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100 You see the Broken Hills town well.
101 The town well is built with cracked and loose bricks. A dank, musty odor emantes from below.
102 Remembering what Typhon said about hiding the treasure somewhere "indispensible" and "that wasn't likely to be torn down or plowed over", you make a thorough check of the old well. A few feet down on the inside, you notice one brick jutting out substantially from the rest of the wall.
103 Goodeee! Trezhur!
104 Cha-ching! I'm gonna be stinkin' rich!
105 Gently pulling the loose brick from the wall, you gaze into the darkness looking for the booty you have earned.
106 Where munneee?
107 Hmm... can't quite see down there.
108 You heave the useless brick into the well, hoping to free up your hands.
109 Huunngh! Get munneee!
110 Hunnngh! All right. Time to get the cash!
111 Suddenly, from out of the hole in the well's wall, a sizeable bag with a rope attached to it plunges into the darkness of the well. In your haste to retrieve the treasure, you failed to notice that the brick you discarded was attached by a rope to the very loot you were seeking.
112 Poopie!
113 Crap! This sucks!
114 Yes, it does suck. It looks like you'll need to figure out a way to get the treasure out of the well. You're much too big to make it down the well without getting stuck. Looks like you'll need some help.
115 Too big go down well.
116 It's no good. I can't get down the well. I'm too big.
117 Uh...friend, this isn't...uh...quite what I had in mind.
118 GO, shortee!
119 Short guy nice. Like short guy.
120 Keep goin', Short Round.
121 You're doing great! Just a little further.
122 All right, all right. I'm going.... Auugghh... It stinks down here! OK. Almost there... YES!
123 Got muneee?!
124 You got it?!
125 Yep, it's right here! My GOD! This sack is HUGE! That old man wasn't kidding. There must be a load of cash in here!
126 GIMMEEE!!!
127 Tie the sack to the rope! I'll pull it up!
128 Yeah, right! So you can go running off with my share? I don't think so! Just give me a second to check it out.
129 OK.
130 Whatever. You're not going anywhere.
131 I'm opening the sack. It's... it's beautiful! It's so shiny! It's...it's.... Uh oh...
132 Uh oh?
133 'Uh oh'? You said 'Uh oh'. Why did you say 'Uh oh'?
134 Uh... never mind! [snicker]... Check it out.
135 [Micky ties the sack to the rope, and you haul it up. It's pretty heavy. Maybe Micky's wrong.]
136 Lookee, lookee!
137 Let's see what we've got here.
138 [You gingerly open the sack, relishing the adrenaline rush. The fabric of the sack parts to reveal.....]
139 Yah, Yah?
140 What is it?
141 10000 bottlecaps.
142 CAPS?!
143 Freakin' bottlecaps?!
144 That's a pisser, ain't it kid? Well, better luck next time. Get me out of here!
145 Old ghoul make funnee joke! Ha Ha!
146 That bastard old ghoul tricked me! He just wanted me to waste my time running around so he could laugh at me!
147 Uh... friend? A little help here?
148 He knew I'd spend hours... no, DAYS, running all over creation to find that crap he wanted just so he could have a good giggle!
149 Uh... look. There's a large multi-legged thing down here that I'd like to get away from. Could ya hurry up?
150 Typhon should have known that caps were useless these days. Shouldn't he?
151 Oh my GOD! It's crawling on me! HELP!
152 Y'know, it's really kind of sweet when you think about it. He really thought he was helping me out. Maybe I shouldn't be so hard on the old guy. ::sigh:: So much for the treasure. I've guess I've got places to go.
153 ::Whimper...::
154 No care bout well no more.
155 Hmmmm... I keep having this feeling that I've forgotten something about the well. Oh well, no time to waste.
156 Could someone help me out here?
157 HELP!!!
158 Ooooh! Moss! I'm hungry!
159 It's crawling on me! Oh God!
160 I'm gonna get you for this!
161 Oh my god! Morlocks!
162 [whistle] When I'm a little scared, I [shudder] sing this merry song... [whistle]
163 So...mad...right...now!
164 I suppose a secret passage would be too much to ask for.

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