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100 You see one of two very similar looking men--they could be twins. Both are heavily muscled and have beetling brows.
101 You see either Chuck or Buck Dunton, they both look so much alike that you�re not sure which one you�re looking at right now.
102 You see a tall, heavily muscled man whose face, beneath his beetling brow, is habitually twisted into a bully�s smirking scowl. He looks just like his brother.
110 You just better push off, or my brother and I are going to pound you�re little head into jam.
111 Hey, take it easy. I was just kidding around. I�m really sorry. Don�t hit me, please. Besides, I wanted to ask you two about something.
112 Uh, sorry, Mr. Dunton, sir. I�ll be leaving now.
113 I need some information, and you just better tell me what I need to know.
114 You and your brother? Are you afraid to take me on all alone? (Cluck, cluck, cluck)
120 Just get out before we smash you flat and turn you into drymeat.
121 Hey, I�m really sorry. I didn�t mean to upset you. I�m just stupid. I�ll come back later when you�re not so sick of looking at me.
122 Oh, okay, sorry. Don�t hit me. Please.
123 At least I won�t have to look at your butt-ugly faces anymore.
130 What do you want to know from us?
131 I don�t think we need to tell you anything. What the heck do you want, anyway?
132 So, what�s the little wimp want from us, anyway?
133 Either of you ever hear about something called a Garden of Eden Creation Kit?
134 I�d like to barter.
135 Any work around here?
136 Uh, just which Dunton are you, anyway?
137 Have you heard anything about brahmin mutilations around here?
138 I guess I don�t need anything after all. Goodbye.
140 You went way over the line. I think you just better get out of here before we teach you a lesson.
141 I�m sorry, I just got so excited working with you two. I�ll leave now. Goodbye.
142 Line? What line? It was your idea in the first place.
143 You two are just too yellow to do what needed to be done.
150 Well, we have a good supply of our world famous Dunton�s Drymeat on hand. Tasty and delicious - good for you, too.
151 Uh, that�s great.
152 Drymeat? That doesn�t sound like what I need. Tell me something else.
153 I don�t think I need to barter after all. Goodbye.
160 You had your chance, pal.
161 I don�t think there�s any work for you here.
162 Well, there is one thing that we could use some help with. (Heh, heh, heh)
163 What�s that Chuck?
164 What�s that Buck?
165 Uh, what�s that?
166 Oh, yeah. Well, tell me something else then.
167 Hey, wait - I really do want to help you guys out. Tell me about that job again.
168 Well, I guess I missed out. I�ll be going then. Goodbye.
169 Okay. Bye.
170 You worthless sack of gecko shit! Just what the hell are doing in our sight again?
171 I just wanted to apologize. I didn�t mean to screw up. I�m just not as good at rustling as you two. Besides, I need something from you.
172 Well, you�re right - I could have done a better job. I guess I�m not a natural rustler like you two are. I need something, though.
173 Gecko shit? Are we talking about what you eat, or what you use for brains?
180 Back again, huh? Well, what can we help you with, business partner?
181 Hey there, pal. That sure was a sweet job we pulled on that dumb-ass Torr, huh? Let me get your cut of the action.
182 That was a sweet deal. Let me know when you�ve got another job like that one lined up. I need something else right now, though.
183 I�m here for my cut, partners.
184 What we did made me ashamed of myself. Cheating an idiot? Why don�t you cowards take on someone who can defend themselves for a change? Goodbye.
185 I guess I don�t really need anything right now. Goodbye.
190 OK - here�s the $50 and a little something extra for you, as well. A few sticks of Dunton�s Drymeat. Thanks again, partner.
191 Thanks. Hey, there�s something else that I want to know.
192 I can sure use that money. Mmm, (bite) tasty jerky, too. Thanks. Goodbye.
198 OK, here�s the deal. We need some help in, uh, liberating some brahmin from that idiot Torr. You can try to talk him out of the brahmin, or knock him out - just don�t hurt him too bad or it�ll stir up a ruckus.
199 Now I remember. Thanks.
200 Meet us at the brahmin grazing area, just to the east of town, at 6:00 PM tonight.
201 Meet us at the brahmin grazing area, just to the east of town, at 6:00 PM tomorrow night.
202 OK, I�ll take care of Torr.
203 OK, I�ll find Torr at the grazing area and take care of him for you.
204 I don�t think I want to do that after all.
205 OK, I�ll be there. Goodbye.
206 In the meantime, though, there's something that I want to know.
207 Goodbye.
208 I�m Chuck Dunton. What are you? Dumb?
209 I�m Buck Dunton. What are you? Dumb?
210 Do I look especially ugly? I�m Chuck Dunton.
211 Do I look especially ugly? I�m Buck Dunton.
212 Are you slow in the head? I�m Chuck Dunton.
213 Are you slow in the head? I�m Buck Dunton.
214 You just can�t get it straight. Damn simpleton tribals. I�m Chuck, you dumb-ass.
215 You just can�t get it straight. Damn simpleton tribals. I�m Buck, you dumb-ass.
216 I�m Big Nose Sally Dunton. Do you like my dress? I�m Chuck Dunton, you stupid tribal.
217 I�m Big Nose Sally Dunton. Do you like my dress? I�m Buck Dunton, you stupid tribal.
218 Uh, okay. Yeah, I thought so. Sorry.
219 Don�t worry. I have it now. I need something from you, uh, Mr. Dunton.
220 Yeah, whoever. Look, just tell me what I need to know.
221 Well, you�re both so damn stupid and ugly. Besides, I don�t give a flying fuck which Dunton I�m yelling at. Goodbye, asshole.
222 Uh, yeah. Well, tell me about the job.
230 Word to the wise - you just better not say nuthin� to nobody. �Cause if�n you do, that would make us very angry. You don�t want to see us angry.
231 Sorry, I won�t tell anyone. I promise, Mr. Dunton, sir. Goodbye.
232 Don�t worry, I won�t tell anyone. Now tell me something else.
233 Don�t want to see you angry? I don�t want to see your ugly mugs at all. Goodbye.
240 Well, it�s a pleasure doing business with you. Heh, heh, heh. Need anything else?
241 Hmm...I think I forgot to barter for something.
242 Yes, I do.
243 No, I think that�s it for now, Chuck.
244 No, I think that�s it for now, Buck.
250 Hey there, partner. Still counting on you for tonight. What can I do for you?
251 Uh, I�ve reconsidered. I don�t think I want to help you tonight.
252 Yup. I�ll be there. Let me ask you something, though.
253 Sure I will. Goodbye.
259 Well, if it isn�t our burly-armed chum.
260 Hey there. How�s your arm coming? Ready to go again?
261 Hey there, you little squirt. What are you doing in our bar? You have to prove yourself to the Duntons by arm-wrestling me before we�ll let you stay. (ha ha ha)
262 You don�t look so darn tough. Why don�t you arm-wrestle me, Chuck Dunton, for the right to drink in our bar?
263 You don�t look so darn tough. Why don�t you arm-wrestle me, Buck Dunton, for the right to drink in our bar?
264 Hey there, goody-two-shoes. You�ve gotta earn your admittance to our bar. You�ve gotta arm-wrestle me, Chuck Dunton.
265 Hey there, goody-two-shoes. You�ve gotta earn your admittance to our bar. You�ve gotta arm-wrestle me, Buck Dunton.
266 Hey, looks like we�ve got ourselves a contender here. You�ve gotta arm-wrestle me, Chuck Dunton, if you want to drink in here.
267 Hey, looks like we�ve got ourselves a contender here. You�ve gotta arm-wrestle me, Buck Dunton, if you want to drink in here.
268 Let�s arm-wrestle. I guess that�s the only way I�ll get some peace in here.
269 I don�t think I want to arm-wrestle you right now.
270 I don�t want to wrestle right now. All I want is some information.
271 Uh, I think I�m in the wrong bar. Goodbye.
280 You won this time. Well, aren�t you a tricky little cuss? Quick as a gecko with its tail set on fire. Well, the first drink�s on me.
281 Thanks. Maybe you can tell me something I want to know.
282 I just got lucky this time. Thanks.
283 I don�t really need your beer, thanks. Let me ask you something, though.
284 I don�t think I want your beer. Goodbye.
290 You�re lucky I didn�t snap your little arm like a dried twig. (Hyuk, hyk, hyuk) Well, I guess there�s still no challenge here in town.
291 Haven�t you had enough abuse for one evening?
292 I want to take you on again. I�ll show you this time.
293 Ouch. okay, okay, I�ve had enough. Hey, let me ask you something.
294 That�s it for me. Goodbye.
300 Don�t want to arm wrestle us? What, you think you�re too good to arm-wrestle against one of the Dunton brothers?
301 I think you�d hurt me if I arm-wrestled you.
302 Maybe later. Right now, I need some information.
303 It wouldn�t even be a contest. I�d win. Goodbye.
304 You look too wimpy. I only arm-wrestle real men. Take off, you hoser.
310 You�re looking for a what? Close as I ever get to the Garden of Eden is in lovely Jenny�s arms over at Ma�s bathhouse. (hyuk, hyuk, hyuk)
311 Uh, thanks. Let me ask you something else, then.
312 I guess that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
320 Well, I hear that they�re some (hyuk, hyuk) bug-men cutting up brahmin out east of us. But I wouldn�t believe everything you hear. (hyuk, hyuk, hyuk).
321 Oh, I see; thanks. There�s something else I wanted to know about.
322 I guess that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
330 Hello there. You here to barter for some of our World Famous Dunton�s Drymeat?
331 Well? You here to buy some drymeat or what?
332 That sounds great. I�d like to barter.
333 Drymeat? That sounds interesting. Tell me more about that.
334 Actually, I had some questions for you.
335 I don�t think I need anything right now thanks. Goodbye.
336 I was curious about all those brahmin you have out back. They don�t all seem to have the same brand on them.
340 Huh? What the hell do you mean? They�re all ours.
341 What I mean is that some of them look as though they have a different brand that someone�s clumsily branded over.
342 Oh, I see. Heh-heh, I must have made a mistake. I�ll be going now. Goodbye.
343 Well, I guess I just don�t know much about brahmin. Must be their coloration or something. Fine-looking brahmin you have here.
350 Well, our drymeat is an incredible blend of eleven herbs and spices. Let me tell you, it�s finger-lickin� good. Animals love it, too. They�ll chase you from all over to get some. Must be that rotting smell.
351 There�s nothing else like it. Anywhere. It�s you-neek. And most people are happy it�s like that.
352 It�s PEOPLE! Hyuk, hyuk, hyuk, just wanted to see your face when I said that. Heck, it�s only part people. Hyuk, hyuk.
353 It�s not like anything that most people would eat. It�s different. Not better, just different.
354 No cruelty to animals involved here. This is all found meat. Sometimes it takes us a while to find it, but usually we can home in on the stink.
355 After a long day in the brahmin pen, we get some choice boot scrapings to flavor it with.
356 Well, we�ve found that a sauce made by us personally, if ya� know what I mean, gives it that down-home taste.
357 It�s made from beef aged over six months and tenderized by the choicest horsefly maggots.
358 Incredible. It sounds as though you actually eat your own drymeat. Uh, what I mean to say is, who wouldn�t? Yum-yum.
359 Really? That�s fascinating. Tell me more.
360 I think that�s all I need to know for now. Goodbye.
361 If I were starving to death, I�d rather hack off my own arm and eat it than your damn drymeat.
370 You here because you changed your mind? You want to help save those poor little brahmin from Torr?
371 What the heck are you doing here? You here to help us or not? We might have a job for you if you�re interested.
372 Yeah, I�m interested. Tell me about this job.
373 I don�t think I want anything to do with you two. Goodbye.
374 I thought I saw a pile of bug parts over there. Do you know what that is?
380 What the heck do you want? Did you forget what you�re supposed to be doing?
381 No. I remember. I�ll get busy with our plan.
382 Are you crazy? They�re on to us. I�m here to warn you not to go through with it. I bet they�re watching us right now.
383 I forgot; would you go over the plan again for me? Please.
384 I thought I saw a pile of bug parts over there. Do you know what that is?
390 Bug parts? Umm, err, ah, we don�t know nuthin� about no bug parts. What are you talking about?
391 Well, I saw a pile of bug parts that had straps and buckles so that they looked as though they could be worn like a costume. They were all piled right over by where you two were standing.
392 Uh, just forget it. Goodbye.
400 Here�s what�s happening. You need to get Torr.
401 Sounds good, I�ll do it.
402 Not a chance; I�m outa here, Dunton. Goodbye.
403 Are you crazy? They�re on to us. I�m here to warn you not to go through with it. I bet they�re watching us right now.
404 When Torr shows up, we need you to get him
405 out of here for a while. You can talk to him or knock him unconscious. But don�t kill him or you�ll get people all riled up. While you do that, we�ll get the brahmin. Meet us back at our shop tomorrow to pick up your reward.
410 Maybe you�re right. (looking around quickly) I don�t like the idea of someone watching me.
411 You should be kinder to others of your own kind. Now go home.
420 Nobody�s watching us. We�re real careful about that. You�re just yellow, aren�t you? Frigging coward.
421 Sorry, I guess I was just getting nervous. I�m not as cool under pressure as you two are.
422 Sorry, I panicked. I�ll get back to work, then.
423 Not a chance. I�m leaving. Goodbye.
424 Now get back to your job and get rid of that idiot Torr!
430 You�re crazy. Those are just left over from some radscorpions we killed. Yeah, that�s it. That�s the ticket. We, uh, umm, use their venom as one of the secret ingredients in our drymeat recipe.
431 Yeah, sure. I�ll believe that as soon as the sun rises in the west.
432 Well, if you say so. That�s good enough for me. Goodbye.
440 You just better keep your mouth shut if you know what�s good for you.
441 Geez, take it easy. I was just going to tell you what a great idea I thought it was. Sheesh, calm down.
442 Sorry. I will. Goodbye.
443 Yeah, well, I�m taking off. Goodbye.
444 Yeah, I think you just better shut your mouth for a change. I�m tired of hearing you flap your rotten gums.
449 Hello there, tribal.
450 I�m Chuck Dunton.
451 I�m Buck Dunton.
452 Oooogly man.
453 Chosen one!
460 Ooogly ann? Huh? You�re just as dumb as that idiot Torr. That�s good, we need a new fricking village idiot in town. We�ve just about used that Torr up.
461 Torr up?
470 Chosen one, huh? Chosen most likely to be punched in the mouth. Did your momma drop you on the head, or did you just come out that dumb and ugly? Get the hell away from me.
471 Ook!
472 Chosen one!
480 You ready to go? Well, come on then. We don�t have all damn night. We�ve got work to do.
481 Uh, yeah; I�m ready. Let�s go.
482 I�m ready to teach that idiot herdboy a lesson.
483 I don�t think I want to do this. See you later.
490 Hey, just wait until we get inside; then we can talk.
500 You struggle, but eventually the Dunton brother wins.
510 You manage to beat the Dunton brother after a tough struggle.
520 Ok.
530 Get the hell out of here. Some of us gots work to do.
531 Oh, OK. I guess I'll be moving on then. Sheesh, some people are so touchy. Goodbye.
532 Torr grazes his Brahmin just north of Downtown here.
533 When that Dumb-ass Torr gets here, you just better get rid of him.
600 Even idiot Torr has got more brains than you, thief!
601 Ready to go?

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