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100 You see a sturdy, older woman with a tired smile.
101 You see Ardin Buckner, the owner of Buckner house.
102 You see a very fit and vivacious woman in her early fifties.
110 You found my Smiley -- thank you so much! I just about gave him up for dead. I�m so angry with him! With him back I guess we won�t need Sulik anymore.
111 Gecko bit Smiley. Smiley owie.
112 I was happy to help out. I�m glad you�re letting Sulik go.
113 I think he might still prefer you to the geckos. Tell me about something else though.
114 Well, don�t be too hard on him. He wasn�t exactly enjoying himself, you know. Goodbye.
120 I hear you hurt my boy Torr. I don�t know exactly what happened, but I don�t want you anywhere near here. Now get out.
130 Hello there. My name�s Ardin Buckner and this is Buckner house.
131 Argl. Goop
132 Pretty, pretty house.
140 You remind me of my boy Torr. I bet the two of you would get along just fine. Why don�t you run and talk to him? Goodbye.
150 Hello there. My name�s Ardin Buckner and this is my place. Say, you didn�t see a trapper named Smiley outside of town did you? (Half to herself) He�s been gone for too long. Never should have let him go off on that fool quest of his.
151 Smiley? No, I haven�t seen a trapper by that name. Tell me about him.
152 I need something else right now.
153 Hello, Ardin. I think I�ll be moving along now. Goodbye.
160 You should talk to my daughter, Maida, about that. I don�t really keep track of what�s going on lately. Too much just keeping an eye on my own business.
161 Oh, okay, I�ll do that. Right now, though, I need some information about something else.
162 Well, I�ll talk to her about that then. Goodbye.
170 You better not be planning any mischief here. What do you want?
171 How can I help you, friend?
172 Tell me about Smiley, the trapper.
173 I was wondering if you�re the person to talk to about local news and events?
174 I need a room, please.
175 We need a room, please.
176 I want to buy something.
177 I guess I don�t need anything right now. Goodbye.
180 Well, Smiley and me were getting downright serious with each other. I thought I had finally gotten him to agree to settle down here and help me run this place. But, he said he needed to go off on one last quest.
181 A quest?
190 I just handle the rooms here. If you want to buy or trade something, talk to my daughter, Maida.
191 Oh, I see. Tell me something else then.
192 Thanks. Goodbye.
200 We�re pretty full right now. Sorry.
201 Well, let�s see here. We should have a room available. That will be $25.
202 I�ll take it. Here�s the $25. Thanks.
203 I don�t think I want that right now. Let me ask you something else.
204 I don�t think I need the room after all. Goodbye.
210 I�m afraid you don�t have enough money for that.
211 Oops. I guess I am a bit light right now. Let me ask you something else.
212 I�m sorry. I better go make some more. Goodbye.
220 Thank you. I�m so happy you helped find my boy. I thought we�d never see his fool self again.
221 Torr friend.
222 I was happy to help.
223 Wasn�t there something mentioned about a reward?
230 Well, thank you. I think you might need someone with a few more smarts to help look after you - a travelling companion. I�ll talk to Maida about freeing up Sulik.
231 Well, I just don�t know what we could ever do to thank you.
232 Torr friend
233 No thanks is necessary. Help was needed and I was there.
234 Well, money is always a nice way of saying thanks.
235 If you could consider Sulik�s debt paid, that would be reward enough.
236 . Sulik friend?
240 I�ll talk to Maida and she�ll take care of things with Sulik. You might want to talk to her also, though.
241 Maida free Sulik. Maida
242 Thank-you. I�m sure Sulik will be grateful for your forgiving his debt to you. I�ll talk to Maida right away. Goodbye.
243 I�m glad that you don�t need Sulik anymore. There�s something I want to ask you.
244 friend.
250 I don�t have much, but here�s $100. I wish it could be more, but with all the Brahmin we�ve lost that�s all we can afford. I�m sorry.
251 Thanks Ms. Buckner. Goodbye.
252 Maybe I should take a different reward.
260 Well, surely there must be something that I can do to show you how grateful I am. Hmm, I�ll forgive Sulik�s debt. He�s free to go. I guess that not all tribals are troublemakers.
261 That sounds good to me. Goodbye.
262 Hmm, maybe I should take a different reward.
270 I just don�t know what to think. My boy Torr�s missing. I sure wish someone would help me find him. He�s never been gone from home so long before.
271 Torr?
272 What happened?
273 That�s nice, lady, but I need something from you.
274 Well, I can tell you�re busy. I�ll come back later. Goodbye.
280 He took off last night. I got mad at him after we lost those last few brahmin. We just can�t afford to lose any more, but all he would talk about is the bugmen taking them. That fool boy.
281 Torr go?
282 I think that the Duntons had something to do with the missing brahmin. You shouldn�t be too hard on Torr about it. Where do you think he went?
283 Where do you think he went?
290 Well, he kept saying that he was going to go get the bugmen where they live. You see, there�s a canyon just east of the field where we graze the brahmin. Lately, there�ve been some strange noises coming from there.
291 Noises?
300 Thank you for promising to look for my boy. I sure hope you can find him. I�m so worried about him. Hurry, please.
301 Ok.
310 Have you found my boy yet? I don�t know how long he can last out there on his own. Please find him for me.
311 Torr?
312 I haven�t given up yet, but there�s something I need first.
313 I just wanted to see if he had come back yet. I�ll continue searching. Goodbye.
320 Torr was sure that�s where the bugmen that he said were taking our brahmin came from. Said something about proving himself to us. I just wish someone would bring my boy back to me.
321 Torr canyon.
322 No go Torr.
323 Sounds as though that canyon would be a good place to start looking. I�ll go look for your boy, Mrs. Buckner.
324 I�d love to help -- if I weren�t quite so busy. I�m sure Torr will be alright on his own. Goodbye.
325 go Torr.
330 Well, he called it a quest. He told me he thought he knew where all the golden geckos came from, and he wanted to find out for sure. He thought that maybe it was some kind of magical spring, or maybe a hidden cave or vault of some sort.
331 Hmmm.
340 Well, I don�t rightly know what all he said, but he seemed real excited about going. But I shouldn�t have let him go. He�s two weeks later getting back than he said he�d be and I�m worried.
341 I�d like to help. I could look for him for you.
342 Sorry to hear that. Let me ask you about something else.
343 That�s too bad, Mrs. Buckner. Maybe he just ran out on you. I think I know why he would, too. Goodbye.
350 Oh, thank you. Let me mark on your map where he talked about looking. I sure hope you can find him. He isn�t much, but I still love him and I miss him more than I thought I could. Please find him for me.
351 I�ll do what I can. Let me ask you something first, though.
352 I�ll do my best, Mrs. Buckner. Goodbye
353 You know, I just don�t think I can help you right now. Goodbye.
360 Have you found my Smiley yet?
361 Sorry, Mrs. Buckner. I�m still looking for him. Let me ask you something else first, though.
362 No, I�m just about to go look for him though. Goodbye.
370 I think something horrible must have happened to my poor boy, Torr. I was counting on you (sob) to find him before it was too late. That poor simple boy. I can�t believe I counted on you.
371 I wish you could have helped search for my poor boy, Torr. He was such a gentle soul and now he�s surely dead. I�ll miss him so.
372 Sorry, Mrs. Buckner. I tried my best to find him for you. Uh, there was something I wanted though.
373 Maybe I can help recover what�s left of his body for you. Goodbye.
374 Torr? Who Torr? (you shrug) Goodbye.
375 I�m sorry -- I wanted to help, but I couldn�t. Uh, I hate to mention it at a time like this, but there�s something that I want.
376 I guess I should come back at another time. Goodbye.
380 Well, somehow that doesn�t surprise me much. Oh my, I yelled at my poor boy when it wasn�t even his fault. (sob) I�ll get those Duntons. They�ve gone too far this time.
381 I�m sorry about that. Where do you think Torr went?
390 Ok.
400 Have you found my Smiley yet?
401 Who? Oh, uh, no. I don't know where he went. Uh, say, let me ask you about something else.
402 He's dead. He was eaten by geckos.
403 I, uh, saw him. He said he was running off with another woman. Whoa! Look at the time. I've gotta run.
404 Uh, I, uh, we, that is...Uh, no. I'm still looking for him. I'm sure he'll show up any day now. Uh, Goodbye.
410 Eaten by geckos? I just don't believe you. Geckos would never catch my Smilely, he's too good a trapper for that. You must be mistaken.
411 Yeah, you're probably right. Sorry for the scare. Let me ask you about something.
412 Nope, I saw him, or what was left of him anyway. Not a pretty sight. Well, see ya later. Goodbye.
413 I guess you've got me there. Heh, heh, I was just pulling your, ah, leg. Yeah, that's it. Well, Goodbye.
420 I thought they were up to their usual tricks! My poor little Torr. I'll take care of those two bullies right away. They won't be doing that again. Thank you.
421 Happy to help, ma'am. Let me ask you about something.
422 Those Duntons make me sick. I'm glad you'll take care of them. Goodbye now.
500 I think the Dunton brothers are rustling your brahmin. I just thought you should know, ma'am.
510 You didn't see a trapper named Smiley outside of town did you? (half to herself) He's been gone for too long. Never should have let him go off on that fool quest of his.
520 You've been so helpful with things around here. Thanks.
530 I was just wondering what else is going on around here.
600 You're wonderful.
610 You're wonderful. You've returned my son Torr and my Smiley to me. I can't thank you enough.
620 You've found my son Torr. Thank you so much.
630 You're the one that found my Smiley. Thank you, thank you so much.
640 I'm glad I could help you out. It'd be a shame to lose two people so close to you like that.
650 Torr just needs a little help from time to time. I'm glad I was there for him.
660 Smiley got lucky this time. You just tell him to be a bit more careful.
670 Happy to help, Mrs. Buckner. Let me ask you about something.
680 Gurrrrg bloop?
690 Think nothing of it, ma'am. Goodbye.
700 Torr's dead.
710 Smiley's dead.
720 I, uh, I don't know where they are. Say can I ask you a question?
730 They're both dead as doornails.
740 Torr left? What do you mean?
750 I don't know where he is. Let me ask you something, maybe they'll return while we're talking.
760 I'm still looking for them. I better get back to it. Goodbye.
770 I'm still looking for him. I better get back to it. Goodbye.
780 I uh, don't know where he is. Hmm... Wow, look at the time. I've got to go.
790 Say, let me ask you something.
800 Well, there's a lot of work for me to get to. Goodbye.
810 Urrrrrgh.
900 Have you found my son, Torr, yet? I'm so worried about him.
910 Have you found my Smiley yet?
920 Have you found my son, Torr, or my friend, Smiley the trapper, yet?
930 My poor Torr's run off.
940 I don't believe you.
942 Oh, it's true. They're probably both worm food by now - well, the few scraps that haven't been turned into gecko shit anyway. Well, them's the breaks. See ya.
943 Uh, I guess that was a bad *joke*, sorry.
950 I don't want to talk to you.
951 Get out of here.
952 Damn, tribals. Nothing but trouble.
953 Get out of here, you savage.
954 I don't tolerate your kind here.
955 You'll get nothing from me, tribal.
956 You've enough harm here.
957 Just leave me alone.
958 Tribal troublemaker, get out of my place.

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