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100 You see a mercenary captain.
150 You see a rugged looking man dressed in combat armor. His armor and weapons look well-maintained, almost new.
151 You see a mercenary captain. He is scanning the area and fingering his weapon.
200 Well, look at the brass balls on this son of a bitch...
201 Contact!
202 We got us an intruder, boys!
203 Scramble, boys, we got an intruder!
204 Well, look who stopped in ta die�
205 Damn! Somebody found us!
206 You got some sand comin' in here�
207 You just walked into the *wrong* place, bitch.
208 Well, look at the swagger on this bitch...
215 Better call those killer teams in soon...
216 I think Bravo team is a few klicks south of Vault City...they're still tracking that caravan.
217 That desert cherry better shape up soon...that sort of shit won't wash around here.
218 Almost time to send some men to check the perimeter�
219 If we could only sabotage those Vault City laser cannons�
220 Still waiting for word from Bishop�
221 Been a week since Bishop sent a messenger.
222 I figure the next caravan ought to be from NCR to Vault City�
223 We gotta be ready to move out at a moment's notice.
224 Hope those boys checked the traps.

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