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100 You see a well-armed mercenary.
150 You see a rugged looking man dressed in leather armor. Numerous scars and gunshot wounds cover his body. His armor and weapons, on the other hand, look well-maintained, almost new.
151 You see a well-armed raider. He is scanning the area and fingering his weapon.
200 Well, look at the brass balls on this son of a bitch...
201 Contact!
202 The area's been breached!
203 We got us an intruder, boys!
204 Scramble, boys, we got an intruder!
205 Well, look who stopped in ta die�
206 Damn! Somebody found us!
207 You got some sand comin' in here�
208 You just walked into the *wrong* place, bitch.
209 Well, look at the swagger on this bitch...
250 We went out drinking, and he called it 'attitude adjustment hour,' so we kicked his ass.
251 We need to check those clusters in the cave...
252 Almost time to do another check of the perimeter�
253 Man, that tribal *stinks.* All his kind do.
254 Damn Vault City laser cannons�
255 Tired of polishing my gun� both of them.
256 How long we gotta stay out here?
257 We should be movin' out in a few days�
258 Can't wait ta get back ta Reno. *'Specially* the Cat's Paw.
259 Them scorps are gettin' hungry again. Heard 'em clicking last night�*click* *clack* *click*
260 Did you check them mines at the entrance like I *told* you?
261 Captain's breathing down my neck again cause I almost let that one merchant get away�
262 I wonder how I can get out of this chicken-shit outfit.
263 Lynette's a good-looking woman. Well, in a aristocratic, domineering, slave-advocating kind of way.
264 �so then *she* says, 'that's my belly button, dipshit!' Haw! That joke *always* kills me.
265 Good to go.
266 The Captain's really busting my balls�
267 I feel like I've been standing here forever, just waiting for somebody to show.

You have the look of a man who accepts what he sees because he is expecting to wake up. Ironically, that's not far from the truth.

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