Who dressed you so funny?
177 I'll bet you're nicer than you look.
178 Let's play tag. You're it.
179 You don't smell that bad.
180 Have you seen my invisible friend?
181 I want to travel the world when I'm as old as you.
182 You�re a nice tribal, not like the others.
183 I bet you do to bathe.
184 You�re smarter than Torr.
185 Is that blade you have really sharp?
186 I want to be just like you when I grow up.
187 My dog loves drymeat.
188 I�ve got a shiny pebble.
189 Have you seen my invisible friend?
190 Can I join your tribe?
191 You're nice.
192 You look funny.
193 Whatcha wearing?
194 I want a brahmin ride!
195 Are you from far away?
196 Weeee! Ha Ha Ha!
197 Don't leave!
198 Do you have some food?
199 Am I bothering you?
200 Where ya going?
201 Can I come with you?
202 How old are you?
203 What's your name?
204 Do you like kids?
205 What is that?
206 Do you wanna play a game?
207 Whatcha doing?
208 Have you seen any bugs?
209 Where did you get that?
210 Can I have that?
211 What do you do?
212 I can run fast. Wanna see?
213 Watch me! Watch me!
214 Mommy says I talk to much.
215 Where is your home?
216 Heeee! Heeee!
217 Are you gonna stay here?
218 Do you have kids?
219 Why did you come here?
220 I like you.
221 Do you like me?
222 Are you married?
223 One, two, three - weee!
1000 Elder
1001 Founder
1002 Vault Dweller
1003 Arroyo
1004 Klamath
1005 Vault
1006 Chosen One
1007 Shaman
1008 Hakunin
1009 Healing Powder
1010 Bridge
1011 Mynoc
1100 The Elder is your mother and our leader.
1101 Our great ancestor who gave us knowledge.
1102 The first to fight and win over chaos.
1103 That would be our beautiful village.
1104 That�s trading outpost a few days east of here.
1105 The Vault is heaven.
1106 You are the Chosen One.
1107 He heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1108 He heals us with his herbs and magic. He is in the north part of our village.
1109 It is a magic powder which will heal you, but will make you sleepy.
1110 The Great Bridge exits our village in the south.

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