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250+ (250 Max) Results For ITEM.MSG
1 You gained %d %s.
2 You lost %d %s.
3 You feel better.
4 You suffer a fatal heart attack from chem overdose.
5 %s has no charges left.
6 %s is on.
7 %s is off.
8 You pass the Geiger counter over your body. The rem counter reads: %d
9 This item can only be used from the interface bar.
10 Nothing happens.
50 That didn't seem to do that much.
100 Leather Armor
101 Your basic all leather apparel. Finely crafted from tanned brahmin hide.
200 Metal Armor
201 Polished metal plates, crudely forming a suit of armor.
300 Power Armor
301 A self-contained suit of advanced technology armor. Powered by a micro-fusion reactor, with enough fuel to last a hundred years.
400 Knife
401 A sharp-bladed cutting and stabbing weapon. Min ST: 2.
500 There is not enough light to recharge this item.
500 Club
501 A military or police baton. Heavy wood. Min ST: 3.
600 %s succumbs to the adverse effects of chems.
600 Sledgehammer
601 A large hammer with big handle. Very popular with the muscular crowd. Min ST: 6.
700 Spear
701 A razor tipped polearm. The shaft is wooden, and the tip is worked steel. Min ST: 4.
800 Light
800 10mm Pistol
801 Medium
801 A Colt 6520 10mm autoloading pistol. Each pull of the trigger will automatically reload the firearm until the magazine is empty. Single shot only, using the powerful 10mm round. Min ST: 3.
802 Heavy
803 Extreme
820 Short
821 Medium
900 10mm SMG
901 H&K MP9 Submachinegun (10mm variant). A medium-sized SMG, capable of single shot and burst mode. Min ST: 4.
1000 Hunting Rifle
1001 A Colt Rangemaster semi-automatic rifle, in .223 caliber. Single-shot only. Min ST: 5.
1100 Flamer
1101 A Flambe 450 model flamethrower, varmiter variation. Fires a short spray of extremely hot, flamable liquid. Requires specialized fuel to work properly. Min ST: 6.
1200 Minigun
1201 A Rockwell CZ53 Personal Minigun. A multi-barrelled chaingun firing 5mm ammunition at over 60,000 RPM. Min ST: 7.
1300 Rocket Launcher
1301 A Rockwell BigBazooka rocket launcher. With the deluxe 3 lb. trigger. Fires AP or Explosive Rockets. Min ST: 6.
1400 Explosive Rocket
1401 A rocket with a large explosive warhead.
1500 Plasma Rifle
1501 A Winchester Model P94 Plasma Rifle. An industrial-grade energy weapon, firing superheated bolts of plasma down a superconducting barrel. Powered by Micro Fusion Cells. Min ST: 6.
1600 Laser Pistol
1601 A Wattz 1000 Laser Pistol. Civilian model, so the wattage is lower than military or police versions. Uses small energy cells. Min ST: 3.
1700 Combat Armor
1701 High tech armor, made out of advanced defensive polymers.
1800 Desert Eagle .44
1801 An ancient Desert Eagle pistol, in .44 magnum. Interest in late 20th century films made this one of the most popular handguns of all times. Min ST: 4.
1900 Rock
1901 It's a rock. The Granite-Inc. model is an upgraded version. Min ST: 1.
2000 Crowbar
2001 A very solid and heavy piece of metal, specially designed to exert leverage. Or pound heads. Min ST: 5.
2100 Brass Knuckles
2101 Hardened knuckle grip that is actually made out of steel. They protect your hand, and do more damage, in unarmed combat. Min ST: 1.
2200 14mm Pistol
2201 A Sig-Sauer 14mm Auto Pistol. Large, single shot handgun. Excellent craftmanship. Min ST: 4.
2300 Assault Rifle
2301 An AK-112 5mm Assault Rifle. An old military model, out of use around the time of the war. Can fire single-shot or burst, using the high velocity 5mm rounds. Min ST: 5.
2400 Plasma Pistol
2401 Glock 86 Plasma Pistol. Designed by the Gaston Glock AI. Shoots a small bolt of superheated plasma. Powered by a small energy cell. Min ST: 4.
2500 Grenade (Frag)
2501 A generic fragmentation grenade. Contains a small amount of high explosives, the container itself forming most of the damaging fragments. Explodes on contact. Min ST: 3.
2600 Grenade (Plasma)
2601 A magnetically sealed plasma delivery unit, with detonating explosives. Creates a blast of superheated plasma on contact. Min ST: 4.
2700 Grenade (Pulse)
2701 An electromagnetic pulse grenade, generating an intense magnetic field on detonation. Doesn't affect biological creatures. Contact fuze. Min ST: 4.
2800 Gatling Laser
2801 An H&K L30 Gatling Laser. Designed specifically for military use, these were in the prototype stage at the beginning of the War. Multiple barrels allow longer firing before overheating. Powered by Micro Fusion Cells. Min ST: 6.
2900 10mm JHP
2901 Ammunition. Caliber: 10mm, jacketed hollow-points
3000 10mm AP
3001 Ammunition. Caliber: 10mm, armor piercing.
3100 .44 Magnum JHP
3101 A brick of ammunition, .44 magnum caliber, hollow-points.
3200 Flamethrower Fuel
3201 A cylinder containing an extremely flammable liquid fuel for flamethrowers.
3300 14mm AP
3301 Large caliber ammunition. 14mm armor piercing.
3400 .223 FMJ
3401 A case of ammunition, .223 caliber, Full Metal Jacket.
3500 5mm JHP
3501 A brick of small, lightweight ammunition. Caliber: 5mm, jacketed hollow-point.
3600 5mm AP
3601 A brick of small caliber ammunition. 5mm armor piercing.
3700 Rocket AP
3701 A rocket shell, with a smaller explosive, but designed to pierce armor plating.
3800 Small Energy Cell
3801 A small, self-contained energy storage unit.
3900 Micro Fusion Cell
3901 A medium sized energy production unit. Self-contained fusion plant.
4000 Stimpak
4001 A healing chem. When injected, the chem provides immediate healing of minor wounds.
4100 Money
4101 Legal tender for the world of the wastes.
4200 Fridge
4201 A refrigerator. Out of coolant.
4300 Ice Chest
4301 On old-style ice chest. The hinges are in good working condition.
4400 Ice Chest
4401 On old-style ice chest. The hinges are in good working condition.
4500 Throwing Knife
4501 A knife, balanced specifically for throwing. Made of titanium, and laser sharpened. Min ST: 3.
4600 Bag
4601 An average sized bag. Made from weaved brahmin hairs.
4700 First Aid Kit
4701 A small kit containing basic medical equipment. Bandages, wraps, antiseptic spray, and more.
4800 RadAway
4801 A chemical solution that bonds with radiation particles and passes them through your system. Takes time to work.
4900 Antidote
4901 A bottle containing a home-brewed antidote for poison. A milky liquid with floating pieces of radscorpion flesh.
5000 Reserved Item
5001 This is a reserved item. DO NOT USE.
5100 Dynamite
5101 A high explosive, consisting of nitroglycerin mixed with the absorbent substance kiselguhr. Includes a timer.
5200 Geiger Counter
5201 A Wattz Electronics C-Radz model Geiger Counter. Detects the presence and strength of radiation fields.
5300 Mentats
5301 A pillbox of mind-altering chems. Increases memory related functions, and speeds other mental processes. Highly habit-forming.
5400 Stealth Boy
5401 A RobCo Stealth Boy 3001 personal stealth device. Generates a modulating field that transmits the reflected light from one side of an object to the other.
5500 Water Chip
5501 This is a Vault-Tec water chip. They are typically packaged in groups of five to a box.
5600 Dog Tags
5601 A set of military dog tags. The name Darkwater is readable, but not much else is.
5700 Bug
5701 A miniature microphone and transmitting device.
5800 Tape
5801 A Wattz Electronics Holodisc tape. This particular tape looks to be into very poor condition.
5900 Motion Sensor
5901 A Wattz Electronics C-U model motion sensor. Detects the movement of biological material over a distance of meters using a tuned radar device. Having one in your inventory will also help you avoid outdoor encounters (+20% Outdoorsman skill).
6000 Bookcase
6001 A wooden bookcase.
6100 Bookcase
6101 A wooden bookcase.
6200 Bookcase
6201 A wooden bookcase.
6300 Bookcase
6301 A wooden bookcase.
6400 Bookcase
6401 A wooden bookcase.
6500 Bookcase
6501 A wooden bookcase.
6600 Desk
6601 A wooden desk.
6700 Desk
6701 A wooden desk.
6800 Dresser
6801 A wooden dresser.
6900 Dresser
6901 A wooden dresser.
7000 Dresser
7001 A wooden dresser.
7100 Fruit
7101 A strange piece of fruit. No preservatives and no additional food coloring added.
7200 Briefcase
7201 A briefcase, with a Made-in-the-USA label. Leather. Good condition, but the combination lock is broken.
7300 Big Book of Science
7301 A set of books, containing information about different scientific fields.
7400 Leather Jacket
7401 A black, heavy leather jacket.
7500 Tool
7501 A tool set, containing various useful tools, including pliers.
7600 Deans Electronics
7601 A study book on the field of electronics. A note on the cover says that it is for the "budding young electrician in everyone!"
7700 Electronic Lockpick
7701 A Wattz Electronics Micromanipulator FingerStuff electronic lockpick. For defeating electronic locks and security devices.
7800 Fuzzy Painting
7801 An image of a singer. Obviously, very old. The image has a felt coating that is still in good condition.
7900 Flare
7901 A flare. Creates light for a short period of time. The paper is a little worn, but otherwise it is in good condition. Twist the top to activate it.
8000 First Aid Book
8001 A study book on the concepts and practical use of first aid skills.
8100 Iguana-on-a-stick
8101 A cooked iguana, roasted in it's own skin.
8200 Key
8201 A key. A key will open a particular lock.
8300 Key Ring
8301 Multiple keys.
8400 Lockpicks
8401 A set of locksmith tools. Includes all the necessary picks and tension wrenches to open conventional pin and tumbler locks.
8500 Plastic Explosives
8501 A chunk of Cordex, a military brand of plastic explosives. Highly stable, very destructive. Includes a timer.
8600 Scout Handbook
8601 A book on the methods and ideals of Scouting. Very practical information regarding outdoor life.
8700 Buffout
8701 Highly advanced steroids. While in effect, they increase strength and reflexes. Very habit-forming.
8800 Watch
8801 An expensive watch. Not really working, but it still looks nice.
8900 Motor
8901 A 40-hp electric motor.
9000 Back Pack
9001 A basic backpack, with optional carrying straps.
9100 Doctor's Bag
9101 This brown bag contains instruments and chems used by doctors in the application of their trade.
9200 Scorpion Tail
9201 The severed tail of a radscorpion.
9300 Bag
9301 An average sized bag. Made from weaved Brahmin hairs.
9400 Shotgun
9401 A Winchester Widowmaker double-barreled 12-gauge shotgun. Short barrel, with mahogany grip. Min ST: 4.
9500 12 ga. Shotgun Shells
9501 Shotgun ammunition. This particular ammo is marked: "12-gauge shells, not for use by children under the age of 3."
9600 Red Pass Key
9601 A electronic security key, color coded red.
9700 Blue Pass Key
9701 A electronic security key, color coded blue.
9800 Junk
9801 A pile of junk parts. A little bit of everything.
9900 Gold Locket
9901 A valuable gold locket.
10000 Radio
10001 A model 2043B Radio Communicator, from the fine people at Wattz Electronics. Dependable, rugged, and camouflaged. With the optional RS-121 interface.
10100 Lighter
10101 A silver butane lighter, in good condition.
10200 Guns and Bullets
10201 A gun rag. A magazine devoted to the practical use of firearms, and the occasional biased review.
10300 Iguana-on-a-stick
10301 Some charred meat and vegetables on a cooking stick.
10400 Tape Recorder
10401 A Wattz Electronics Play-It-For-Me tape recorder. Plays and records the standard 30 minute high density Record-It-Once tapes.
10500 Key
10501 A special key of some sort.
10600 Nuka-Cola
10601 A bottle of Nuka-Cola, the flavored softdrink of the post-nuclear world. Warm and flat.
10700 Bones
10701 A collection of strange bones.
10800 Bones
10801 A collection of strange bones.
10900 Rad-X
10901 Anti-radiation chems to be taken before exposure. No known side effects.
11000 Psycho
11001 An unique delivery system filled with strange and unknown chemicals of probably military origin. It is supposed to increase the combat potential of a soldier.
11100 .44 magnum FMJ
11101 A brick of ammunition, .44 magnum caliber, full metal jacket.
11200 Urn
11201 A beautiful golden urn, with the name "Harriet" inscribed on the front and ashes inside.
11300 Robes
11301 Robes from the Children of the Cathedral.
11400 Tangler's Hand
11401 A cybernetic manipulator, in the shape and form of a hand. Damaged due to the sloppy nature of the removal process.
11500 Super Sledge
11501 A Super Sledgehammer, manufactured by the Brotherhood of Steel, using the finest weapons technology available. Includes a kinetic energy storage device, to increase knockback. Min ST: 5.
11600 Ripper

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