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100 You see an old ghoul.
101 You see Typhon, son of Set.
102 You see an old ghoul with intelligence fairly gleaming from his eyes.
103 Howdy there, kiddo, and welcome to the Old Ghouls' Home!
104 Nol Ghul?
105 Old Ghouls' Home?
106 Who are you?
107 Hey, you ever heard of a GECK?
108 Bye.
109 Another waste-baby, huh? Hey, kid, you want to know a secret?
110 Yeh!
111 Nuh uh.
112 Back in my running days, I won quite a few races, made quite a bit of cash. Long time ago, I stashed all of my winnings not too far from here. If someone was t'do me a favor or two, I might tell 'em where that "treasure" is.
113 Tell!
114 No care.
115 What kind of treasure?
116 What kind of favor?
117 I had other questions.
118 Bye!
119 Heh. All right, then. I ain't got nothin' for you. Go on, git.
120 Bye.
121 Kid, y'got to do me a favor, first.
122 Okey!
123 Nuh uh!
124 What is it?
125 Forget it.
126 I'm an old guy, an' I don't get out too much. Ain't got much chance for action, y'know what I mean? So what I want is a Cat's Paw magazine. Find me one.
127 'Ere! [give Cat's Paw to Typhon]
128 Okey!
129 Nuh!
130 Here you go. [give Cat's Paw to Typhon]
131 All right. I'll be back.
132 Forget it.
133 Thanks for the mag, kid. Let me get back to you in an hour or so.
134 Okay!
135 I ain't done yet, kid! Sheesh! Can't an old ghoul have his privacy?
136 -done-
137 What kind o' treasure? Money, kid, lots and lots of money. Enough to satisfy any sane person.
138 What's the catch?
139 I don't need money.
140 You're back, eh? You want to know about that treasure, kid?
141 'Es!
142 Nuh-uh.
143 What kind of treasure is it?
144 Yeah, tell me.
145 I had other questions for you first.
146 No.
147 Like what?
148 This is the Old Ghouls' Home?
149 You ever heard of a GECK?
150 Who are you?
151 Anything else you can tell me?
152 It's kind of a joke. There ain't any ghouls but old ghouls. We're all sterile, see, but we're incredibly long-lived. We're the first and last generation of ghouls. This is a place for those of us who just wanna rest for a while.
153 I see. I had other questions.
154 Got it. Bye.
155 I'm Typhon. Y'ever hear of Set? He used to run the old-time town of Necropolis. I'm his son. Got born before the radiation hit us, so I grew up mutated. Ain't never been any other way for me.
156 Tell me about Set.
157 Set? I heard he was a total bastard!
158 I see. I had other questions.
159 Got it. Bye.
160 Yep. Used to have some, but all the pure-strain humans stole 'em to make their own little Gardens of Eden. Vault City might be your best bet to find one. Either there or NCR to the south.
161 Damn. Okay, I had more questions.
162 Damn. Bye.
163 "Total bastard" would be a fine way to describe the old man. Being turned into a ghoul from the radiation didn't do much for his sense of humor or sense of authority, let me tell you. 'Course, it kinda screwed up everyone's brains. I think growing up ghoulie made it a little easier on me.
164 I see. I had other questions.
165 Thanks. Bye.
166 Well? Do you have my Cat's Paw magazine yet?
167 'Es. [give Cat's Paw to Typhon]
168 Nuh-uh.
169 Yup. Here you go. [give Cat's Paw to Typhon]
170 Not yet. I had other questions.
171 Nope.
172 Well, hurry it up! I'm an old, old ghoul, and I tell you, I gotta have relaxation! Now go, go, go!
173 -done-
174 Kid, that magazine stirred up the ol' juices, and I figure that for the sort of treasure I'm talkin', you can hunt me down a few more things. Go git me a blow-up doll. You can probably find one in New Reno.
175 Okey! Bye!
176 Nuh-uh!
177 Here go! [give Blow-Up Doll to Typhon]
178 All right. I had more questions.
179 All right. Bye.
180 Forget it.
181 Got it right here. [give Blow-Up Doll to Typhon]
182 This, kid, will hit the spot. Gimme a few hours and we'll talk more. Go on. [he eyes the doll lustfully]
183 -done-
184 Can't a guy get a little privacy! Git! Git! G'wan!
185 -done-
186 I'm all tuckered out now. Go get me some rotgut and we'll talk about the treasure. Phil the bartender should be able to take care o' that for you.
187 Rite! Bye!
188 No!
189 Take! [give Rotgut to Typhon]
190 Got it. Here you go. [give Rotgut to Typhon]
191 Is that going to be it?
192 All right. Bye.
193 Forget it.
194 I'll probably want... oh, one more thing. I'll tell you what it is when you get me my damn rotgut, all right?
195 Fine. I'll do it.
196 Forget it.
197 That really hit the spot, kid. I was gonna ask you for a plant, but hey, I'll give you a break.
198 'Ank you!
199 Thanks. I had other questions.
200 That's a bit vague, but thanks. See ya.
201 You find that treasure yet, kid?
202 Nuh uh.
203 Not yet.
204 Nope. I had some questions.
205 Nope. Bye.
206 Well, keep lookin'. You're bound to get it eventually.
207 Okay.
208 Guess so. Bye.
209 How's the treasure, kid?
210 Bad! Caps!
211 It was all bottlecaps! It's worthless!
212 Ha ha. Funny. I had some questions.
213 Forget it.
214 Poo! Bye.
215 What, they don't use caps as money anymore? You mean all that collectin' and hidin' and worryin' someone's gonna steal my stash was for nothing? God DAMMIT! Sorry to make you run around like that, kid. If I'd'a known...
216 'S okay. Bye!
217 Yeah, well, you made your last mistake, old ghoul. Time to die.
218 Suppose it could happen to anyone. I had some questions.
219 Yeah, yeah. Okay. Bye.
220 Guess it was an honest mistake. Bye.
221 Gud. Where munnee?
222 Gee, Typhon. You're so thoughtful. So, where's the cash?
223 All right. I remember stashing the cash somewhere downtown. It's been so many years, though, and the buildings have been built and rebuilt over and over, that I'm not sure exactly where it is. If it helps any, I remember thinkin' I should put it somewhere that wasn't likely to be torn down or plowed over. Somewhere indispensible, ya' know? Good luck to you.
224 You finally got Typhon to spill his guts about location of the hidden loot.
300 But Hegel's dialectic doesn't account for...
301 Hegel, Hegel, Hegel! You're always on about Hegel!
302 So then the woman says, "That's not a rabbit, vicar!"
303 Ha ha ha ha!
304 And the first proton says, "Yeah, I'm positive!"
305 [groan] That's SO bad, I'm wilting.
306 It's not easy being green.
307 Tell me about it.
308 But it's completely apparent that this is a philosophical dead end!
309 That's only because you haven't examined all the ramifications of it. Now, if you...
310 You want some fruit?
311 Feed me, Seymour.
312 Brains...braaaaaains...sorry, old habit.
313 That's okay. I don't have one, remember?
314 Well, certainly manure works well, but there's nothing like a rotting corpse for compost.
315 So that's why you wanted to move over here! Easy pickings.
316 Let me tell you, there's nothing like a good fast run.
317 You really feel the wind through the wisps of your hair, yes?
318 I haven't pollinated in years!
319 Imagine being trapped in THIS body! No action! No action at all!
320 Maybe if you gave photosynthesis at chance...
321 I'm not responsible for my evolutionary roots, you green bastard!
322 Whoo-ee! I sure hope you can process methane!
323 My leaves! My poor leaves! Aaaaagh!
324 I like this place. I'm thinking of putting down roots here.
325 Okay, enough with the endless plant jokes, pal.
326 I wonder how my cousins in Arroyo are doing? I hope they're flourishing.
327 Of course they are! Unless some rat-bastard slaughters them all.
328 Well, I think I'll go open a door or something...
329 I think I have opposable thumb envy.
330 Not to go out on a limb here...
331 Aaaaaaaaaaaaaagh! No more plant jokes!
332 Check out the grains on that wheat stalk! Woo woo!
333 Down boy! I don't think your vacuoles can take it.
334 Want me to read you a story?
335 How about The Giving Tree? Jack and the Beanstalk? Catcher in the Rye?
336 A GECK? Yeah, there was a guy who...
337 Shhh! Shh! Someone's listening!
338 It's the great cycle of life, you see... life feeds on life feeds on life...
339 Uh huh. But YOU still eat manure. Sheesh... plant philosophy...
340 Can I play with your power armor someday?
341 You mean that old suit I keep in the closet? Tee hee...
342 Yeah, I've dabbled in cross-pollination.

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