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100 You see a sickly man dressed in very dirty robes.
101 You see Aldo, the Town Greeter. You think you can see his breath from here.
200 Hello there, I haven�t seen you in Klamath before. I�m Aldo, the town greeter. (hic) It�s my job to greet anyone new in town and to answer any questions they might have about our bucolic little burg. Welcome to Klamath. (hic) Who might you be?
201 Uhh, thanks for the greeting. I�m just a traveler.
202 My name�s
203 . Thanks for welcoming me here.
204 of Arroyo. I�m the Chosen One.
205 You don�t need to know my name or anything else about me. Go away, you filthy drunkard.
206 I don�t think a town like Klamath would have a drunk like you as a greeter, or anything else.
300 The Chosen One. Oh mighty
301 , you must be very important and powerful among your people. Surely one of your great (hic) stature would be happy to follow our custom of tipping the town greeter. (urp)
302 Here�s a tip for you - stay away from the booze for a while.
303 A tip, huh? Well I guess it�s worth $5 to get you off my back.
304 Well, I wouldn�t want to go against custom. Is $5 enough?
305 You should give me a tip, just so I won�t take the time to rid Klamath of your filthy hide.
306 Sorry, the Chosen One has little use for money -� I have none to give you.
350 Well, friend
351 , since you�re new to these (hic) parts, and look as though you could use (urp) some pointers, I�ll let you know that it�s customary to tip the town greeter before asking any questions and such.
355 Sorry, I can�t spare any money for you.
400 Well stranger, since you�re (hic) new to these parts, you probably don�t (urp) know that it�s (hic) customary to tip the town greeter before asking any questions and such.
450 Thanks for the money, friend. (urp) I�m going to use it to get some (hic) medicine for my dry throat. Consider yourself officially (hic) greeted to the town of Klamath. Do you have any questions about our fair (urp) metropolis?
451 No thanks, I think I can figure things out here on my own.
452 Well, actually, I was curious about a thing or two.
453 Aldo, I�m looking for a trader that sells beforetime things. You know, really old stuff.
500 Ask away, oh benefactor of mine.
501 What do folks do here in Klamath?
502 Where can I trade things or find healing?
503 Tell me about geckos.
504 Where do you buy your booze?
505 Thanks, I think that�s all I need to know for now.
506 Do you know where I might find a GECK?
550 Thanks for nothing. I hope you don�t stay in town too long. We don�t need your kind here. Humph. Tribals -- they�re all the same.
600 Here in Klamath some people farm, some raise brahmin, but trapping geckos is what most of the people do.
601 What�s a gecko?
602 Oh, thanks. I guess that�s all I need to know.
603 That�s interesting. I have another question, though.
650 A gecko is a large lizard that�s hunted by the trappers round these parts for its meat and hide. But, it sure is a lot of work to catch them dang critters - and dangerous too. My advice to a friend...avoid it. It's far too much work.
651 Oh, thanks. I guess that�s all I need to know.
652 Hmm. One more thing, Aldo.
700 You can buy or trade things at Buckner House and also the Golden Gecko. Sometimes they even have healing herbs available -- not that they�d give me any for my (hic) condition. They�re both run by real skinflints. Just get a little behind on your (hic) tab and out you go, into the cold and rain.
701 Thanks for the information, that�s all I need for now.
702 I�ve always found the fresh air invigorating. Hmm, I have another question for you.
750 I know that you couldn�t spare any money for the official town greeter earlier, but perhaps (hic) this time you are feeling more generous and are ready to be greeted �officially� to Klamath.
751 I guess I could spare $5 to keep you off my back.
752 I felt that something was missing. Here�s $5; I�m ready to be Greeted.
753 No, thanks, I don�t think I need your official greeting.
754 I think I�d rather have your insides greet my blade.
800 Hey there, friend, good to see you again. Can you spare some money for a bit of medicine? My throat is getting dryer and scratchier (hic) all the time. I could even throw in another official (urp) greeting.
801 Sure, I can always spare $5 for a friend�s medicine.
802 Sorry, Aldo I can�t spare any right now.
803 I think you�ve had enough medicine. You should sweat that poison out of your system with some hard work.
810 Thanks for nothing. How can you be so cruel to someone as unwell as myself? Damn tribals! (Aldo spits on the ground at your feet, dribbling a bit on his scruffy chin)
820 I�m certain that your generosity to someone as needful as myself (hic) will bring you good luck. I hope to see you again soon.
830 I could sure use some money for medicine. I feel pretty weak - but if you can�t (cough, cough) spare any (cough), I guess I understand. Maybe next time, if I�m still around (cough) by then.
850 You mean my much needed medicine? (hic) Well, I used to buy it at either the Golden Gecko or the Buckner Place (urp), but they won�t sell it to me until I pay some money on my bill. Lucky for me, Whiskey Bob's been making a bit of medicine for some of his friends.
851 I�m glad you found a source for your medicine. I guess that�s all I need to know for now.
852 Interesting. Where would I find this Whiskey Bob?
853 Thanks, Aldo. Tell me about something else, though.
860 Whiskey Bob is usually (urp) at Buckner�s Place right here in downtown. I don't think he's been able to get out to tend his still lately. He's just not a reliable source of medicine for someone as (hic) unwell as myself.
861 Thanks for the information, Aldo. That�s about all I need to know.
862 Glad you found another supplier. Uh, could you breathe a bit more downwind? I�ve got another question for you.
870 Hello there, Friend -- you look a bit perplexed. What you need is an friend here in town. I�m Aldo, the town greeter.
871 Friend? Heh, heh,
872 like friend.
873 Urk, (sniff, sniff) bad smell. Go away now.
880 If you give me $20 I�ll be your friend and I�ll make sure everyone else is, too. That�s how it works here in the big city.
881 Toowa-eee-nty? Ook? Beeg Cee-tee? Ook?
882 Give man pretty leaf now?
890 A Geck? Heck, you mean a gecko. Never heard about a geck but I�ll tell you about geckos.
900 Old stuff, huh? (urp) Well the only (hic) trader I know who trades much old stuff is (hic) Vic.
901 Vic? Where can I find this Vic?
910 Well now (hic), I haven�t seen Vic for a while. I don�t rightly (urp) know where he might have run off to. You might talk to (urp) Jenny over at the bath house. She and Vic were pretty (hic) thick. Heh, heh, heh. Get it? Oh my, I haven�t lost my touch.
911 It�s nice to know that no matter how low you sink, you can�t lose something you never had. Let me risk asking you something else.

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